by Ruslan Ostashko

Translated and captioned by Leo.


The next award ceremony of the American Film Academy, commonly referred to as the Oscars, once again showed the power of pressure from sexual minorities. And so it coincided that at the same time with the ceremony, this power was manifested in something else.


“Best Film of the Year” – this is the title of the nomination, for which, according to American film academics, the best films compete from year to year. And at the fresh ceremony, the Oscar statue for this nomination was given to the film “Green Book”. In it, a black homosexual jazz musician hires an Italian driver with a criminal past to become his bodyguard on tour in racist southern states.

In general, this cocktail is such that a film academy that would refuse to vote for this film would definitely have been obstructed by their colleagues in the department. Because tolerance is the new idol of America, and this film is about it.

By the way, in 2018, the Oscar for the best adapted script was received by the film “Call Me by Your Name” – about a young homosexual seducing a teenager. Yes, this was not the main Oscar, but a year earlier, in 2017, the “best film of the year” was “Moonlight”. This, right, is once again about a homosexual teenager. In addition, he is black. And in 2016, the main Oscar was given the film “Spotlight”. It is about a pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church. And there, as you know, couldn’t be without showing gays.

The trend is obvious. For four years in a row, the main film prize, or at least one of the important nominations, is given to a film propagandizing degradation. Yes, by the way, this year there was a double, because the statuette for the “best male role” was given to the actor, who played the role of Freddie Mercury, who also “performed” for men and died from AIDS.


So is it any wonder that the red carpet in Hollywood has this happening?

This is Billy Porter, who put on a dress for the sake of going out to people with his same-sex husband.

But here’s the latest news about the way the West will reproduce all these “Billies”, in addition to propaganda of perversions through the use of movies. The topic is being watched by my colleague Vladimir Kornilov.


“In Britain, there will be new rules for schools, according to which the lessons about gays and trans will be mandatory for children at five years old. Prior to this, parents had the right to free their children from these lessons. From now on it will be illegal.”

Parents do not have the right to save preschool children from knowledge about varieties of degradation. Such is the British “democracy”.

They are trying to promote similar “democracy” in our country too. For example, through the European Court of Human Rights, which at the end of last year awarded Russia compensation in the lawsuit by the LGBT movement leader Nikolai Alekseev. Moreover, this figure is dissatisfied with the decision, and filed an appeal.

“The ECHR ruling is appealed by us to the Grand Chamber of the European Court,” announced Alekseev, quoted by Interfax.

The activist reported on the requirements of representatives of the LGBT movement. They are in favor of holding a new trial in a higher instance, since this is ‘a matter of general interest and interpretation of the European Convention’. In addition, representatives of the LGBT movement demand to make sanctions against the Russian Federation more severe.”

The reason was that in the Voronezh region officials, in compliance with the law banning perverted propaganda, did not allow them to hold a gay parade. Namely, due to the ban of such processions, Alekseev was suing Russia in the ECHR.

It is not difficult to notice that degenerates advance in many directions at once. They are active, united and increasing their push.

We can we do to counteract them? The adopted law to ban their propaganda is good, but clearly insufficient. Maybe it’s time to openly hit them in the rights of teaching in any preschool institutions, as well as schools and universities? Do you have any suggestions for this? Write in the comments.


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