Intro by The Saker: I am extremely fortunate to have readers all over our planet, and I am even more fortunate that these readers often correspondent with me and share with me their views of what is happening in their side of the world.  I often ask them to write an article for me, but a lot of them shy away because English is not their mother-tongue (neither is it mine) or because they are not “professional” journalists.  I always tell them not to worry about their level of English as it is almost always much, much, better than the ability of most readers and/or commentators to speak my contacts’ native language anyway :-)  As for being “professionals”, we know that nowadays the vast majority of journalists are only “professionals” in the sense of “professional working girls” (albeit one could argue that with the latter you at least know what you are getting, which is not at all the case with the former).  In my experience I will always prefer a passionate “amateur” to a “professional” journalist/reporter.  There are still exceptions (say, Seymour Hersh, Gareth Porter or Glenn Greenwald), but they have become extremely rare.  I am deeply grateful to my Vietnamese correspondent (who wishes to remain anonymous) for not being deterred and I encourage all of you reading my words here to emulate his example and send me your articles: if you are passionate about the topic then it will be a real success!

What Wrong With Vietnam Today?

by A Vietnamese Reader for The Saker Blog

Dear Saker readers,

I decide to tell you guy about how my country, Vietnam, lost its direction, and Vietnam future is really unclear. What I say right now is the mixing of my personal opinion, and my researches on the history of Vietnam so I could be wrong (I am in fact I hope I’m wrong).

During the 90s, despite the fact that Soviet was fallen, Vietnam was still maintain the friendship with Russia, and Vietnam was successful normalize relationship with the USA. Vietnam still maintained its neutral position until 2008, Barack Obama was elected to become USA President. When Obama became president, Vietnamese suddenly was impressed on the US how democracy US is during the time, and they even believed that US was changed slowly because it had a first black US President. Bizarrely, Vietnamese, that including me of course, began to believed Hollywood propaganda about how brave US soldiers is. Vietnamese don’t even know that US soldiers is not brave or strong like the Hollywood version, and most of US soldiers don’t even fight for patriotism reasons. However, during the Obama first term, Vietnamese government, despite the fact how corrupted it is, they still successful maintained their neutral position in the world.

In 2013 (I think so), there are two factions was born in the Vietnamese Government, pro-US faction and pro-China faction. Two factions, in fact, was received fund or bribed from the two governments, USA and China. However, pro-US always won pro-China because Vietnamese people had good impressed on US due to the propaganda of Hollywood, and bias viewpoint on US from their relatives who live in US, mainly in California and New York. In 2013, Vietnamese government had begun suspect that China had some plan in the South China Sea, so they decided to invite US come to South China Sea for help. When the Neo-Nazi Ukraine began attack Novorossia, and Russia, and then MH17 was shot down, most of Vietnamese Newspapers, especially the Vnexpress, began write many anti-Russian news during that time. When China boat or ship began ramming Vietnamese fisher and coastguard in South China Sea, Vietnam government began to ask US army for their help in 2014.

During 2016, US election, pro-US faction had shown their ignorant, greedy natures when they begin to pride Hillary Clinton such as angel and saint. Most of the Vietnamese Newspapers attack Donald Trump, and supported Hillary Clinton in many stupid ways by copying the content from CNN, BBC, etc. without critical thinking skills. Let me tell you guys some main reasons why Vietnamese both in Vietnamese and overseas want Hillary Clinton win:

1. She is woman (LOL).
2. She made fear monger that Donald Trump will kick out immigrant out US no matter legal or not legal.
3. She had visited Vietnam in 2007.
4. They believe that Donald Trump is mean or racist (LOL).
5. They believe that Hillary will protect Vietnam from China.

After Donald Trump win, we already know that US power in South China Sea was really weak due to Trump incompetent and passive policy. In fact, I try to explain some of my fellow Vietnamese that the reasons US want to have military cooperate with Vietnam because Vietnamese Army, until now, is the only army in the Asia that have experience to fight China, and Vietnamese army is the only one can stop China Army, and USA Army doesn’t any experience to fight the country that have ability to protect themselves like Vietnam, China, and Russia.

In 2019 until now, despite the fact that the US military still maintain relationship with Vietnamese Army, pro-US faction is really weak in Vietnamese government right now, and pro-China is growing strong one by one. In 2017, when I have vacation in Da Nang, I asked local around here about the Chinese restaurants, and I found out that most of the Chinese restaurant are surround the Vietnamese Military Base especially the Air force one, and they restaurant make the oversee ability from the base to beach or anywhere weaker, and the government don’t do anything to stop them thank to the pro-China faction.

Sinophobia in Vietnam is, in my opinion, is the big issue that Vietnamese doesn’t even admit or are crazy proud about it. Today, blaming Chinese is the thing that Vietnamese are usually do to “save the face.” Vietnamese, in general, are really stubborn like a rock, and they don’t have or they just lack of self-awareness on their flawless. For example, the high speed train ray that connect from north to south project in Vietnam are destroying Vietnam economy one by one, because it has Chinese funds so Vietnamese blame China for this but this is the fall of the corrupted Vietnamese directors who don’t know how to use the money that they had been funded. By the way, to get more ideas about how idiot Vietnamese are, I suggest you guys read “What’s Really Behind Anti-China Protests in Vietnam?” in Journal-Neo.

About the Vietnam-Russia relationship, I cannot tell you guy how good or bad on the relationship between two countries especially when Vietnamese media always threw Russia under the bus during 2014-2016. However, according to “Deputy Defense Minister Visit Spotlights Russia-Vietnam Military Ties” from The Diplomat, Vietnam and Russia are still have good relationship on military cooperate. However, I, as an Vietnamese, suggest that Russia should not trust Vietnam right now because Vietnamese Government is too corrupted and degenerated, and pro-US faction is still strong in Vietnamese media, and pro-China is too strong in Vietnamese Government.

Vietnam also have some secret relationship with Israel. This is what I really fear about this especially Vietnamese from top to low don’t understand what Jews think about the Goy. Israel, in fact, work with Vietnam on defense and agriculture technology to Vietnam for some reason I really don’t know or understand what Israeli want with Vietnam. I also have some acquaintances who have relatives that work for General Department of Military Intelligence (Vietnam) or Tổng Cục 2, they tell me that MOSSAD really respect Department of Military Intelligence (Vietnam). However, when I tell them that MOSSAD just respect Tổng Cục 2 like respect the dog or any kind of useful animal due to their Talmud ideology, they just call me paranoid.

This is just all what wrong with Vietnam today, and Vietnam future is really unclear right now. I hope the information can help you guys understand more about Vietnam. I also love to receive and review feedback from you guys.

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