This video may not stay up long.   Following is an alternative link that is not opening at all because of continual DDoS attacks on the Russia Foreign Ministry, but perhaps later in the day.


Foreign Minister Lavrov gave an interview to Al-Jazeera TV channel, Moscow, March 2, 2022

Major topics:
🔹 Ukraine after 2014
🔹 #RussiaNATO relations
🔹 Special military operation in Ukraine
🔹 Ukraine and nuclear weapons
🔹 #NordStream2
🔹 Western #sanctions
🔹 Russia’s position in negotiations with Ukraine
🔹 Prospects for conflict settlement

The link is here but I have not been able to access it.

There is work being done in Russia to re-establish world communication.  RT reported that they are posting their LIVE broadcast on Rumble, and a few broadcasts are up already:

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