I just heard that on the news: (in no specific order, as they are coming in)

Blinken is in Kiev and said that the US will give no written guarantees of ANY kind and if Russia attacks the Ukraine, the US will cripple Russia.

The Russians said that the US is preparing a false flag in the Ukraine. The US accused Russia of the same.

The President of Iran is in Moscow and offered Putin to unite against the collective West.

Russia has sent forces to Belarus for training.  These forces will include several combined arms brigades and a full regiment of Su-35S.  The date for the exercises is Feb 10th.

Lukashenko welcomed back his peacekeepers with a very good speech explaining that Belarus and Russia will always come to each other’s aide.

“Alternative information” RT-style

RT is still posting shit like this (see photo).

The legacy corporate ziocon media is hammering the “Russia is about to invade” 24/7 in the US and EU.

The US is introducing even more sanctions.  At least 2 versions of “sanctions from hell” are on “Biden’s” desk.

The EU is threatening to shut down Russia from NS2.

Josep Borrell called Putin a “wolf”.  That is the current level of EU “diplomacy”…

US politicians and officials threaten to disconnect Russia off the SWIFT (again).

Psaki claims that Russia will evacuate its diplomatic personnel from Kiev in late January early February.

In the Ukraine, Poroshenko seems to have prevailed over “Ze”: he was not arrested or confined to home. Poroshenko is now threatening to take over power in a new Maidan.

The US and the UK are delivering more weapons to Banderastan.

I will keep updating this post as more news come in.  Please come back regularly to check for updates.



There are reports that the Ukie air defenses are on full alert and civilian traffic is being rerouted.  This map seems to confirm it (see image)

The US will add 300 (some say 200) million dollars in military aid to the Ukraine.  Militarily this is irrelevant, most will be stolen anyway, but it eggs on the Ukies to attack.

Blinken says he will not give anything in writing to Lavrov whom he (Blinken) says he will meet in Geneva on Friday.

LDNR officials have declared that their intelligence service has confirmed that Urkonazi special forces, trained and prepared by the UK, are preparing terrorist attacks in the LDNR.  An LDNR military spokesman said that the Urkonazis have six terrorist groups ready to attack the civilian infrastructure (water, energy, transportation, chemical plants, etc.) in the LDNR.  The point would be to create chaos and fear, making the defense of the LDNR for the LDNR forces much harder.

I am listening to a statement by Bliken. He sure sounds to me like he is preparing the public opinion for a fullscale war in the Ukraine.

Both the US and UK said that their forces would not fight in the Ukraine under any circumstances.  Looks like the Anglos are ready to fight Russia down to the last living Ukrainian.

I am listening to Russian experts on the Runet and most of them are twisting their finger by their temple and saying the US Americans are batshit crazy and that they are putting the entire world economy at risk of chaos.  They are saying that the US insanity will have consequences which will be huge for the entire planet.

Russian officials are also saying that if the US introduces real sanctions, this will mean a total break in diplomatic relation between Russia and the collective West.

Here is a Sputnik news headline: “Biden Says Putin Has Never Seen Sanctions Like the Ones US Preparing Now Over Ukraine“.  Quote: “Russia will be held accountable if it invades and it depends on what it does – it’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having to fight about what to do and what not to do, but if they actually do what they’re capable of doing with the force amassed on the border it is going to be a disaster for Russia if they further invade Ukraine,” Biden said, adding that Russia has overwhelming superiority over Ukraine

Wait! What??  So a “minor incursion” is fine??????????

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