• Residential areas of Slavyansk shelled by mortars and artillery starting at 11:00 local time.
  • School #13 in Slavyansk was hit by a 12.2 cm mortar shell. School is also used as a kindergarten. 9 civilians injured including a 4 year old boy. Unknown if the casualties were at the school or in other areas under bombardment.
  • Very strong fighting commenced approximately 15:30 local time in the area of Donetsk Airport but not at airport. Airport terminal is heavily damaged from fighting Monday. Fighting is ongoing as of 17:00 local time.
  • Artillery bombardment in town of Rubezhnoye in Lugansk Oblast. Casualties unknown. Reliable sources say there are no Lugansk Self Defense forces in or near the town. 
  •  ZU-23-2 antiaircraft gun system seen in public video in possession of Donbas Army.
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