Someone had an absolutely hilarious idea: to create a new alliance between the UK, Poland and the Ukraine.  By no coincidence at all, the acronym of this alliance spells out UPA, which in Russian (УПА) is the name given to Banderist “Ukrainian People’s Revolutionary Army” and/or “Ukrainian Insurgent Army“.

This is great and makes everybody happy:

  • For the Brits, this is a way to medicate their phantom pains about still being relevant (nevermind an empire).
  • For the Poles, this rekindles them their long held delusion about being in charge of what they call the “Intermarium“, the closest they ever got to be a real power and not just what Winston Churchill called  “Europe’s hyena”:

  • For the Ukies, it gives them the feeling that their beloved friends/allies masters have their back.
  • For the Russians, this is the ultimate proof about the true feelings the western ruling elites hate these Asiatic Snow Niggers: Nazis think of us as subhumans, and of themselves as the Master Race.  Nazis have been place into power by the West’s deception and have been running Banderastan since.  Bottom line: for all their doubleplusgoodthinking about the “Holocaust”, “anti-Semitism” and even historical revisionism, they hate the Nazis a lot less than they hate us.  For them, the Nazis in Kiev are “their SOBs”.

Perfect.  Duly noted.

Next, here is the zoo which was organized in the Ukie Duma today:

These terminally stupid Ukies are thanking those who:

  • Lied to them about becoming a EU member
  • Triggered a bloody civil war
  • Robbed them of their natural resources
  • Deindustrialized the entire country
  • Completely removed even any semblance of sovereignty
  • Placed a mix of oligarchs, Zionists and Nazis over them as comprador ruling class
  • And who now want the Ukies to provoke Russia into a war and are preparing to fight Russia down to the last Ukie.

Bravo!  Pure genius.

Yes, indeed, there are a lot of reasons for the Ukies to be oh SOOOOOO grateful to their “fellow Europeans”.

Truly, country 404 is the most f****d up shithole on the planet, bar none.  The fact that anybody who had:

  • At least half a brain and
  • The means to run

already left the country a long time ago (several millions of people, both towards the EU and Russia, depending on their sympathies and professional skills) does not help.

At the core of that is this sad reality: what is left of Banderastan today is just a sad gang of wannabe “house niggers” (to use Malcolm X’s brilliant metaphor) who don’t even realize that for the West all they represent is what I would call “human fire-starting sticks” whose sole function and purpose is to be used to start a bigger fire which will consume them all.  And millions of impoverished, frightened, angry, destitute and (now) armed civilians who, like the inhabitants of the city of Nineveh, “who do not know their right hand or their left hand” (Jonah 4:11 LXX).

It’s not too hard to tell how all this will end: in a bloody orgy of senseless violence.

Truly, nothing can be built on hate, and that entire western concept “anti-Russia”  also known as “the Ukraine” will now end like all such projects ended: into the “dustbin of history”.  As for those who created this ugly mess, they will reap what they have sown, either in this world or in the next one.


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