By Batiushka for The Saker blog

Introduction: Narcissists All

One of the laziest but most effective forms of lying (propaganda/spin) is not simply to tell the opposite of the truth, but rather to lie by attributing to your enemy your own weaknesses. That way you do not have to invent anything, you just make a transfer. An example is how the Kiev regime, which at that time had lost 60,000 dead from their armed forces and claimed that the Russians had lost 60,000 dead from their armed forces, rather than the actual figure of 6,000 (1). Children do this: ‘It wasn’t me, it was him’. This is in fact a form of psychological transfer, used by all narcissists and gaslighters: ‘You are the one who is ill, not me’. And it typifies the narcissistic (‘West is best’) Western mentality.

Thus, in 1854 Commodore Perry forced Japan by military threat to ‘trade with’ the USA, in order to ‘take it out of its isolation’ and that led to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those who lived in those two cities then much regretted their lack of isolation. And as for the USA? It was itself still in a state of cultural isolation, having learned nothing from age-old Japanese culture, but instead imposing its own anti-culture on all and sundry. Or then there was that war criminal General Curtis LeMay who boasted of his potential to ‘bomb back into the Stone Age’ in order to bring freedom and democracy, when in fact his brain was in the Stone Age and he had no idea what freedom and democracy are. Or there is the statement that Russia is corrupted by oligarchs, when in reality ‘Russian’ oligarchs (most of them are Jewish) are purely Western creations from the 1990s, following the model of the only system that the Western world has ever practised – Feudalism, with its economic serfdom (2). What are Musk, Bezos, Gates and Buffett, if they are not oligarchs/feudal magnates?

This technique was clearly displayed in the 2006 Litvinenko and 2018 Skripal cases in the UK. In the first case, a Russian traitor and British spy was murdered by polonium. Now, if you wanted to murder someone (who presented no threat to you) without incriminating yourself, would you rather not just employ a hired killer who would leave no trace? It would be much cheaper. Interestingly, polonium is a very rare radioactive substance, but is available to British secret services. In the Salisbury case of the Skripals, involving a retired British spy, who seemed to be wanting to repent for his treason (he had already served his sentence in a Russian prison), and who was poisoned with a substance available in only about three places worldwide, one of which is twelve kilometres away from where he lived in one of the most fearsome chemical weapons establishments in the world. His murder was bungled, on which Skripal and his daughter were then abducted and ‘disappeared’ (to New Zealand?), though an innocent woman did die of the poison. When questions were asked about some very strange aspects of the case, the British media were issued with a ‘DSMA-Notice’, censoring them and forbidding them to report any further on the matter.

Below are just a few examples of this psychological transfer taken from the current War on Russia (WOR) being conducted by the Western elite in what is still for the moment known as the ‘Ukraine’:


1. This is a war for the freedom of the sovereign and democratic Ukraine.

Now anyone knows that the Ukraine is run by the hated SBU, or Secret Police, which threatens to examine every e-mail, Viber, Whatsapp or Telegram message for any evidence that you may not support the Kiev regime, which overthrew the previous democratically-elected in 2014 and has genocided part of its population. (By the way, if you do not support the Neo-Nazis in Kiev, expect to be waterboarded – after all the SBU are CIA-trained). The Ukraine – a sovereign country? It is in fact a US vassal, a colonial client-state, which has no sovereignty at all and is run by Jewish (Poroshenko, Kolomoisky etc) and US (Hunter Biden and Monsanto) oligarchs.

2. Ukrainians are against Russia.

Some are. Some are not and they greet Russian logistical aid as liberation. The conflict in the Ukraine is basically being fought between US-backed and Russian-backed Ukrainians. Not surprising when you consider that the Ukraine is a purely artificial State, constructed by monstrous, Non-Russian, Marxist dictators, Lenin in 1922, Stalin in 1939 and Khrushchov in 1954. Interesting to see how the ‘Free World’ fully supports the tyrannical decisions of Communist dictators….

3. The war in the Ukraine started in 2022.

It started in 2014 with the coup d’etat which cost the US taxpayer $5 billion. Read a little history.

4. The rouble will be rubble.

Claimed by Biden last February, the opposite soon became true. It is already the euro and sterling that are rubble.

5. The Russian economy will be in tatters.

Claimed by Biden last February, the opposite soon became true. It is Western economies that are in tatters.

6. Russia is Bankrupt

Claimed by Biden last February, the opposite soon became true. It is Western economies that are bankrupt and above all the Ukrainian economy, which depends on a transfusion costing the US taxpayer $1.5 billion per month. According to today’s edition of the Rothschild comic ‘The Economist’, the Russian economy has never done so well.

7. Putin is dying of cancer and has only weeks to live.

Claimed last February, he seems to have made a miraculous recovery since! Whereas Biden is clearly not always compos mentis….

8. Putin is mentally ill.

Is this why he can make high-level speeches with powers of analysis and depth of logic completely lacking in any Western politician? Biden, Johnson, Truss, Zelensky? Here is where you should be looking for mental illness.

9. The Russian armed forces have run out of fuel.

Claimed last April about the armed forces of the country with the largest oil reserves in the world. On the other hand, Kiev forces clearly lack fuel.

10. The Russian have run out of ammunition.

Claimed last April, they have no shortages at all. After all they have a huge and independent arms industry, with arms so technologically advanced that they do not exist anywhere else in the world. (After all, 80% of the International Space Station is Russian-made). On the other hand, Kiev ran out of ammunition just about that time and now NATO supplier-countries are also running out.

11. Ukrainian refugees are fleeing the war for Europe.

Yes, they are. Over 2,000,000 have fled the Kiev regime’s genocide in the Eastern Ukraine and Russia has more Ukrainian refugees than any other European (yes, Russia is a European country) country. I personally know some of them. In Western Europe we also have a lot of Ukrainian refugees. But with rare exceptions, until now they had no reason whatsoever to flee non-War zones where they lived, apart from the large numbers of young men fleeing conscription into the Kiev Army (bribes of up to $5,000 dollars were being paid to Ukrainian border-guards to get out last March; I know cases). Most of them here in Paris are doctors, dentists, interior designers and other professionals, middle-class and upwards, with German cars much better than those owned by the average Western European. They simply left the Ukraine (where in 95% of the country no war was apparent until a few days ago) to get residence permits in Western European countries. Indeed, 4,000,000 of them have returned to the Ukraine since May, when they realised that Western European streets are not paved with gold and that here you have to work for a living.

12. Russians Commit Atrocities

According to the State-controlled media in Kiev, Russians love to waste their missiles on civilian apartment blocks and cultural edifices, like the Philharmonia in Kiev. They also love to murder civilians, especially babies (though not this time round in Belgium or Kuwait, only in the Ukraine) and they especially target hospitals and primary schools. As the filming from Bucha showed, Russians generally murder people three days after they have left the area (by long-distance hypnosis?) and lay out the bodies of their own supporters from local morgues, face down at regular intervals along roads. This is a great aid to filming.

13. The Russian have killed millions of civilians.

Where are the bodies? On the other hand, the graves of the 14,000, including 400 children, murdered by Kiev since 2014, are visible to all in the Donbass.

14. The Russian have lost hundreds of thousands of troops.

Since fewer than 100,000 have been used, this would be rather difficult, unless the Russians have a technique for resurrecting the dead several times over. If it were true, there would be a public outcry in Russia at such losses. On the other hand, Ukrainian losses….

15. The Russians have so few soldiers that they are recruiting new ones in prisons.

The fact is that the Russian Army, at 1,000,000 and with 2,000,000 reservists, is one of the largest in the world. As for recruiting in prisons, this is the technique of the French government. Any convicted murderer in France is offered a choice: Go to prison or else join the Legion (the Foreign Legion).

16. Russia is preparing to start a nuclear war.

The only nuclear threat made so far has been that made by the British Truss. However, since British nuclear weaponry depends on the USA, she will not be allowed to use it without US permission. And the US are frightened.

17. Putin’s operation is doomed.

Claimed by Western journalists in September 2022, the statement has yet to be justified. On the other hand, the Ukrainian operation…

18. The Russians blew up its own Nordstream Pipelines.

Obviously: The Russians are so logical that they always blow up their own pipelines, especially when Biden has announced that he would do something like this, the former Polish Foreign Minister has thanked the USA for doing it, and the pipelines are in NATO-controlled waters, infested with NATO submarines, underwater drones and divers, and the pipelines are not being used anyway because of illegal sanctions.

Conclusion: Mental and Spiritual Feudalism

I am sure that readers can find a host of other examples, the fruit of the creative writing of State-controlled Western media. We mentioned above economic serfdom, the result of Feudalism, which was nothing but a protection racket run from castles (bizarrely now become tourist sites), surrounded by their concentration camp villages. Indeed, the Italian mafia is only a late leftover of Norman-introduced Sicilian Feudalism, which, like its later form of Capitalism, never knew the difference between price and value. However, worse than economic serfdom is mental and spiritual serfdom. And this is the fruit of the institutionalised system of lies, called the State-controlled Western media.

13 October 2022


1. This miraculous multiplication reminds me of a Ukrainian Uniat (Greek Catholic) bishop I met many years ago. When I asked him, how many Ukrainian Greek Catholics there are, he answered: ‘700,000, but at the Vatican we always tell them 7,000,000. If you don’t multiply the real numbers by ten, they won’t take you seriously’.

2. For the academically-minded, regarding the history of the development of Feudalism around the eleventh century, French historians are the best, naturally, given that Feudalism began there. See, for instance: La Societe Feodale, Marc Bloch; L’An Mil, Georges Duby; L’An Mil, Henri Focillon; L’Europe est-elle nee au Moyen Age, Jacques Le Goff; Le Pape Leon IX et la Reforme de l’Eglise 1002-1054, Charles Munier; Les Grandeurs de l’An Mille, Pierre Riche. In English, apart from Richard Southern’s studies, you have a translation from French with The Feudal Transformation 900-1200, Poly and Bournazel; and original works by, for example: The Making of Europe: Conquest, Colonization and Cultural Change, 950-1350, Robert Bartlett; The First European Revolution 970-1215; R.I. Moore; The Formation of a Persecuting Society: Authority and Deviance in Western Europe 950-1250, R.I. Moore. In German, apart from the older studies of Tellenbach, you have especially Karl Leyser’s Am Vorabend der ersten europaeischen Revolution. Das 11 Jahrhundert als Umbruchzeit and his lecture in English The Ascent of Latin Europe.


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