I just listened to Trump’s speech on Afghanistan: American heroes are unique and better than all others… 9/11 was planned in Afghanistan… together with the Saudis will will fight terrorism… and that is when I stopped listening.  In a few short sentences Trump just overloaded my capacity to listen to inanity.  Just before I switched him off I heard him say something about “we will win in Afghanistan“.

Yeah, right.  Good luck with that.

I think I am truly done with this man.  From now on I won’t listen to a word he has to say.  I still will monitor what the USA will do, but in terms of setting time aside to listen to what this guy has to say, I am done.  Okay, I will listen to his resignation speech once the Neocons force him out of office.  But that’s about it.

My disgust with him is total.

The Saker

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