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Nasrallah on Capitol Riots: Trump revealed the true face of the United States

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on January 9, 2021, three days after the Capitol riots.



Transcription :

[…] My first comment (concerns the Capitol Hill riot), because it would be unwise to ignore an event of such magnitude, namely the major incident that occurred in recent days in the United States, in Washington. Trump called for a protest in Washington, interrupting his New Year’s Holiday to come to Washington and call for a (big) protest, addressing protesters behind a bulletproof glass the same day, and urging them to march on the Congress, and on the Representatives and Senators assembled nearby to (officially) establish the result of the presidential elections.

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Then, during the meeting of Representatives and Senators, the two Houses of Representatives and Senators, the demonstrators invaded the Congress building (the Capitol), in a scene [of a coup or “color revolution”] that the United States have the habit of fomenting in other countries of the world to bring down regimes. But now Trump has implemented it in his own country! This is the very thing they have perpetrated in many countries of the world, and which they have been trying to do for a year and a half in Lebanon! Either way, the protesters walked towards the building, passed through the security gates, and entered (the Capitol). There were a number of deaths, dozens of injured, dozens of arrests, bloody clashes… The Representatives and Senators fled, ending their meeting, hiding (where they could)… Then various measures were taken, and clamors (of condemnation) arose from all sides.

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Of course, this is a very important and very dangerous event, which cannot be minimized or considered minor, despite the efforts of some. And its consequences are also (major and) dangerous. In Lebanon and in the Arab world, the darlings (vassals) of the United States have endeavored to downplay the significance of this event, to belittle and underestimate it. But (to know its real scope), it suffices to ask the inhabitants of Mecca, who are the most aware of what is happening at home (Arabic proverb inviting to question those first concerned). Let’s rely on what the people of the United States have said, what Biden said, what his vice-president (Harris) said, what top Democratic Party officials said, within the Republican Party, etc. How did all these people describe this event? What has been the reaction within the Trump administration itself, the resignations etc.? If it were only a minor and marginal incident, under control, it would not have had all of these consequences, which still continue, and can lead to impeachment proceedings against Trump by Congress.

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It was not the (intended) topic of my speech, but since this event has occurred, I will say two words about it.

First, this is obviously a (major) event that we must ponder and analyze carefully, and from which we should draw lessons. This event reveals to us the reality of the current (domestic) situation in the United States, and reveals the true face of this (so-called) democracy and its (vain) pretenses. But among the things to stress in this event is that the people of the United States themselves have tasted first-hand the consequences of Trump’s policies, and his willingness to kill even Americans –who he was already killing during the past year during demonstrations [against police brutality and institutional racism]– to stay in power. We have long warned of the dangers of the policies of this assassin, and what Americans and the world have seen is only a small glimpse of what Trump perpetrated over four years in many countries around the world, such as Yemen, Iraq, Syria, the siege imposed on Iran, Venezuela, etc., and his support for Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people. The whole world has remained silent, as have many Americans, in the face of its atrocious crimes against other peoples, in particular its manifest, official and scandalous crime against the two Commanders (who defeated ISIS), Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al- Muhandis. And today, Trump’s criminal truth has been revealed to the eyes of his own people. Trump exemplifies the American political and military arrogance which has long imposed its hegemony on peoples, monopolized their choices and chained their sovereignty.

What has happened in recent days is an example of the sterile and catastrophic nature of this (bogus) American democracy which has no real guarantees, and allows individuals like Trump to come to power. How could an election allow the rise to power of a figure so puffed up with arrogance, so criminal, so mad and so stupid, to rule not only the United States, but the whole world, holding the future of humanity in his hands?! (This experience at least) revealed the true face of this American (pseudo-)democracy that they wanted to impose on the world. And with his allies and accomplices in the Middle East, Trump exemplifies power-hungry tyrants, (ready for anything to cling to power), even at the cost of the blood of their own people. Of course, we must also mention Pompeo, who always urged us to preserve the popular vote, while he and his President did everything possible to impose themselves and alter the outcome of the elections, by force and threats. He was talking to us about the respect due to protesters, and we saw the (unarmed protesters) killed and wounded in the heart of Washington.

I will conclude on this point with two words.

(First, I want to say) that God the Most High and the Exalted has protected the peoples of the world and the whole Earth during these four years (of Trump’s presidency), and we must all pray to Him, invoke Him and intercede with Him so that He continues to preserve us during the days that remain before January 20, because the nuclear codes are still in the hands of this mad, stupid, racist and arrogant character that is Trump, a real tyrant who when he gets angry, he no longer knows what he is doing. May God continue to preserve the world for the few days remaining until January 20.

See Nasrallah: Trump heads for Armageddon

And my last point is this: when I saw Trump’s recorded speech yesterday (it was not broadcast live), and in which he condemned the protesters, those who had engaged in violence, vowing to abide by the law and calling everyone to respect the law, he reminded me of this Quranic verse which says: “They are like Satan when he lures someone to disbelieve. Then after they have done so, he will say ˹on Judgment Day˺, ‘I have absolutely nothing to do with you. I truly fear Allah—the Lord of all worlds.’ ” (Quran, 59, 16).

Up to 4.55 minutes, excerpts from Trump’s speech before the assault on Capitol Hill. From 5.10 minutes, Trump’s repudiation the next day.

It was Trump who organized this demonstration, he is the one who incited them to march on Congress, it is he who sent them there, and when they took the Capitol, he disassociated himself from them, saying he had nothing to do with any of this and was abiding by the law. This is the real face of Trump, the way he behaves with those who support him, let alone his allies.

See Free Speech or incitement to violence? Norman Finkelstein on Trump’s speech before the Capitol Riots

In conclusion, this is a major event, and the developments underway in the United States are very important and will have consequences domestically but also on the whole world. We must follow all of this closely. […]

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  1. Well, I have to say that this was an entirely political statement and political statements are often filled with factual inaccuracies which are made to curry favour with those currently exercising political power.

    There was absolutely nothing done inside the USA to compare with the Maidan organised in Ukraine by now-President Joseph Biden. There is no way that any honest Iranian official cannot but be horrified at how the son of now-President Biden has been paid $500,000 for not attending any board meetings, not carrying out any work and generally not doing anything but being the then-Vice-President Biden’s son, who more than occasionally indulged in the sorts of off-piste activities that devout Muslims would view with significant concern…..

    So it does appear to me that Iranians consider dead Ukrainians and war against ethnic Russian-speakers in Ukraine as acceptable, whilst the lack of any injuries to any US Senators or Congressfolk is apparently so much worse.

    Of course, those who watch from afar understand that Iran wants the new US administration to stop bullying Iran and so they will spout a bit of claptrap if they think that it will help their cause.

    But this speech does not show Iran up as a political heavyweight: on the contrary, it shows Iran up as a begging wordsmith for hire.

    It is not for non-Iranians to tell Iranians how to run their own country.

    What it is reasonable to say is that the Iranian official concerned has wilfully distorted reality in a way pretty obviously discernible to any 18 year old capable of entry to a decent international university.

        • Very true,especially for a West Asia region. It really doen’t matter who is President when it comes to Israel. However,Trump went much much ahead with Zionist plans in the region,he indeed broke all rules of engagement,just think about amercan embassy in Jerusalem,al Quds and cowardly murder of general Soleimani, and of course,it is understandable that many of us are quite happy that we are not going to watch him every day in the news. And of course,nobody has any illusions about Biden administration. Now,it remains to be seen which new abomination Biden team hold in store.

    • Rhys Jaggar
      This speech by the Hezbollah Secretary General is inaccurate and misleading. Trump did call for the demonstrations. However, he never demanded that the Capitol be taken. The neocons had plenty of time to organize a false flag. When the demonstrations began, Washington police permitted agent provocateurs to enter the Capitol, which was never taken by force. These agent provocateurs were followed by some Trump supporters, after which the police pounced on both, trying to “prevent” an “invasion” of the Capitol. The whole thing was a staged event, the intent being to make Trump look guilty. After that two Washington policemen committed suicide. And yes, Trump did make highly questionable, aggressive foreign policy decisions. However, these decisions cannot be interlinked with the events at the Capitol.

    • I must admit that I dont get it. I do not understand what are You trying to say. And I dont understand what Ukraine has to do with situation in Western Asia. Of course,politics today is global in general,but still.. It would be nice if you can clarify,thank you.

  2. Iranians should be quite careful in their analysis. American nationalism as represented by President Trump is quite dangerous; but even we patriots who reject nationalism, which was a stalking horse for globalism, viewed Trump’s nationalism as a necessary step back from Biden/Harris/Obama/Clinton’s globalism which is far more dangerous. The globalists are now in almost absolute control. The brief step back to nationalism is over.

    • There is nothing wrong with Americans deciding what kind of system they want in their own country and whom they want to rule or lead,whatever, their country. And that apply to every country. Or not in practice,but it should. As a Lebanese,I know what it is like when half of the world meddles in your county and decides who should be a Prime minister or which political direction we should follow and which kind of policy we should put in practice.. But,anyway.
      Every country has its own domestic and foreign policy. American influence in global affairs,and middle eastern in particular,is still (unfortunately I would add,but it depends on point of view) huge. Therefore,it is not unimportant who sits in White house. Maybe “nationalist” Trump (I dont see him so much as nationalist,because I do not live in USA,but different kind of american imperialist,which I felt directly on my skin) was good for USA,but he was indeed disastrous for entire region of Middle East and mr. Nasrallah is speaking from his own point of view,which I understand and support since I am also living “nearby”.

    • Well, well, not so fast. The Good Guys (The Alliance) are still going strong and winning one battle after another.
      First things first which is resueing the children and women from the DUMBS out of the claws of the Satanists Pedophiles. Many other activities have been initiated in parallel as we read on Alt news.
      It is the task of the Patriots to remain firm, strong and belief in The Plan and The Man.

      What Sleepy Joe and the caribbean beauty are playing will not take long anymore.
      Victory is in sight. They have stolen the Presidency, they have made our president Mr Trump disappear as it seems but that is only a fata morgana.
      Keep the faith, Patriots, our Presdent will come back plus a new VP has to be selected by him.
      Then the Republic will steam ahead full speed and with godspeed.

      Mostly Mr Nasrallah’s information and or speeches are reliable and true.

  3. I do wish Nasrallah would stick to things he knows something about. He might hate Trump for good reason, but that is no excuse for blatantly lying about events in Washington. I have a lot less respect for him now than I had 10 minutes ago.

    • Please elaborate. Did he or did he not call for a protest? Incite to march on the Congress? Called for strength and resolve? Vowed he’d never concede his defeat? And, the very next day, after many of his sincere supporters were killed, injured and/or face years or decades behind bars, didn’t he backstab them, condemn them, concede his defeat and washed his hands of it all?

      One has to be fair & honest. Even if one believes that the elections were stolen and the whole Capitol circus staged, it did cost a great deal of his true supporters a lot, and after pushing them to act, Trump disavowed them and ran from the battlefield like the spineless coward he is.

      • ” Did he or did he not call for a protest?”
        he did, but you are so wrong here it hurts.

        Go do some research on demoncRat incitement to violence and check how many deaths Burn Loot Murder riots are behind and see what a real riot is. Trying to make the 6 jan protest something it is not and repeat cnn buzzwords is not helping, a lie is a lie no matter who utters it.

        You will not find it on any msm so if you are one of those that call people nazi for not agreeing with cnn you will not find anything,, bc only sites that cnn calls nazi have documented them😉

        So yes, the “election” was stolen and the jan 6 protest was coopted by non tRump supporters.
        Double moral and lies are not acceptable.

        • What you’re basically saying is that since the BLM riots were worse than the Capitol’s, one shouldn’t blame Trump for inciting them.

          That misses the point so much it does “hurt” indeed.

          Trump incited the protesters and then, after they did what he asked them too (a great majority were his sincere supporters), he backstabbed them! He condemned them! He washed his hands of it all! He conceded! While the very day before he said he’d never do that and would fight to the very end, thus boosting the morale of his partisans to act! It is even more shameful, more unforgivable if the election was indeed stolen!

          How should the sincere Trump supporters who took part in the riot, now hunted down all over the US, feel about it? I guess they’ll have years behind bars or on the run to think it through.

          It’s not a contest between Republicrats and Demolicans. It’s a mere matter of is Trump a principled man? Does he stick to his word? Or does he flatten out fold at the 1st setback?

          I just can’t understand how Saker readers, who are regularly fed with speeches of 1st-class world leaders, could fall for this bloodthirsty, cowardly imbecile.

          • As far as I have understood, the ‘storming’ of the Capitol started BEFORE Trump started his speech, and calling your supporters to ‘fight’ for something is normal political talk.
            We FIGHT for a clean environment, or we FIGHT for better payment, etc.
            Also he explicitly mentioned ‘peacefully’ in his speech, but that was cut out by our honest free and critical press.

            Compare this to a year of left wing violence throughout the US.
            And politicians justifying it, or even calling to pay for a fund to bail out left wing prisoners (Kamala Harris)

            eventually we must say that the difference between left wing violence and right wing violence is that the right condemns both violence’s, while the left only condemns the right wing violence, while it takes a knee for the left wing violators.

      • ” Did he or did he not call for a protest? Incite to march on the Congress? Called for strength and resolve? ”
        Yes he did and non off those things constitute calling for a riot.
        He condemned those who rioted. They were not his supporters, they were agent provocateurs. His supporters were the huge number of people peacefully protesting outside plus a small number of people who foolishly went into the Capitol Building when the police allowed them in.
        Trump has never conceded that the elections were valid.
        Trump did not push anyone to riot and he has not disavowed any peacefull protestors.
        Fair and honest then.

      • The “riot” in Washington was a planned false flag. If you have not yet noticed, do some research.

        At the fake impeachment – you cannot impeach someone who is no longer in the job – the Democrats presented fake manufactured evidence. Enough said.

        If you think Trump was bad, just you wait for what Biden has planned for Lebanon and Syria.

      • Trumps address to the crowd on 1/6 was a far cry from the demands to “burn it down!” by BLM, etc., whom the Democrats, MSM and virtually all major US corporations praised, bent the knee to (on video!) and contributed millions of dollars to last summer. 26 US cities attacked, vandalized and set ablaze by the wannabe Bolsheviks which these hypocrites so adore. The actions of Trump and his supporters are in no way be comparable to the atrocities committed by their detractors. The hypocrisy of these whiners stinks to high heaven.

    • Yes i agree with your sentiments.. i am rather surprised and bemused by the obvious distortions and subjective reasoning all rather lightweight could it really be him or some ghost writer who jumped the gun 9didnt have the man himself proof read and approve?)..
      who knows..?

  4. Saker, could you please write an article about why Nasrallah announced these riots in the way he did. I understand why Hezbollah has damaged Trump’s name to such a degree – but would love to read your take on it. Thanks.

  5. “Let’s rely on what the people of the United States have said, what Biden said, what his vice-president (Harris) said, what top Democratic Party officials said..”

    So Nasrallah thinks Biden and Harris speak the truth ? Is he even aware of what Biden and Obama did to the Middle East?? Smh.

    • Come on, finish the sentence! He said that one should look into what top Democrat Party leaders said, AND also to check the statements & reactions “within the Republican Party, etc. How did all these people describe this event? What has been the reaction within the Trump administration itself, the resignations etc.?”

      I just can’t understand the Trump-mania, blinding so many people until now. He is just a criminal buffoon. Never was more than that.

      As for the nonsense like “is Nasrallah trying to cozy-up to the new Democrat administration”, it is beyond ludicrous. See

      Still waiting for a factual rebuttal of the speech. Did Trump incite and then betray his partisans or not? Did he say “I will never concede”, and the next day conceded?

      • I don’t begrudge at all Nasrallah’s harsh criticisms of the murderer of Soleimani and Muhandis. I agree the charge that he is only “trying to cozy-up with the new Democrat administration” is nonsense – nonsense wearing Zone-A blinders I might add.

        In his Lebanese context, I don’t know if this really matters, but his observations certainly reflect inaccuracies no doubt attributable to the American news sources he is getting – so I also understand why this rubs some people the wrong way.

        This brings me to your call for rebuttal and the points made there. Ever since 2016, the US mainstream media has reflexively taken Trump’s words out of context, and stamped them with the worst possible spin. This is not just a partisan plea on my part, but an objective fact. See the study by the liberal historian of science Alberto Martinez, _The Media versus the Apprentice_, for a very detailed analysis of some twenty-five such incidents during the 2016 campaign alone. “Betrayed his partisans” seems totally loaded. He may have said “I will never concede” – while pursuing his every legal option on behalf of the seventy-five million Americans who voted for him, and also never denying that after exhausting those options, if not in his favor, a peaceful transfer of power would occur. And that is just what he did do. I would urge you to consider why others might see your challenges as baited questions, rather than honest questions.

        But having said this, it is your (no doubt partisan-media-influenced) “incitement” claim that I have the most problem with – why I have felt the need to write a response at all. I do not understand how anyone who has ever heard a speech at a political rally – for any cause whatsoever – can seriously maintain that Trump’s speech was any different – vis. a vis. incitement to violence – than any speech at any other peaceful political protest. I listened to about three-quarters of it the day after the rally and the ugly Capitol riot that followed, to verify this for myself. (We don’t have a good count of rally attendance, but from photos I would make a ballpark guess – comparing with the photos of the Butler, PA rally – of around ~50,000 – the vast majority of which remained peaceful.)

        Then there’s the claim that Trump “incited” the rioters on grounds that he called on people to march on the Capitol (“to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”, or words to this effect). But this is exactly what most Washington marches do. The rally-permit issued by the Department of the Interior specifically said that participants would march to the Capitol to participate in “other rallies” (though the rally-organizers either failed to request – or were denied permission – to set up, and take responsibility for, a formal venue for speeches at the other end.*)

        The third idea usually given for the allegation of incitement – and, again, I think even the people who make the charge understand that the first two are really nonsense, which helps explain their insistence on this one – is that the particular cause he was espousing – questioning the validity of a US election – was beyond the pale of rational political discussion. But I submit that there is abundant evidence that the national security apparatus acted to prevent Trump’s election in 2016, and have acted against him ever since – e.g. attaching the Steele dossier that they knew was fabrication in the ICA of January 2017 to lend the former credibility, and then deliberately leaking it to the media; implementing incremental censorship on social media, and then draconian censorship right before the election of the new evidence of Biden family corruption; deliberately postponing the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine until after the election (points documented by Stephen McIntyre on Twitter); and then admitting a behind-the-scenes, expansive, and expensive “conspiracy” to affect the election (“to fortify the election” in their Newspeak – Time magazine). This pattern betrays a willingness on the part of very powerful people and institutions to leave nothing to chance. Therefore it must be considered reasonable to suspect these same people and institutions acted in some _other_ ways to make sure that nothing was left to chance. There are many specific allegations regarding the 2020 election, which I won’t attempt to comment on. Regardless of whether some or most of these can be substantiated, the idea that under the circumstances there is no rational basis to doubt the integrity of the results seems just naive. And these circumstances were not mainly Trump’s doing.

        *This is obviously something that WAS different about this march – but not something that I’ve seen any interest in investigating. Another question is why was the huge lawn behind the Capitol – the normal destination for Washington marches – blocked off with police barricades? Understandably, the risers and scaffolding for the inauguration needed to be blocked off. But why this much larger area put off-limits? A possible answer is because two weeks later it was where the “field of flags” was to be set up – as planned all along, the public was not going to be allowed to attend the inauguration. But was it really necessary to set up the barricades so long in advance – knowing that a major march on Washington was planned? This certainly lowered the threshold for lawbreaking in a context where a very large crowd was converging on that area – not as serious a form of lawbreaking as what happened next, but still lawbreaking.

        • I get it that Nasrallah is “just” a Middle Easterner with great wit & insight about what happens in his region (allegedly), but pretty close to an ignoramus, easily-fooled by CNN (or even worse still, a liar) when it comes to domestic US issues. At least that’s what some are saying: they don’t merely disagree with his view, which would be fair enough, they claim his take is complete nonsense, and that merely wondering whether Trump has some kind of responsibility is some kind of blasphemy.

          What about Norman Finkelstein (who sees Nasrallah as a great analyst of US policies altogether)? Is he an ignorant too? Here is the article quoted above:

          《 Were Donald Trump’s remarks at the rally preceding the melee in the Capitol Building a defensible exercise of free speech?  The answer would appear to be No.  Without parsing the current U.S. law on the subject, I would note that the underlying principle traces back to a passage in John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty. Mill, who was as close as one can be to a free speech absolutist, laid out one sole exception.  It reads in full:

          There are a couple of noteworthy features to the Millian exception: 1) whether or not the speech is defensible depends on the circumstances: the same words circulated in a periodical or on the web would be protected speech, whereas before a volatile mob they wouldn’t be; 2) the words, if uttered before a volatile mob, do not have to directly target a person or place to be unprotected speech: the two examples Mill adduces, are generic, not personally directed, exhortations—“corn dealers are…,” “private property is….”

          Based on Mill’s criteria, one would be hard-pressed to deny that Mr. Trump had breached protected speech and incited a riot. 》

          About conceding or not, the change of tone before and after the Capitol is so obvious the final Trump speech was seen by many as a hoax.

          “We will never give up. We will never concede, it doesn’t happen. You don’t concede when there’s theft involved.

          Our country has had enough. We will not take it any more and that’s what this is all about. To use a favourite term that all of you people really came up with, we will stop the steal.”

           “The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law, you will pay […] Now congress has certified the results, a new administration will be inaugurated on January 20th , my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power.”

          • Thanks for your additional comments and quotations. There is certainly a contrast between the before and after quotations you give regarding concession – which was indeed greeted with disbelief by some of his supporters.

            My own perception in the weeks leading up to the Capitol events, from listening to intelligent critics and supporters was – for whatever it’s worth – that he was simply pursuing every legal avenue available. What was that call with the Georgia Secretary of State? Though obscured in media reporting, it was a formal “settlement conference” between opposing parties in a lawsuit, in which theoretically the parties are trying to come to some agreement. And the scheduled certification of the election in Congress – if it had gone without the disruption caused by the rioting – would have been an opportunity for meaningful public airing of Republican objections even if the outcome was by then inevitable. I don’t have Trump’s speech in front of me, but my memory is that the the specific wording regarding the debates and decisions that were to happen in Congress that day were not of the “They’d better do this or else” variety, but to my ear even hinted that this would be the end of the road in terms of his fight to hold the presidency. You can check, but I don’t think you will find any statement that he would disregard Congress’s decision if it went against him. It seemed to me that his speech at the rally may have been intended as a transition to leading an opposition movement.

            I have great respect for Norman Finkelstein, as I do for Nasrallah. I disagree with him. Mill’s criteria do not, to my knowledge, meet the legal definition of incitement in the US, which requires direct calling for imminent illegal action. But even in the terms of Mill’s criteria, what makes that huge crowd on the ellipse where Trump spoke more an inherently “volatile mob” than the participants who show up for other big Washington political marches? Yes, some hundreds from among those tens of thousands did go on to become a volatile mob. In retrospect, I suspect that that outcome, everything else being equal, could have been avoided had there been an organized and permitted rally at the other end, with the great lawn behind the Capitol open as in other Washington marches (and I don’t know who is to blame for _that_). In any case, the circumstances of Trump’s speech weren’t akin to an incendiary speech in front of a mob protesting in front of someone’s personal residence.

  6. That Buffalo Head Man has turned into quite the rock star! Seems a bit contrived to have happened just by chance. Not sure what the message he was trying to send was exactly, but he was quite the dashing figure either way. Smells like performance art to me.

    • ‘Buffalo Man’ was a decoy – same as:

      – the umbrella lady during the JFK assassination
      – the woman in the polka dot dress in the RFK assassination

      Where there’s a decoy (distraction), we can know with certainty its an intel agency operation

  7. I lose more respect for him Every time he do these demoncRat buzzword speeches.

    This is so weak and clearly propaganda it makes me wonder if Hezbollah`s intelligence workers are only watching cnn to compile their dossiers about the internal u.s situation, bc these speeches are garbage and have not a thing to do with reality.

    Someone should tell them that copying satan and his work to reach their goals is not a smart thing, especially on the propaganda/media front, it is insulting every intelligent sane human that can think and most of us see straight through such garbage now.

    It do not matter if it is “the resistance” that spread lies or if it is imperial lies, a lie is a lie and you will answer to God for every single one.

    • “It do not matter if it is “the resistance” that spread lies or if it is imperial lies, a lie is a lie and you will answer to God for every single one.”

      I agree. Same with the plandemic. Putin and Xi will also answer for their crimes against humanity

  8. The description of the referenced video (“How Trump’s Capitol Speech Incited an Insurrection”) admits to editing the audio and mixing it with other video. ” We have edited audio of that speech and synced it with images of the events that directly followed it. ”

    You can gauge the extent of the editing by comparing it with the transcript:

    The bulk of the speech was given over to complaints about election fraud. Boring rather than incendiary.

    I wonder whether Nasrallah is being reported correctly here.

  9. I wish Lavrov had given this speech.

    Unfortunately, Trump fooled a lot people.

    And there are many who are still in total denial about the election, somehow excusing Trump’s manipulation and pinning this guy who had not had the support of most Americans and believing his lie that he won by a landslide!

    And, as Nasrallah pointed out, can’t see it as an attempted coup from the top, similar to Yeltsin’s shelling the Duma.

    • Well, if you don’t want to wade through all the copious evidence of electoral fraud, Dmitry Orlov made it easy for you just after Christmas. Look at his satirical “World Satanic Society 2020 Year-End Report”,

      ‘Installing “Matilda” (her code name immortalized by her Jamaican compatriot Harry Belafonte) has been a gargantuan task for our members and their allies and minions in the Democratic Party and the Deep State. But it all worked out thanks to the wonderful US public education system. It has produced several generations of Americans who can barely count on their fingers and toes. Were they able to do basic arithmetic, they would have spotted the problem: 74 million votes for Trump plus 81 million votes for Biden gives us 155 million votes total. But there were only 153 million registered voters just two years ago, so that’s 101% voter turn-out. And then 160 million are said to have voted, so that’s 104.5% turn-out! Compare that to 55.7% turn-out in the 2016 election. [Furrowed brows, nervously twitching fingers and toes]

      ‘There is no way to make the numbers make any sense. Since 2016 the US population grew by just under 8 million. Optimistically assuming half of them became eligible to vote; that would add 4 million to the rolls. Optimistically assuming all of them actually registered to vote, that would only make 157 million. Accept the reported stunning voter turn-out number for 2020 of 66.7%. That’s just under 105 million votes total—nowhere near then 160 million number that has been reported. If Trump got 74 million votes, as reported, then just 31 million votes would be the theoretical maximum for Biden—less then half as many as for Trump. [Stunned silence]

      ‘So how could Biden and Harris have won? Easy! The same way it was possible to knock down three New York skyscrapers using two airplanes on 9/11. If the people haven’t been taught to count, you can get them to believe just about anything! [Laughter, applause]’

      • Apparently, you have never heard of Citizens United, which ruled that money equals free speech. That is called “buying the election’.

        Apparently you never heard of the overturning of the Voting Rights Act, also by the Republican dominated Supreme Court which disenfranched millions of African American voters.

        Apparently you don’t know that most ex felons (poor people who ran afoul of our utterly currupt criminal justice system) are permenently denied the right to vote in the first place.

        Apparently you don’t know about the massive voter fraud conducted by Bush in both his elections, which he stole, and which the stupid feckless Democrats refused to contest.

        Apparently you don’t know about the lack of voting machines in poor neighborhoods, which made it very difficult for wage slaves who don’t have loads of time on the very unfair workday election to stand in line for hours.

        Apparently, you didn’t see Greg Palast confronting the Republican voting registration official in Georgia with 200,000 people illegally kicked off the voter roles in Georgia alone. Or the Cross Check program to kick millions of mostly minority voters off the voter roles.All across the USA.

        Thus, we’re not talking about vote counting we’re talking about vote denial in the first place!

        Jim Crow laws have denied millions of people the right to vote for decades.

        This doesn’t even count the phony Electoral College which favors low population Republican states over the coastal high population states which favor democrats.

        It’s well known that Trump packed the courts with his judges, who would be beholden to him. That is how the 2000 election got stolen…..Bush Sr. judges on the SCOTUS stole the election by not allowing a real recount….which had been interrupted by a bunch of Republican operative thugs.

        So how is it that in this case, Trump friendly judges refused to hear the case? Maybe because he didn’t have a case.
        It really blows my mind that people treat Trump as some sort of innocent victim….he’s been a conartist, grifter all his life.

        Just like Nasrallah said. He apparently understands the US mentality that produced a Trump better than many people, especially on this website.

        But at the end of the day, it really does’t matter. Trump was flying nuclear capable bombers off the coast of Russia, initiating many sanctions based on slanderous lies, and engaging Ukraine in preparing for genocide in Donbass.

        As is Biden. The election is irrelevant. Which gangster faction people are naive enough to think they are voting for in elections that are fixed by both sides in 100 ways makes no difference to Russia. As Putin accurately pointed out, “It makes no difference who the President is, the policies stay the same”

  10. ya Sheikh, hold on to your ground, your field of knowledge, please, do not venture there, in their swamp if you care for the prestige & seriousness of your word & avoid getting soiled by commenting their shenanigans: most chapters of their history are composed of the false flag inside jobs & manipulations in order to keep their people in obscurity. long story short: they do not deserve your commentary, they are beyond comments!

  11. Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah is a hero to the Lebanese and Palestinian people. I respect him as a man who is courageous and fearless among Muslim leaders..His writings that document the political struggles within the ongoing Middle Eastern regional conflict between Israel and Arab countries including Iran and the negative interference of the U.S. A. is legendary. He can be relied upon to give truthful facts in evidence that would stand up in many judicial courts of law and in the court of public opinion.

    However the reported information he received from dubious sources of what actually occurred on January 6, 2021 has clouded his thoughts and rendered an unfair judgement upon the Arab and Persian nemesis, Donald Trump.

    I begin my rebuttal by opening the Holy Quran and recalling this verse:

    “O believers, if an evildoer brings you any news, verify ˹it˺ so you do not harm people unknowingly, becoming regretful for what you have done.” (Al-Hujurat 49:6 Quran)

    One of the tenets taught by Surah Al-Hujurat (The Rooms) is for Muslims to be on guard against giving credence to false rumors.

    We Christians have been given the same warning:

    “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” (1 Corinthians 15:33 KJV 1611)

    I voted for Trump in 2020 despite the egregious foreign policies of the United States promulgated by President Trump’s “advisors.” I did so because the Democrats have no conservative polices that promote the importance of God in our lives as Americans, traditional family values, employment opportunity without government subsidy, etc. The national electorate are always faced with, “the lesser of two evils” and Joe Biden is worse than Trump, in my opinion.

    There is no doubt in my mind that President Trump won the 2020 presidential election. Massive election fraud occurred in the “swing” States” (the term “swing State” means the tally of popular votes could go to either major political party). Thousands of illegal ballot votes were introduced and counted, election observers were denied their right to view the counting of votes and voting machines had software logic that switched votes from Trump to Biden. There are legal cases that are being filed in federal court in each of the swing States that challenge the validity of the election. This is why Trump was saying to his political base of millions of Americans; the election was stolen.

    On January 6, 2021, the U.S. Congress met in a joint session to count the Electoral College votes. It is within the legal authority for the body politic to raise objections to the certification of the State electors and that is what Trump urged his partisan politicians to do including the Vice President who presides over the counting of the votes.

    Trump also asked his citizen supporters to come to Washington, DC to show the Congress the people support the claim of election fraud (e.g., “stop the steal” movement). Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters arrived in Washington, DC to listen to Trump give a speech to that fact and to act “lawfully and patriotically.”

    However there were a few hundred provocateurs who were there to riot and disrupt the proceedings in Congress and they were successful as we witnessed during the national television broadcast. Those criminals were identified by the media as Trump supporters such as Proud Boys and other extremist fringe groups like Antifa. Trump had nothing to do with those thugs at all.

    I realize the rancor that Nasrallah has for Trump and his disappointment with the American people. I certainly can’t blame his disgust with American foreign policy, our lack of statesmanship and ethics and cultural depravity.

    Knowledgeable Christians and the ummat al-Islām know that Satan lives in the bowels of Washington, DC, in Brussels, Belgium and now in Beijing, China. These national entities will engage in a planetary conflict against one another, economically and then martially. It’s inevitable the great battle between good an evil on Earth will occur because it has been foretold; we cannot escape it.

    “But verily, he was a sign of the Hour. So have no doubt about it, but follow me. This is the right path.” (Az-Zukhruf 43:61 Quran).

    The pronoun “he” refers to Jesus and the noun “Hour” is the end times.

    I say to you Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, the political policies of the globalists are the polices of Satan. Can you fight Satan? Yes, but only by staying true to God in daily worship, giving thanks to God often and fearing God’s wrath should we allow ourselves to be tempted to listen to false rumors and foolishly act upon them.

  12. Does Nasrallah et al see the evil New Religion that is engulfing the world and driving us towards The Abolition of Man (AI, robotics, transhumanism)?

    We all need to stand together or get overrun!

    People who put Trump in office have tremendous overlap with the grassroots Islamic resistance to globalism, yet Nasrallah seem oblivious!


    • you mean,christian Zionists which are 15% of US population,according to documentaries that I watched on my propaganda channel. Ok,I would rather try with globalists..
      I am not fond of “western/american political terminology,but one has to be real. Obviously,there is no more right/left,now it is nationalist (patriotic they say)/Soros,globalist,gay friendly divide in USA/EU

  13. Many commenters here seem displeased with Nasrallah’s speech. My guess is that most, if not all, of them are USAmericans. Of course, USAmericans always, without fail, make the mistake of thinking that everything is about them. Dear USAmericans, Nasrallah wasn’t talking to you. He was talking to his party faithful, fellow Muslims, Lebanese brothers and sisters. For them, Trump has, without a doubt, been the most supine and vicious pro-Zionist President in USAmerica’s history. So, to all the USAmerican commenters here disappointed in him, why should Nasrallah pay even lip service to your fragile, self-indulgent sensitivities? You are the enemy. Don’t you understand that?

    • Wrong. Ordinary people of USA are not enemies,not enemies of anybody in the world,I think. Maybe some terrorists,I don’t know,but generally I dont know anyone who thinks that some ordinary guy from US is some kind of enemy. Most of us across the planet are ordinary people,we have to work,pay our bills and care for someone older in our families. So you got it very very wrong..I am sorry to tell you that. Everything else You said actually stands. His speeches indeed are first and foremost dedicated to Lebanese,and then to other people in the region,and everyone else who wants to listen what he has to say. Generally speaking,or when one looks back,because I am listening him for years,he was more or less very accurate in his analysis. That does not mean that he is ALWAYS correct,nor he has to be correct vis-a-vis political situation in USA. However, Trump won’t be missed very much here and you can wonder/search/investigate why is it so

      • Thank you for your comment Meow meow. But I was not talking about “Ordinary people of USA”. Did I use that phrase? I don’t think so. I know some ordinary USAmericans. They are fine people, as far as it goes. But as fine as they are, all of them, without exception, have the ‘exceptional nation’ and ‘manifest destiny’ things going on in the back of their minds, to a greater or lesser degree. My comment was directed to the ‘Forever Trumpers’ here who don’t seem to understand that Trump didn’t really have a foreign policy. It was all “ok Jared” or “ok Mike”. He was a domestic policy guy who couldn’t care less what was going on in Palestine. Israel, sure. Anywhere else, who cares. If USAmericans keep voting for that sort of ignorance then, yes, they are the enemy. Why does everyone want to feel sorry for USAmericans all of a sudden? Get real.

  14. Unfortunately Mr. Nasrallah (for whom I have great respect) does not understand the dynamics of the American political system and the true nature of what just happened. He is right that there was a sort of “Color Revolution” (a coup) but he is wrong that it was the Trump Administration that orchestrated the coup. He (Nasrallah) allows his anger and distaste for President Trump (which I understand especially given Trump’s Pro-Zionist policies and the assassination of General Soleimani) to overshadow any possible clear analysis of what just happened in Washington DC.

    First of all the riots that gripped American cities across the Continent last summer were not a “popular uprising” against police brutality by oppressed racial minorities. There was nothing “popular” about the George Floyd riots because they were clearly orchestrated from centers of power (political, business, media) against Law and Order (at the street level) and against small business.

    These riots were unleashed by the Ruling Elites against Middle America (and Middle Class America) in particular. They were also meant to drive a wedge between the lower classes of Americans along racial lines. Divide and conquer (just as the British Empire and later the Zionists have done to the Arabs). In fact the riots of last summer were reminiscent of Washington’s Green Revolution in Iran and the unrest that gripped Iran during that time. Those riots (just like the George Floyd Riots) were orchestrated.

    Secondly Mr. Nasrallah at least half of the voting public (75 million cast votes to reelect Donald J. Trump) believe that the elections that took place on November 3rd of 2020 were much less than free and fair. There are a lot of shady things that took place in the polling centers between the time the polls closed on November 3rd (when President Trump was in the lead in at least 4 battleground states) and the time the counting continued in the wee hours of November 4th when a good 90% of the new ballots (just arrived) were going in favor of Joe Biden. That was followed by a complete demonization campaign of anyone who questioned the election results. Especially that of Senators Cruz and Hawley combined with Big Tech censorship.

    Thirdly this “Riot” of January 6 was nothing if the sort. Was there civil disobedience om Capitol Hill that day? Yes absolutely there was. Was it a murderous riot? No it was not. Was there agent provocateurs embedded with legitimate protesters? Yes there were. Did any protester enter that building with a firearm that day? No. What did happen that day? Over 250k American citizens came to the Capitol to protest election results they believed to be fraudulent. The great vast majority of those protesters were completely peaceful and never entered the Capitol. A small sliver broke off and entered the capitol (maybe in the hundreds) and less than that were involved in any acts of vandalism in the capitol building. We know that many of those who entered the capitol building did so orderly and legally escorted by Capitol Police personnel.

    It’s obvious to me that the real coup, the real color revolution was the Establishment (Deep State) response to the events of that day treating it like a second 9/11, an invasion (assault) on the Capitol by Trump loyalists who they are now calling “domestic terrorists”. Not to mention that the events of that day ended up foiling the plans of 11 Senators (especially Hawley and Cruz) to present evidence of voter fraud in their objection to the confirmation of Joe Biden as President if the United States. Now we have people like former CIA director John Brennan openly calling for crackdown on dissent from the right (meaning Patriots, Constitutionalists, Libertarians and Religious Conservatives, etc.) whom he labeled with a broad brush as being potential domestic terrorists. Put that together with the Big Tech crackdown on free speech and the talk of new hate speech legislation (which would be an outright assault on the 1st Amendment) and a planned legislative assault on the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms privately). Take a step back and look at the big picture and it will put the events of January 6 in an entirely different light. It becomes a Deep State Coup and the rise of hard tyranny in America.

    I completely understand Mr. Nasrallah’s disgust with and contempt for President Trump but this regime that has taken power in Washington is in no ways friendly to Hezbollah or the interests of the Lebanese nation just as it is not going to be friendly with Iran. These are the same people responsible for the 10 year war in Syria and the hundreds of thousands dead as a result of that conflict, same story with Yemen and Libya. These are the same people responsible for the Green Uprising in Iran and the coup in Ukraine (that led to a war in Donbass). This is the Globalist, Neocon, Neoliberal regime in Washington now. By contrast Mr. Nasrallah may end up wishing Donald J. Trump was still the President of the United States. I am certain if it wasn’t for the Zionist lobby in Washington that President Trump could have come to a meaningful understanding (possibly even business relationship) with Iran.

  15. “a scene [of a coup or “color revolution”] that the United States have the habit of fomenting in other countries … But now Trump has implemented it in his own country!”

    If Rev.Nasr’Allah had been a Buddhist priest he would not have needed to spell it out in long paragraphs; he would have found the right word short and sharp and ready to hand: Karma. Karma is the bitch you feed to bite others, then she turns around and bites you in the place where you least expected.

  16. Hassan Nassrallah has an axe to grind as he blames Trump for the assassination of Solemani & Muhandis, & he is engaging not in a commentary on the US election – but a moral judgement – for which he knows better. Nassrallah knows full well, & said so himself on many occasions, that the Obama administration launched the jihadist war on Syria & that there are no good or honourable actors in US politics. But he makes it his business to make moral judgements on Trump, for which he has no right, no basis, no standing, & no argument. Trump’s protest & march on the Congress was not, in any rational balanced judgement an incitement to violence or to storm government buildings. The fact that Trump himself had questionable judgement organizing a protest that day in the fist place is another issue, Trump has shown himself to be foolish on more than one occasion. But Nassrallah is way off point here, what he is doing, is singing a song for his Iranian handlers – to please them.

    • Good points Srbalj.

      While most of the planet benefitted with Trump in power, Iran is one of the few countries that had it worse.

      I certainly hope that Nasrallah is just playing to his Iranian audience as it is very disconcerting to see him regurgitate the msm’s anti-Trump rhetoric.

  17. yes, that episode was part of a color revolution. yes, that color revolution was executed against the usa itself by the same ruling class that have done it to dozens of other nations already.
    however, trump was not the perpetrator. he was the fall guy- either he was in on it and playing his part as the fall guy, or he was genuinely trying to drain the swamp and the swamp got rid of him.

  18. I think he’s got this one wrong. The Capitol ‘riots’ and the BLM protests etc. were all so obviously hyped up, infiltrated and falsely reported. They were all generated in the same place for the same reason. One reason could be to lull the likes of Hezbollah into a false sense of security.

  19. What I see in the comments here is Americans saying that no one has the right to judge them, but they reserve the right to not only judge, but assassinate anyone they feel like.

    Congratulations to our American friends! Always a new low.

  20. Mr. Nasrallah, if you haven’t noticed the religious fervor of the Trumpsters, especially those who stormed the Capitol, you weren’t really paying attention. They’d already believed that a grand conspiracy involving hundreds of judges and state election officials all around the USA had denied Trump the election that he had “won by a landslide.” Trump had conned them into thinking this, when in reality, perfectly legal mail-in voting had overwhelmed the traditional Republican techniques of voter suppression in the battleground states. He let them go on to commit felony murder on his behalf while he tweeted them on from the safety of the White House. As the indictments come raining down on them, he will skate, most likely off to Israel.

    Also, if Biden just picks up where Trump left off on Syria and Iran, he’s a complete fool and a tool of the Zionists just like Trump was. This is his big chance to reinstate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran and defuse the tinderbox that is Syria. We have no business whatsoever being there, except as pawns of the Israelis. Finally tell Netanyahu to f-off and bring all the troops home. That’s what you were elected to do, Biden, by the overwhelming majority of Americans who are sick and tired of wars for Israel.

    • Finally tell Netanyahu to f-off and bring all the troops home. That’s what you were elected to do, Biden, by the overwhelming majority of Americans who are sick and tired of wars for Israel.

      Sorry Tommy, I don’t recall that being part of the Dems’ platform. I’d say it’s even money on Israel as well. Outside of sites like this, most Americans are still staunch supporters of all things Zionist, whether they ever admit to it or not. Passive support is still support. When it comes right down to it, Cheney was right. Most Americans will overwhelmingly support anything, no matter how abominable, if it allows them to continue with their current way of life. Which is to say relative opulence for many based on the wonders of cheap energy.

      • A lot of what you refer to is the little dance that Biden has to do to appease the Zionists in his administration. The fact that he has tapped Robert Malley to be his special envoy for Iran, though, signals his goal to return to nuclear negotiations with Tehran. Whatever he eventually ends up doing won’t be nearly as bad as Trump killing the JCPOA and murdering General Soleimani.

  21. “How could an election allow the rise to power of a figure so puffed up with arrogance, so criminal, so mad and so stupid, to rule not only the United States, but the whole world, holding the future of humanity in his hands?!”

    The Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collective (OTEC) was caught off guard in 2016. That election could not be rigged soon enough, so a bone-ignorant Tangerine Jackass became POTUS. OTEC then conducted a 24/7 rampage against him that still has not stopped.

    To appease Saudi Arabia, TJ pulled the US out of the JCPOA on the lie that Iran was not complying with it, when in fact Iran was, and it was in fact the US that was not meeting its obligations.

    Over time TJ became even more of an ignorant rogue than he was when he entered office, except that the old capitalist was finally taught the lesson that the US economy was totally dependent on perpetual war. He learned that lesson so well that he went on to murder Iranian general Soleimani, al- Muhandis and, near the end of his term, Iranian scientist/teacher Fakhrizadeh. Iran and the US almost came to war.

    OTEC took note of these particular irresponsible actions and all the actions TJ took against China. OTEC was not pleased, especially with the latter. Almost certainly there were secret discussions between China and OTEC about what TJ’s actions might lead to — “accidental” conventional war leading to “accidental” nuclear war. Who knows what threats China and, quite possibly, Russia (and even other EU leaders) made to OTEC if TJ remained in office. If I were China, I would have done exactly that.

    Therefore, the OTEC got together and decided that TJ could not serve another term in office and, in short, OTEC took its time and carefully arranged the fraudulent election of Mr. Potato Head. All “justice” resources that TJ turned to in order to legally reverse the fraud had by then been corrupted to support the fraud (and the system of justice in the US has now been completely ruined). TJ was, essentially, removed from office by a coup conducted by the OTEC.

    I believe this unprecedented thing was done to prevent an increasingly-likely nuclear war caused by TJ’s increasingly dangerous MAGA behavior. TJ was, and is, literally incapable of realizing that he was not operating a time machine that could miraculously transport the US back to a post-WWII age of manufacturing supremacy and nuclear and conventional military and USD hegemony. Simply put, the US electorate was not going to be allowed to elect a president who might very well cause WWIII. War-or-no-war was not going to be decided solely by 75, or so, million US exceptional voters for the 7+ billion “shit-hole”-dwelling people living on the rest of planet earth. This time around the US election cycle, the rest of the world was going to have a say in who was going to be allowed to play POTUS to control, as Howared Beale put it, “the most awesome god-damned propaganda (and military) force in the whole godless world”.

    And, therefore, I believe that TJ will, by whatever means necessary, and I do mean whatever, NOT be allowed to become POTUS again, regardless of how much support he might garner between now and 2024. I believe that it will be far easier for OTEC to prevent TJ’s election in 2024 than it was in 2016 when they were taken by complete surprise. “The most awesome”…….etc. will be employed to accuse TJ of whatever it takes to ruin his reputation and political future with him, once again, having absolutely no recourse (sound familiar, Russia, Cuba, China, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea?).

    What’s unfortunate is that OTEC’s strategy will likely now be used against ANY candidate running for congress or POTUS who is not OTEC-approved. For the following reasons, this is at least as dangerous to the future of the US as idiotstick becoming POTUS again. OTEC is now quite obviously doing “whatever it takes” to keep on life support a fatally-flawed whatever-you-want-to-call-it system that was legalized by passage of the OTEC’s Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 in the US — an act which has now proven beyond any shadow of doubt, even to the OTEC, to have been a complete failure. You can see an inescapable vortex developing now as relations between Russia, China and the OTEC of “the West”, as well as all three’s currency-system itself, circling the bowl, ready to go down the drain permanently.

    Therefore, a new system (not some Great Reset, or great new “money”, in which the OTEC and the rest of the .0.01% just happen to remain the OTEC and the 0.01%) must somehow be born in the US and the rest of the world, and doing that will have to be done NOT by the OTEC, but by, in the case of the US, US voters electing non-OTEC candidates to public office. Should doing that be made impossible by the OTEC, US voters will suffer debt-serfdom and poverty and, eventually, they will rise up in violent revolution.

    What is the likelihood that billions of average people who don’t speak the same language, and those that do cannot even agree on the definitions of important words, are going to get together and come up with a better arrangement that the one that exists now? And will those people living on the part of the world called the USA finally realize that they are no more “exceptional” than anyone else on planet earth? In both cases, it’s not looking good.
    While I’m typing, yesterday I read that Nordstream 2’s date of completion has been pushed out to “the end of 2021”. We’ll see what dastardly deed “the West” falsely declares that Russia has committed in order to get that project stopped in its tracks. Lord knows it’s going to have to be a baddie. Who knows what might happen after Russia is once again accused of something it did not do.

  22. Both Trump/Republicans and Biden/Democrats propagandists all hide the fact that there are NO fundamental differences between either wing of the Republi-crat Party (Red state or Blue state) when it comes to the American Empire.

    All political factions in the USA lie, pimp, and support the American Empire and its crimes.

    All political factions in the USA lie, pimp, and support the racist Apartheid state of Israel and its crimes.

    Indeed, the 1000 pound elephant-in-the-living-room issue that the Trump supporters here sweep under the rug is that Trump was likely the most ZIONIST president in US history, as he took the unprecedented step of moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, thus recognizing Israel’s colonization of this city. Now, the Biden regime has continued this criminal policy of recognizing this Zionist land grab.

    American “partisan” politics is between Red State Zionists vs. Blue State Zionists.

    Nothing more.