Conclusion of the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, on January 3, 2022, during the commemoration of the second anniversary of the assassination of Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.



Transcript :

[…] In this speech devoted to the identification of the assassins [the United States] and of the martyrs [Soleimani and al-Muhandis], the lesson I want to focus on is that the blood of martyr Qassem Soleimani, the great and noble leader, and the blood of martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the great and noble leader, and the blood of the martyrs who were slain by their side, this oppressed and fighting blood, the principles and forces that these martyrs represent, all what makes their identity as men of God, sincere, honest, shapers of victories, bearers of awakening, conscience and enthusiasm in this (Muslim) Nation, this blood calls with force all the consciences, all the hearts and all the intelligences, throughout the Arab-Muslim world, and cries out in front of the peoples, the elites, the cultural figures, the politicians, the common people: “O people, our shed blood declares to you that your real enemy, the real tyrant, the real arrogant despot, the real oppressor, the real corrupter, the heart of the aggression, the basis of the occupation, the origin of corruption and tyranny in our region is the United States of America. The USA are the enemy of all of us, so think of them as an enemy.” This is the message of the pure blood shed at Baghdad airport two years ago. And the fatal strategic mistake is to take the enemy for a friend and rush to him (to ask him for help), to revel in his presence, and to put in the hands of these wolves, so to speak, one’s wife, children and infants. Is there anyone reasonable who would do such a thing? The message invites you to know your enemies and to unmask them (for what they are), to face them and not to surrender to them, not to call on them but to fight them, to make war to them, to fight against them in every way.

O my brothers and sisters, this blood assures us that as long as the United States holds its hegemony over our region and we continue to regard them as friends, then oppression, tyranny and exploitation will continue, as will the occupation and the red lines that will prevent the liberation of our lands, of our holy places, of our resources, of our choices and of our riches. Part of this battle is the battle for awareness (of the masses), the battle of media and social networks. The importance of this battle should not be underestimated, as it transforms the honorable jihadist fighter who defends (his land, his family and his property) into a terrorist, a bandit, a corrupt, a criminal, a thief, a drug dealer. And the lack of evidence (to support these slanderous accusations against the Resistance movements and the countries that support them) is no problem for them, nor is the contradiction with the facts. They have no qualms about lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, even if their accusations are ridiculous, preposterous and have been exposed as such. Their well-known principle is to lie, lie, lie, lie, until you believe them.

According to the media and social networks, the US Ambassador to Baghdad is a dove of peace, a supporter of reconciliation, a defender of unity, and a factor of stability in Iraq. And according to these same sources, Qassem Soleimani would be a criminal and an assassin whose picture must be removed and burned.

Of course, those who are spreading these lies are very few and their presence is limited, as they are agents of the American Embassy who do not represent the will of the Iraqi people in any way. The will of the Iraqi people has been expressed (through massive protests) after the martyrdom (of Soleimani and al-Muhandis), for the past two years and for the past few nights. But at the end of the day, yes, there are efforts, there are electronic armies. Do not believe a word when you are told that there are massive reactions on social media (in favor of this or that pro-American stance): these are all lies! In truth, there are only two or three people behind these movements, who launch electronic (bot) armies and manipulate social media to sway (opinion) and impress crowds (with fabricated trends). They do not represent hundreds of thousands of people, nor millions of people as they claim (while we can all see millions of people in the protests denouncing the assassinations of Soleimani and al-Muhandis).

Until now, it is necessary to seek the true opinions and will of the peoples, of the (Muslim) Nation and of the (common) people by going beyond manipulations and illusions. Much of the data presented to us in polls, estimates, and figures (published here or there) are just lies, and part of the psychological warfare that aims to lead astray, overwhelm and despair (opponents of the US-Israeli project). Indeed, (true) believers in God the Most High and the Exalted do not care about numbers, and it does not matter to them whether they are a handful or a great many; but most people let themselves be swayed. All this is part of the battle that we must wage, on the media, politically, on the battlefield, economically, on the security and military levels, etc. This is the real battle imposed by the enemy, before and after the martyrdom (of Soleimani and al-Muhandis). We were not the ones who imposed this battle.

Today, some people come and say, “You Hezbollah are destroying Lebanon’s relations with Arab countries and internationally.” According to them, we would be the cause of the deterioration of Lebanon’s relations with other countries. But which countries are we talking about? The United States, about which I have reminded, demonstrated and explained time and time again (that it is our greatest enemy, and the cause of the majority of our ills)? I am not going back to the history of decades ago, but I am talking about facts that contemporary Lebanese have experienced, whether they are the martyrs, the families of martyrs, the prisoners who have been released from (Israeli) prisons, the wounded, (the owners of) destroyed houses, etc. The traces of American and Israeli crimes are still present before our eyes, and present generations can see them. Is it Lebanon’s relations with this enemy that you accuse us of deteriorating?

Let me address the Lebanese specifically. All the Lebanese, or rather the vast majority of the Lebanese, are unanimous in saying that ISIS and the Takfiri groups represented a great danger for Lebanon. And all the Lebanese, or at least a large majority of them, know what the fate of Lebanon would have been if ISIS and the Takfiri groups had taken over Syria. Some Lebanese brag that we (Hezbollah) certainly took the initiative to fight ISIS, but that if the terrorists had arrived in Lebanon, they would have fought them themselves. Very well. It’s still good that ISIS never made it to Lebanon, and that you didn’t have to face this challenge, right? But there is still almost unanimity to say that ISIS represented a great danger for the existence of Lebanon, for its identity, for its dignity, for its survival, for the blood, honor, mosques and churches, husseiniyats of the Lebanese, men and women, young and old alike, right? Isn’t that the truth?

Who was behind ISIS and the Takfiri groups in Syria? Who supported these terrorist groups which, had they been successful, would have plunged Lebanon into a historic disaster? Is the United States the only one to have supported these armed groups? Not at all. What about Saudi Arabia? What about Saudi Arabia? Some will still exclaim, “O Sayed [Nasrallah], you are deteriorating our relations with Saudi Arabia.” No, I am only describing reality! The Lebanese must speak the truth, and act based on the truth. If someone says to me: “Yes, Saudi Arabia is complicit in the death (of Lebanese), in the blockade and destruction (against Lebanon), and the massacres perpetrated (in Lebanon and Syria), but we are forced to have relations with them”, this is another issue. But do not pretend that they are our brothers, our friends, our dear ones, and that we want to have good relations with them. You have to start by describing them for what they are. During the 10-year war in Syria, and in the Jurd of Ersal, in the Jurd of Bekaa, the (Lebanese) Resistance and Army fought (terrorist groups), as well as in Syria. Who was supporting these Takfiri groups? If these groups had triumphed, they would have wreaked havoc in Lebanon! These countries are well known (Western countries, Turkey, Qatar…), and Saudi Arabia is at their head. We were not the ones who attacked and assaulted Saudi Arabia, but it was Saudi Arabia that was complicit in the grand conspiracy of all-out war to destroy the region. And we had the honor of fighting these assassins who were plotting against our countries, our peoples, and against the blood and honor of the men and women in Lebanon. It was not us who damaged relations (between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia). Who is the aggressor? Who started hostilities? Who started the war and plotted against whom?

In the Saudi King’s latest speech, which is said to be an important annual speech, King Salman addressed the Lebanese and Lebanese leaders and called on them to “face the hegemony of terrorist Hezbollah”. If there are people in this country who are afraid to open their mouths, we are not. We have our dignity. Your Majesty, the terrorist is the one who is at the origin of the Wahhabi and ISIS thought and who spread it around the world, and that is you. The terrorist is the one who sent thousands of Saudis to carry out suicide bombing operations in Iraq and Syria, and that is you. The terrorist is the one who leads a 7 year war against the oppressed people of Yemen, killing women and children and indiscriminately killing human beings and razing buildings, and that is you. The terrorist is the one who stands by the side of the United States of America in all its wars and makes his territory and military bases available to them to carry out their crimes against humanity, and that is you. The terrorist is the one who funds all the seditious civil war groups in Lebanon and the region, and that is you.

As for Hezbollah, it is not a terrorist movement. Hezbollah is a Resistance movement, which defends itself, a national movement, humanitarian, dignified, which protects its country, its (Muslim) Nation, its family, its people and its holy places. Hezbollah is the companion of Qassem Soleimani who shapes victories against terrorists. Such is Hezbollah.

And I want to add, because I know that tomorrow the day of judgment will come [pro-Saudi personalities & media will express outrage at these statements] and that the accusations of deteriorating the relations of Lebanon with Saudi Arabia (will burst from all sides). The terrorist, oh Lebanese, listen to me a little: the terrorist is the one who takes hostage tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of Lebanese (according to various estimates) present in Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf countries, and threatens Lebanon and the Lebanese State by instrumentalizing daily (these innocent civilians), and by threatening to expel and expropriate them if anyone in Lebanon speaks out against Saudi Arabia. Threatening to throw these expatriate Lebanese in jail if (Hezbollah) speaks out against Saudi Arabia, isn’t that terrorism? On what principle is such behavior based? Does religion, heavenly or earthly laws allow it? Even the tribal laws and those of the pre-Islamic Age of Ignorance had nothing so barbaric! That’s who the terrorists are. And this is nothing new! As early as the 1960s, Saudi Arabia behaved like this with Lebanon! And they do this every day with Lebanon!

The Minister of Interior, instructs the removal of signs and slogans deemed offensive to Saudi Arabia from the streets of the southern suburbs of Beirut. The posters, as seen here, show the

Such pictures, reading “O king, the terrorist is the one who spread the Wahhabi ideology in the world, who sent thousands of Saudis takfiri to Iraq and Syria, and who takes thousands of Lebanese in the Gulf as hostages to threaten Lebanon every day, and that’s you”, appeared on the Southern Suburbs of Beirut after Nasrallah’s speech, only to be removed immediately by decision of the Lebanese Interior Minister. Is it Iran or Saudi Arabia that controls Lebanon?

And if anyone imagines that putting pressure on a minister to resign, being silent and swallowing the affronts and insults could modify anything in the decisions and actions of Saudi Arabia, he is deluded! It won’t change anything! Because the real problem of Saudi Arabia is clear: they do not accept that Lebanon was not transformed into a Saudi emirate after the (color revolution of) 2005. Their problem is those who seriously face the Deal of the Century whose three pillars were Trump, Netanyahu and Muhammad b. Salman. Their problem is those who defeated their project in Syria and Iraq which, if it had triumphed, would have destroyed Lebanon, its regions, its mosques and its churches! This problem persists, and will not be solved by positive and laudatory statements (towards Saudi Arabia), silence, or illusions. Let’s speak the truth and be realistic.

Anyway, today we in Hezbollah, in this second annual commemoration of the martyred leaders of the Resistance and Resistance Axis, the shapers of victories (against ISIS and the American-Israeli projects), namely Hajj Qassem Soleimani and Hajj Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, we confirm our attachment to this awareness, to this line, to this path. We call on the (Arab-Muslims) peoples and our dear Lebanese, if not to join this Axis, at least to identify the enemy well and to consider him as such, and not to make the mistake of taking him for a friend who will stab them in the back and plot against them. This is the message of the day. And this blood will continue to vibrate in our veins, in those of our children and our grandchildren, until the complete Liberation of our lands, of Palestine and of the whole Middle East from all US and Israeli occupation, God willing.

Peace be upon you, as well as the Mercy of God and His blessings.

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