Russophobia is an interesting thing to observe.  First, let’s look at the high end of the spectrum.  In an article of the Atlantic Council entitled “Russia Plans Spring Offensive in Ukraine, Warns Ex-NATO Chief Wesley Clark” General Wesley Clark, the “moderate Democrat who tried to start WWIII” declares that the Russians are preparing a Spring offensive somewhere between “Orthodox Easter, on April 12, and “most probably” before VE Day on May 8“.  He also says about the junta Nazis that they “are fighting what they consider [to be] the battle for Western civilization. They are fighting for us”.  The Ortho-Communist Russians (the attack will happen between Orthodox Easter and “Communist” – as seen by Clark – Victory Day) are about to attack the noble defenders of “western civilization” (the Ukie Nazis).  And since the oligarcho-Nazi junta in Kiev “fights for us” “we” have to defend them.  Apparently, General Clark still hopes for WWIII to materialize.

On the low end of the spectrum, there is the media’s mental prolefeed for the masses.  See for yourself:

On all levels, we clearly are seeing a coordinated hate campaign directed at both Russia and Putin personally.

Goebbels would be proud.

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