Dear friends,

I woke up this morning to see 107 comments!!  So, first and foremost, THANK YOU ALL!!

Second, I will have to sit down and read each comment carefully, making notes.  But I want you to know that I did already read a lot of them and that this is already very helpful, at least for me.  So, again, thank you!

Third, and I should have mentioned that yesterday, I invite all the moderators to join in a share their point of view (whether they identify themselves as moderators or not is their decision, either way is fine by me).

Lastly, let’s continue the discussion here, so as to not over-clutter the initial post, okay?

I have to leave my keyboard for a few hours, but I shall be back later in the afternoon and as soon as I have the time needed for this I shall dedicate a separate post in which I will try to react to as many ideas/suggestions you have made.

But, again, thank you all, this is very helpful to me!

Kind regards


UPDATE: again, this is all very helpful for me, thank you!!  I will wait a couple of days to give time to those who have not seen my rant+question yet, and then I will talk with the head of moderation, who is also our webmaster, and then let you know if we will implement any changes and, if yes, why and if not, why not.  Please give us a couple of days, you have not been forgotten, and we will get back to you all.  And, above all, thank you!!!

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