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Virtual beads and all that…

Cat Motya on the meaning of the “European values”

“I have been thinking about how mice have brainwashed the European tribes. The technology of brainwashing is very simple and has not changed with the colonization of the Americas, but with one difference. Native Americans were selling their lands for glass beads.  Since then, the “global elites” of the old men sitting on bags with money, use a simple psychological trick to force the Europeans to trade their women, horses and land for virtual beads that cannot even be touched left alone worn.

Just like in The Emperor’s New Clothes, the emperor was wearing virtual clothes and was very proud of it. The Europeans are very proud of their virtual beads. Th glass beads that the Europeans used to trade for gold, fur and lands overseas, came back to them in the shape of terrifying virtual giant beads.

“… with the measure you use, it will be measured to you…”

What goes around, comes around.

How did the mice manage to accomplish this? Let’s analyze it step by step:

Since ancient times, what was the name of some highly desirable objects, like gold, objects of fine art, or antiques? They were called with one ample word: “valuables.” Upon hearing this word, every poor man, or even a middle class man, knew that valuables were something they would never be able to own.

These objects were completely out of reach for people who had to work till the moment they die just to survive. Hundreds of millions dreamed about having objects of “value,” but only a very select few could actually own them.

The word itself became a synonym of an extreme desire to own something.

The rodent psycho-terrorists have done the following: for a long time and with great persuasion they have been equating for the Western audience the word “values” with a system of behavior and beliefs. Why? Because this opened for them possibilities to use a large number of very useful things. To use the women of the European tribes, they persuaded them to believe that it’s freedom for a woman to be a prostitute. It’s a v-a-l-u-e. Surrender your wife and daughter to a brothel, because it’s one of the European “values.”

Without battles and without fighting in a war, Europeans are surrendering their jobs, their lands, their welfare that they have build on their lands. The Europeans are surrendering everything they own to the newcomers and to the invaders from Africa and the Middle East, because the Europeans believe that to surrender everything you have to the newcomers is “to gain the European value.”

Essentially, when something is being taken from them, they believe that they are gaining “values” and that those “values” need to be preserved.

To preserve your boxes of African migrants,… I mean… values, Europeans have to be ready to give up, their bread, their businesses. If someone is trying to stop those “values” from coming into Europe, Europeans have to be ready to give up everything, but to hold on to those “values.”

We see a pauperized European, drowning in debt and without a good job, being happy to support two or three “Ahmeds.” He even gives his own daughter to those “Ahmeds” because they need to be entertained. And this pauper stands there like Nero and proudly kicks dirt with his hoof and says to Russians, “I defend my values… you don’t understand this because you’re slaves and barbarians.”

The show is comical and pitiful, but the rodents’ zombie machine works around the clock. This machine heralds to all those pauper European tribesmen, who work day and night to support all the “Ahmeds” in the universe.

He gave his daughter and his wife to all who wants them. He is being heralded by a zombie-machine, “You are awesome, Hans.” “You’re are rich! Keep it up! Hold on to your values. You’re the f-ing value-owner.”

And the value-owner is getting more and more values in terms of migrants, who want to eat four times a day and get a welfare, and to get dressed nicely, and to bring his entire extended family from Africa.

And the value-owner Hans works day and night to support all this. Every donkey understands that it’s not cheap to acquire all these “values.” That’s why Hans seldom buys himself new clothes and seldom flushes water in his toilet. And it’s not like he is torturing himself, but he does all this for his own good along with all the other “values-owners,” for preservation of his “European values.” He is wearing all those virtual beads, each one weights about 70 kilograms,  and in size of an average migrant.

After the brains of the European tribesmen have been thoroughly washed, time comes to con the tribes living on the outskirts of Europe, because if Hans is so proud to be a “value-owner” then everyone should get what he has.  Hans has a bag of “values” and all the others have to try very hard to join those “value”-bag owners.

You have to work harder, comrades, because the bags with “values” are not given away for free. You have to give your countries’ mineral resources to kosher nulands, and your arable lands to kosher kogans, your women to all who desire them, your orphans to “value gays,” your children you have to place to schools for common humans, so they could learn how to be the “value-owners.” because if the unexpected wealth in terms of a bag of migrants fells on your child’s head, they might spend it all without thinking ahead. Grandpa Soros teaches your children how to preserve all those untold bags of values. In no time at all you will become just like Nero, I mean Hans.

But, you have to give them your territories, lands and mineral resources first, and only after that you will get a bag full of values like gays and migrants. “You don’t even have to thank us, we all people and have to help each other. You give us you mineral resources, we will give you migrants. Everything is fair.”

After that the brainwashing is getting more and more severe.

If you value the fact that your country doesn’t jail gays, then you get entire community of gays for you to support. You are paying for them out of your pocket and it’s not a humiliation, you are being told, it’s  a super-honor. Spain did the math to see how much they spend on gay parades and other sexual minority related activities. It came up to a huge number of more than 1 billion Euros per year. The poor Spanish schmuck who did he math, couldn’t help but said that they spend on their children education less than that. He forgot for a moment that gays are the European values, and children are not. Children are just extra mouths to feed, and women give birth to children all the time. If needed, Ahmed will bring his own children, he has plenty

In addition to this, the European tribes have been trained to pay for “Western values” many times over.  Let’s say, for example, that gays are your “value” and you has built a huge entertainment center for them.  You just built it, and just sitting quietly in a corner. Out of blue comes Big Badaboom!

They go to bomb isis and you’re not happy about the huge check they wrote to the military, you’re immediately remanded that you, b…, should understand that in order for you to hold on to your bag of gays here in Germany, they have to go and bomb those who kill gays in  the Middle East. The connection is absolutely undeniable: all German gays will die, if nato doesn’t destroy their enemies in Iraq. Only the idiot like you, Hans, can’t see the connection, you don’t understand how to preserve the Western values, so just sit in your corner and shut up. And Hans sits quietly in his corner and thinks, “They are right… isis is fucked up to their heads, they don’t love gays, and the gays are my most prized possession. I have to pay all this money so they won’t take my gays from me.”

Furthermore, and as a conclusion…. Wise people and cats, those who think about their children and what they are going to eat this century, they non-stop are pulling gas pipes somewhere, and plant wheat and other potatoes. These people have been already called “poor unenlightened barbarians” because they refuse to understand the “true European values.” These people don’t understand the elementary things like everyone has to work until 40 year old to feed all those African migrants and only after that they are allowed to go and adopt an African child. And the Europeans are seeing these unenlightened people with the gas-pipes  as evil, because they might destroy the European values, a bag with migrants and a box with gays. The European values-owners have to think very hard to have business dealings with a guy with a gas-pipe or not. He looks like he is threatening the “Western values.” It’s important not to make a mistake here. It’s a life-death situation for a bag of values, after all.

But…. It looks like mice might be in trouble here, because some of those Hanses (Pl. for Hans) have started to suspect something. Even more, they correctly located the source of evil – instead of media and instead  of TV. After pretending that those Hans and his friends don’t exist, mice have started calling them far-rights and compare them with Hitler. However, they don’t kill anyone and don’t burn anyone alive, and don’t make gloves out of human skin. They are creating their own web of information and reprogramming their own brethren.

This path is long and hard, but we have our Putin, and he is a hope for all sane people around this zombified universe. I am certain that big troubles are approaching, because the Europeans and especially Germans are going to lose their illusions. It’s not going to happen at once. First, the Germans have to understand the extend of damages that mice propaganda of fake values has done to their brains.

For now, they are going to walk around with those virtual beads around their necks.

PS: Russians are categorically reject from their minds anyone who tried to push those “virtual beads” on them. They cannot sell those “Western values” to Russians, no matter how much we’re being shamed and chastised for not wanting to own our own bags with “values.” No one wants those “bags”… the biggest grief for rodents…”

The end of Cat Matvey’s analysis.

I am just a guy, you know, terribly nice and cute, but I am not as brilliant in analytics as cats.  However, I also want to put my two cents in.


I want to expand on the matter of white and Muslim women being a trading card in this game.

For centuries, public nakedness of women was the sign of their enslavement

For the past 50 years female public nakedness has somehow became a sign of “freedom.”

No matter how hard I think about this I can’t understand why. A woman doesn’t benefit in any way from having her body exposed to strangers. Why would a woman want to get naked or nearly naked? It’s a mystery for me.

Why are the Western women willing to cater to the demands of a male mob?   I have only one explanation. Since they were little girls, Western women (read: White women) were brainwashed to believe that their “freedom’ is to get naked in public.

They were told by the propaganda that their freedom is not to be protected and loved by their parents and grandparents; and it’s not to have a direct access to the judicial system for the protection of their rights. They were told that their freedom is not less wars and absence of millions of desperate and enraged people coming to the neighborhood. Their freedom is not when the law enforcement fights with prostitution and sex slavery, where they or their daughters might one day end up. The Europeans and Americans were told that women’s “freedom” is getting naked publicly.

The editor’s note: [ I just want to add that women are being told to get naked by the patriarchy, to be consumed by the male gaze. Originally, feminism told women to cover up to NOT get naked, not to participate in their own sexual exploitation.  I want to make that perfectly clear. Nowadays, western white feminism is what is telling women to be naked and also, western white feminism DOES NOT CARE about women of color. That is why black feminism such as Audre Lorde coined other terms such as “womanism” because they DID NOT SEE THEMSELVES in Western feminism]

As a reasonable human being and an Orthodox Christian, I see the public nakedness of women as a sign of their sexual exploitation by the states, by the liberal elites, by the industries and by the mob. Add to this the fact that under the fear of severe punishment men are prohibited to have a normal  reaction  to this displays of female nakedness, and you get the perfect case of cognitive dissonance inflicted on the white people on daily basis.

If you drive a car, let me ask you a question. What happens when you step on the gas and brake simultaneously? You might have just blown an engine.

But, not to worry. These are the “Western” and “European values” we are talking about. They change and switch around every fifty years, to fit the political and financial objectives of the neo-cons and neo-liberals, or whatever is in power.

Compare these two photos: 1953 Italy, a fine for wearing a bikini, and 2016 France, a fine for not wearing a bikini.

Don’t get too comfortable and don’t act alert if tomorrow they demand from you to cover your entire body. After all, Western values are something you get by trading your country’s wealth and sovereignty, and also your religion, labor and your family. European values are something that don’t pay dividends, that cannot be re-sold on the market. Instead of becoming a bit of wealthier from owning those “values,” you pay taxes to maintain those values. But don’t call them liabilities. You were told that those are values. Not believing in it makes you an enemy of Europe, and the West in general.

For now, France, enjoy the naked breasts of your wives and daughters. Only, remember, the whole world is looking.

‘Naked breasts, not burkinis!’ French PM wades into stormy waters with national identity speech


Men don’t arch their backs

Writing about the “European values” Matvey has not mentioned feminism, one of the “Western values” which is the most deeply unappreciated by the Russians.

In the West, feminism has been pushed down our throats by all possible means of communication.  Never since its invention, feminism had sought to truly achieve things like equal pay, or equal rights for legal representation.  Instead, the idea of gender equality was remarkably masterfully perverse as all the other “Western Values.”

Feminism strives to force the gender equality in the bedroom, not in the boardroom.  The “Western feminism” (or “White feminism” as Western liberal feminist women have no interest in furthering or upholding women of color in social or economical contexts) project is a long term psy-op to take sexual power away from men.

Let’s say for the sake of the argument that this sexual power was transferred to women. Western liberal women applied this newly gained power to their men, and they have blown their engines.

The results are truly spectacular.  As the recent studies indicate, the majority of American women simply psychologically are unable to have sex and can’t feel pleasure when they do. Women have been socially re-engineered and re- programmed to consider any sexual behavior of men as an abusive and threatening.

The editor’s note [That’s not to say that plenty of men aren’t abusive or sexually threatening, but lots of angry single momma’s boys are reading this right?]

This attitude has become truly paralyzing for the majority of white men.

The editor’s note [Read: white men specifically, because Western feminism does not acknowledge or want to acknowledge the trials of men of color in America or in the West.]

That’s why many American men admit that they are so much afraid to be accused in acting inappropriately, that they just want to lay there quietly and let women “do all the work.”

The editor’s note [Also good]

It’s also explains why the “millennial generation” is  being also called an asexual generation.  Young people just don’t want to be bothered to pursue sexual partners and they don’t see any reasons in having sex.

The editor’s note [They’re right, btw. Let’s also not forget that through colonialism and Imperialism, Western cultures have historically pushed rigid gender and sexual roles onto cultures they invaded and saw as “primitive” and backwards, as a way to establish their new world order not just economically, but socially and sexually. And now, in 2016, while those cultures still reeling from being suffocated by “traditional Western values” (i.e. unwavering gender roles, lack of opportunities for women, extreme sexual conservatism, extreme hatred of women) they are being called “backwards” for not conforming to “sexual and gender liberation.” The very elements of gender and sexuality that the West tirelessly forced down those cultures throats are now being branded as the “normative behavior” of those “primitive” culture, while the West rejoices in their  so-called progressive liberalism. ]


The truth that any psycho-biologist and any priest would tell you that the underlying principle of healthy family dynamic is for wives to surrender themselves to their husbands.

By nature or by God, men are created  to be dominant and women are created to be submissive.  The gender equality in the bedroom simply a sex killer. Biology hardwired such reflexes as lordosis into female brain and nerve system, whereas men, as I have stated above, can’t arch their backs.

There are some very hidden attempts of the Westerners to find their way to more traditional dynamic between men and women that wouldn’t involve any spirituality. It’s a tall order, mostly because in a totalitarian society it cannot be allowed. There are forces that spend huge amounts of taxpayers’ money to keep the Western societies off balance.

The quest to define more traditional roles for men and women in the West has been hijacked, turned upside-down and inside out and brought to the point of a complete insanity. I suspect that the same brilliant minds that engineered the fascist fake Islamic societies of the Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar,  to place on display the horrors of Islam for the gullible Europeans and Americans, the same think tankers are hard at work, engineering the horrors of the traditional gender roles.  I did some research and it left me a bit of shell shocked. I dare not to offer you any links. If you wish just search the keyword “domestic discipline” to understand what I am talking about.

This is being done to ensure that people, and even entire nations, like the Russian Orthodox, who have preferences for the traditional gender roles could be easily branded as being “backwards,” “totalitarian,” and anti-“Western values.” Whereat  the real perversion is being portrayed  as a return to “Christian values.”

In essence, whenever you see the word “values,” European or Western, just run, don’t walk and don’t look back.


P.S. Western values are being rejected not just by Russians. Israel is an example of a country that outright rejects most “Western values,” while benefiting largely by acquiring real tangible values, while pushing the West to own those virtual.

My book is a fun to read illustration  

Ministry of culture of Israel to issue “modesty guidelines” for Government-funded Events

The decision was made following the Celebrate August festival in Ashdod, in which a female singer dressed in shorts, a bikini top and an open shirt was removed from the stage.


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