Dear friends,

Thanks to the work of our webmaster Herb, we have now activated a new feature.  We call it a “red flag” warning.  Here is how this will work:

If I see a comment which should not have been allowed (in my opinion) by the moderators (that is pretty rare) or if I see a comment which *technically* does not violate any rules, but which is either typical of a troll, or which will derail our discussion, or which is simply stupid and/or ignorant, I will now press a special button and the following words will appear on top of the comment:

this comment has been flagged as of little/no value (possibly troll) by the saker

By doing this we will:

  • Make the work of the moderators at least marginally easier
  • Make it easy for me to quickly flag a comment which deserves flagging
  • Give a clear and public warning to the author of the comment that he got my attention and should either change his/her commenting style or soon be shown to the door

To see how this will look, see this comment:

Between this and the ban on “anonymous” comments, we hope that moderating the comments will be easier for us and easier for you to read.

Please let us know what you think.

Kind regards


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