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Iraq’s Muqtada Sadr studying to issue fatwas

Al-Arabia reports: Iraqi Shiite cleric and head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr, is doing intensive study to earn the title of ‘marjea’ (‘expert’ or ‘authority’), which will entitle him to issue fatwas (religious edicts) for his followers, in accordance with Shiite traditions. Al-Sadr is studying at the Al-Hawzah religious institution in Najaf, his official spokesman Sheikh Salah Al-Obeidi said in a press statement carried by Quds Press on Saturday.

Israeli UAV support Turkish strikes on Kurdistan

Ha’aretz reports the following: Crews from Israel Aerospace Industries, operating unmanned aerial vehicles, are participating in Turkish military operations against PKK militants in northern Iraq, according to Turkish reports to be published today in the Turkish Daily News. Ten days ago, the Turkish television station Star reported that IAI Heron UAVs are being used in the offensive against the Kurds. The same report stated that Turkey’s Chief of Staff, General

The Battle for Kosovo is a battle for Serbia’s freedom

Belgrade, Dec 26, 2007 – Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica stressed today in address to MPs that the battle for Kosovo is the battle for Serbia’s freedom as neither as people or state are we free if Kosovo is not the province within Serbia as written in the Constitution. The Serbian government’s official website brings the Prime Minister’s speech in full. “Honourable parliament members, You have before you today the

Interesting declaration of ex-Italian President Francesco Cossiga

I personally take no other position on 911 other than claiming that the official version is so obviously full of holes that it is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. My hunch is that several foreign intelligences agencies, including the Russians, Israelis and French, had warned the USA but in yet another display of its trademark incompetence the US government never acted on this info. The cover-up today is most likely

Latest Iraqi Resistance Stats (must read!)

The always excellent blog Lenin’s Tomb has posted a very good commentary on the latest statistics out of Iraq. I urge everybody interested in the Iraq war to go to Lenin’s Tomb and read this analysis and see why ‘the Surge is working’.

Somalia: the forgotten front in the US GWOT

Somalia is a mostly forgotten front of the US Global War on Terror. True, only a limited number of US personnel is deployed there or directly involved in the fighting; this is a war by proxy, courtesy of the US backed regime in Ethiopia who invaded Somalia under orders from Washington. After many years of chaos and violence Somalia had finally found a modicum of stability under the Islamic Courts

The end of Israel?

by Hannah Mermelstein, The Electronic Intifada, 19 December 2007 (reprinted with the kind permission of the author and the editors of The Electronic Intifada) I am feeling optimistic about Palestine. I know it sounds crazy. How can I use “optimistic” and “Palestine” in the same sentence when conditions on the ground only seem to get worse? Israeli settlements continue to expand on a daily basis, the checkpoints and segregated road

Iraqis Blame U.S. for Sectarianism, U.S. Says That’s Good

by Binh, author of the blog “Prisoner of Starvation“, originally published on his blog and reprinted here with Binh’s kind permission.——- Every so often, you pick up a newspaper and read something that boggles your mind. The Washington Post has a story with a big headline that says: “All Iraqi Groups Blame U.S. Invasion for Discord, Study Shows.” The second paragraph starts with the following sentence: “That is good news,

Torture versus international law: a highly interesting interview with the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture

In the US of A it is often considered “de bon ton” to trash the United Nations and all the other international institutions which were created after World War II to replace the rule of the jungle with the rule of law in international affairs. Ignorant inbred rednecks hate the UN because they fear that the “Black Helicopters” will invade their villages, libertarians hate the UN because they hate anything

The truth behind the Surge

The so-called ‘Surge’, and its alleged success, are based on two fundamental tactics: the first one is the so-called ‘Redirection‘ which consists of buying off the Sunni resistance, including all those groups who only yesterday were called ‘terrorists’; the second new tactic is massive increasing in the use of airpower. The blog Lenin’s Tomb has just published an excellent analysis which proves that the occupation forces are now truly engaged

Taleban Ambush in the Mountrains: a video analysis

Maybe it is because I did my basic training in the mountains, or maybe its because I just love them; the fact is that I have always been fascinated by how mountains totally change the face of presumably ‘modern’ warfare. In the mountains, a horse if much better than an APC, helicopters are sometimes very useful and at times utterly useless, a platoon can stop a regiment, air strikes are

US occupation forces open a new front in their war against the people of Iraq (updates 1 and 2)

I just saw this really interesting piece of news from Reuters. Reporting about the air and artillery strikes in Iraqi Kurdistan Reuters wrote: Dismissing reports the raids hit villages, Turkey’s General Staff said its targets were fixed “after it was established that they were definitely not civilian residential areas.” The three-hour offensive, reported to involve 50 fighter jets, also included ground forces shelling suspected positions of the Kurdistan Workers Party

Interesting Dahr Jamail presentation about Iraq and the ‘Surge”

On December 8th of this year Dahr Jamail made an interesting in Vancouver, Canada. His speech was recorded by Radio Ecoshock and made available for download here (I have also uploaded a copy of this presentation here). I highly recommend Dahr Jamail’s excellent presentation which totally debunks all the nonsense about the ‘Surge’ which the corporate media sheepishly repeats day after day. To anyone wanting to hear the truth about

The USA have betrayed the Kurds (yet again)

According to the BBC: “Turkey’s air strikes against Kurdish rebels in Iraq on Sunday were approved by the United States in advance, the Turkish military says. The country’s top general, Yasar Buyukanit, said the US opened northern Iraqi airspace for the operation. Jets targeted the Kurdish rebel PKK in areas near the border. The Turkish media said up to 50 planes were used. Iraqi officials say bombs hit 10 villages,

Clinton’s ticking time bomb in the Balkans

With all the talk about the Neocon’s fabulously evil and incompetent foreign policy one might forget that it did not all begin with Dubya and his administration. The first elective war which was fought in blatant and clear violation of international law, the UN charter and even basic decency was the US-lead NATO aggression on Yugoslavia. It all really began with the joint US-Croatian attack on the UN protection areas

Reconciling Fascism with Reality

By Pervez Dastoor for “Information Clearing House“ Fascist! A word that is thrown around all too commonly in today’s political debates and partisan quibbling that is common among the cable “news networks.” A flip of the channel on any night to CNN, FOX, Headline News or other similar programs reveals time slots devoted to the latest celebrity scandal or any other unimportant story. When not emphatically debating the latest celebrity

Venezuela, Argentina Accuse US of Smear Campaign

December 13th 2007, by Chris Carlson for Government authorities from both Venezuela and Argentina accused the United States of carrying out a smear campaign against them yesterday after US officials arrested four individuals accused of being agents of the Venezuelan government. US officials alleged that the arrested individuals were involved in trying to cover up an “international scandal” between Venezuela and Argentina, but both countries have rejected the claims.

Torture, Israeli style

Prison interrogation techniques in Israel: Now you are paralyzed, as we promised by Gideon LevyGlobal Research, December 14, 2007Haaretz “We have to make you do a little sports,” the Shin Bet interrogator said, launching four successive days of questioning accompanied by brutal physical torture. The result: Luwaii Ashqar can no longer stand on his feet. He sits in his wheelchair, dressed in a fashionable quasi-military suit, super-elegant, new Caterpillar-brand shoes