by Scott Humor

Today Kiev regime celebrates  the “Ukrainian flag Day”

Here you can find many images of the historical events influenced and symbolized by this neo-Nazi state symbol painted in the colors of “tears and piss.”

Something needs to be said about Ukraine’s National state emblem, called “a raised up Tryzub.” It was officially adopted in 1992. According to the Wikipedia it was invented by the King of Poland Stefan.

Some people assume that its design is based on a Hebrew letter Shin, that often appears on the mezuzah cases. It does make sense since it was the Lubavitch rabbis who invented the “Ukrainian nation” in the 19th century and invented the Ukrainian language mixing together Russian language, local dialects, Polish and Yiddish. The symbol “Shin” could be a picture of teeth, and as such can be the “teeth” of a crown or the “teeth” of the flames of a fire.

Some people say that the state symbol of Ukraine is a graph in the shape of a middle finger gesture.

For those who can read Russian, however, there is no doubt that the symbol the way it’s written is a three-letter-word (outlined in red) ‘БЛЯ,’ or ‘BLYA’ which is shortened version of an expletive ‘Blyad’ or a “whore.”

Happy Ukrainian state symbols day.

Images are for illustration only.

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