Front running a steadily moving train of Russian foreign politic, the Western corporate media announced the possibility of 35 American diplomats being expelled from Russia and barring all who remain from using two properties, one is an industrial size warehouse, and another referred to as a “wooded picnic area.”

If you think that a “wooded picnic area” means a couple of tables and a barbecue grill in a park,  you wouldn’t be far off, with only one exception… This grill is set up in a middle of a large compound on the Moscow river island called Silver Forest (Serebryany Bor) in the midst of 200 year old trees.

Serebryannuy Bor, the famous pine forest in the north west of Moscow.

Serebryannuy Bor in summer time

Silver Forest in the winter

On this piece of prime Moscow real estate, a 400 square meter parcel costs more than a big island off Miami coast. It is also a 15 minutes drive from the Kremlin.

Real estate properties in the Silver Forest and it’s maps:

Serebryany Bor and surrounding Moscow Northern districts, with the Picturesque bridge (Red Arch) and children’s Fairytale park

Some of the prized properties on the island

Another way to look at the Silver Forest island and the Picturesque bridge


As for the US Silver Forest compound, very little is known about it.  At some point, President Nixon stayed there. Currently, the US compound’s neighbors include the residence of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, the house of the Lukoil company founder, and a retreat for members of Russian Parliament. The wiki map has it marked here and here, but it doesn’t provide any images.

The US received this property from the Bolsheviks government.  The photo of a gate to the US Embassy compound in Silver Forest (Serebryanniy Bor) in 1941

A map of the US Embassy “Dacha”

Video of a red fence of the US residence in the Silver Forest. The TV channel Vesti journalist says that they talked to guards and neighbors, but had not seen anyone coming or leaving this property.

On the other hand, two Russian properties in the US have been videotaped multiple times.

Overview of two properties owned by Russia, that were illegally seized by the Washington regime.  


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