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The Big Stiff: Russia-Iran dump the dollar and bust US sanctions

by Pepe Escobar, first posted at the Cradle, posted with the author’s permission News of Russian banks connecting to Iran’s financial messaging system strengthens the resistance against US-imposed sanctions on both countries and accelerates global de-dollarization. The agreement between the Central Banks of Russia and Iran formally signed on 29 January connecting their interbank transfer systems is a game-changer in more ways than one. Technically, from now on 52 Iranian

Roger Waters interview to Berliner Zeitung

Note: reading these moronic questions+statements only confirms to me my conviction that Europe is sub-pathetic and deserves what will come its way.  This is sad, of course, but indisputable.  As for Roger Waters, his willingness to reconsider his views only inspires even more admiration in me. Andrei source: BERLINER ZEITUNG 4th FEBRUARY 2023 THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE Against the backdrop of the outrageous and despicable  smear campaign by the ISRAELI LOBBY

Russia-China Strategic Friendship & Cooperation in 21st Century

by Straight-Bat for the Saker blog Foreword A personal journey for nearly 15 years is coming to an end – it was 2008 winter when I stumbled upon ‘The Vineyard of the Saker’, slowly but surely I became, first, a regular reader, then a commenter (first as ‘Anon Indian’ and thereafter, ‘Straight-Bat’), and finally, for past 3 years a guest-author. Like most of the regular readers, I got attracted by

The “Not-Ultimatum” Revisited

By Observer R for the Saker blog BACKGROUND Slightly over a year ago, in December 2021, Russia published a proposal for setting up a new security architecture for Europe. Russia also warned of unspecified serious consequences if this proposal was not acted upon. The United States and other Western countries either ignored the Russian offer, or more or less laughed at it. Russia wanted the line of NATO forces moved

Roger Waters addresses the UNSC (at the invitation of Russia)

Comment by Andrei: Russia invited Roger Waters to speak at the UNSC even though the Russians perfectly knew and understood that Roger Waters does not share the same view of this war than Russia does.  That is true pluralism and not its pathetic and ugly substitute we see in the “free and democratic media” which immediately branded Waters as an “Putin agent” and, of course, an “anti-Semite”.  Let me repeat,

A few special goodbye messages

Dear friends, I have a few special categories of people I want to say goodbye to with a few short messages.  Here we go: To my moderators Friends, you all are truly the unsung heroes of this blog!  Your job was both 1) absolutely crucial and 2) totally thankless.  And you sure saw it all, from the most hate filled to the most hypocritical, to various degrees of AIs impersonating

Russia invites Roger Waters to speak at the UN Security Council

FYI: my interview with Roger Waters here: Interview with Roger Waters RT reports: Moscow has requested that Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters be allowed to speak at the next UNSC meeting on Ukraine British rock icon Roger Waters has officially been asked by Russia to participate in the upcoming United Nations Security Council meeting, set to be held on Wednesday, to discuss peace prospects and weapons deliveries to Ukraine. The

Anglo-Zionism and the Confederation of Europe

By Batiushka for the Saker blog Introduction: The Origins of Anglo-Zionism When I discovered the Saker in 2014, I at once discovered his term of genius ‘Anglo-Zionism’. That, after all, is exactly what it is. It is Anglo-Zionism that has poisoned the European well for over 300 years. The bankers who left Venice for Amsterdam and then moved to London, having financed their agent, the bloodthirsty Anglo Cromwell and so

Let’s talk about nuclear war

by Ruben Bauer Naveira for the Saker blog The United States and Russia – the two greatest nuclear powers on the planet – have embarked on a wide-ranging “indirect war”. All that now remains is for them to engage in direct warfare, which will end up happening sooner or later. If later, it will be exactly because both powers are aware that any direct war between them will inevitably escalate

Moveable Feast Cafe 2023/02/06 … Open Thread

2023/02/06 22:00:02Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of the issues of the day. The ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’ will have two new open threads each week. The Saker stated moderation policy will apply eg ‘no caps’, no obscenity … etc to all post. The Cafe is now open for

Why Shinzo Abe Was Assassinated: Towards a ‘United States of Europe’ and a League of Nations

By Cynthia Chung for the Saker blog As already discussed in my paper “Is Japan Willing to Cut its Own Throat in Sacrifice to the U.S. Pivot to Asia?”, to which this paper is a follow-up, Japan has become the ticking time bomb for the world economy. This is not an unexpected outcome for Japan but has been in the works for the last 50 years as a policy outlook

How can we stay in touch? (a repeat and summary)

Dear friends, The tsunami of emails expressing their support and understanding has not abated at all!  Many also express sadness, which I very much share.  For me the blog was my “baby” which I “raised” for 16 years, and now this child of mine will go away.  Of course I feel sad, even if I am now 100% sure that this was the right decision. This being said, I really

Ukrainian refugees are becoming a burden to the Baltic states

by Batko Milacic for the Saker blog Every conflict, including this one in Ukraine, always leads to refugees. Considering the size of Ukraine, it is not surprising that a large number of Ukrainian refugees are in Russia and in Europe. Ukrainian refugees were the topic of an interesting online conference, where you could hear very interesting information from experts about Ukrainian refugees in the Baltics. The name of the online

Pontius Pilate in the White House: The US, the Ukraine, China, Russia and Russian Orthodox Prophecies

By Batiushka for the Saker blog Foreword The second half of this essay replies to a commentator who has written: ‘Batiushka, let us know how to read your prophecies’. Here there is a fundamental misunderstanding. However, before we get to that, let us look at the big picture of geopolitical events, only after which the second half will become relevant. PART ONE: The US and its Lost War in the