We watched the election process from morning to late evening when it was very reluctantly called by the MSM for Mr. Trump. And the fetuccini hit the fan. I’ve never in my 70 years of life seen the likes of this election campaign, nor the reaction of a bunch of spoiled, entitled and clueless supporters of the losing side who have yet to accept the fact that Donald J. Trump will be the next President of The United States of America.

The fight continues with recounts demanded in so far four states. Get real. This recount demand reminds me of the famous Hanging Chad gig in Florida (my HOR) some years ago when what looked like a fugitive from Prairie Home Companion was squatting there live on TV and examining a punch card ballot with one ‘chad’ hanging down and saying he could not see a ‘punch mark’ on the chad but could see a shadow of a punch mark on another ‘chad’ that was for the other candidate, therefore he felt obliged to award that vote to the loser, aka Al Gore. It took the Supreme Court of the United States stepping in to the mess to finally sort it out and Mr. Bush was declared the winner.

It’s the same deal today, a loser who could not believe she lost to ‘a loser’ who was supported by a bunch of ‘deplorables’, ‘racists’ and ‘white supremacists’ with a lot of help from of all places Russia. Colleges and universities shut down, cancelled exams, set up ‘counseling’ rooms with paid therapists to assist the poor students, schools set up ‘grief’ counselor sessions for their students, young and not so young rioted in the streets, MSM went absolutely and publicly bat crap over the election result.

This forum is awash with posters predicting what the president elect will and won’t do, what they in general don’t like about his current cabinet selections, what the president elect’s choices are and the choices he will make, the vast majority of them dire. Here’s a clue. Get a life. Wake up. You lost an election. It’s not the end of the world in spite of what’s floating around on ‘social media’.  Did you see Republicans rioting in the streets when they lost the last two elections? No. Did you see Republicans getting ‘counseling’ and days off from school and Institute when they lost the last two elections? No. Does that not say something about the differences between Republicans and Democrats? Again, no, but it does say reams about an insignificant but very vocal and ‘darling of the media’ cadre in our beloved country. More’s the pity for that, or should I say more’s the pity for our feckless media?

This United States of America, flawed as she may be from time to time, is OUR United States of America. I don’t live there anymore but it is still my country. I far from support what she has done over the last few years as many of you know but that may now change if one listens to the president elect. If he turns out to be not on the up and up, which I personally doubt, then you will hear from me more regardless of if you want to or not. For the time being shaddap, sit back and relax. Have a beer or glass of wine, have a beer/wine and whine session with your friends or significant other. Stop frightening the children and pets, get to work and fix our America, for repair she surely needs.



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