Translated by Sasha and subtitled by Leo.

The rubber duckie führer’s shaved head photo appeared on his Instagram page. Navalny’s picture is accompanied by a lengthy whining wherein the penal colony in Petushinsky district near the city of Vladimir is called a ‘concentration camp’. However, if you read closely the outpourings of the mum’s revolutionaries leader’s PR team, it becomes clear that the corrective colony #2 simply has strict discipline which the unemployed devotee of monthly foreign holidays isn’t used to.

The previous information that Navalny had already been transported to the penitentiary institution was a false start. The reason was that the appeal deadline to the sentence for insulting a WWII veteran had not yet run out. Which means that by law, Navalny had to remain in the remand centre. His defense team still insists that the rubber duckie führer must not be transported to the corrective colony yet. Nevertheless Navalny has now been dispatched as prescribed. The fact of his transportation to the corrective colony #2 was confirmed by his lawyer Olga Mikhailova.

Komsomolskaya Pravda: “Mikhailova and the lawyer Vadim Kobzev visited Navalny, who is held in a quarantine cell with five other prisoners. ‘Navalny has no complaints about violations. He is cheerful and lively,’ Mikhailova told the journalists.”

No complaints about violations. But woe to that fighter against the regime who doesn’t complain at all. After all, if an infantile does not complain, he stops feeling he’s alive. And so it is no surprise that the same day Navalny’s Instagram page featured an extensive whining material. Internet is under ban in the colony so it’s doubtful that the führer of FBK (Anti-Corruption Fund – Soros-funded NGO) himself could post his photo and supply it with a text. But he definitely could dictate it over the telephone or during his meeting with the lawyers was fully possible. Let’s read what was scribbled in Navalny’s name by those who administer his social medias so that the mum’s revolutionaries did not forget about their führer.

Aleksei Navalny’s Instagram: “Three things don’t fail to amuse me. The starry sky above us, a categorical imperative within us and a wonderful feeling when I stroke my freshly shaven head with the palm of my hand. Hello to all from the ‘Heightened Control Sector A’. I must admit that the Russian penitentiary system managed to surprise me. I did not imagine that it was possible to set up a real concentration camp 100 km away from Moscow.”

Inflating own misfortunes to the scale that refers to Hitler’s escapades is a standard trick of mum’s oppositionists. They regularly devalue the suffering of those who got under the Nazis’ steamroller by pointing out their own oppression and comparing themselves to the prisoners of the concentration camps, appealing to the yellow stars of David and other paraphernalia connected to Hitlerism.

Their resonant from empty heads are never visited by a lonely thought that such comparisons are sacrilegious. Have a look at what the video blogger who is used to boarding at foreign resorts regards as a concentration camp.

Aleksei Navalny’s Instagram: “I have not seen any violence or even a hint of it so far, although, judging by the tense poses of the convicts who stand at attention, afraid to turn their heads, I easily believe that here, in Corrective Colony #2 ‘Pokrov’, very recently people were beaten half dead with wooden hammers. The methods have changed now and I must honestly say I don’t recall a place where everyone speaks so politely and in some way affably.”

Oh, so they don’t beat up anyone, they don’t make them stand for hours at attention with hands outstretched, they don’t make you wear wooden shoes that grind your feet to the bone, they don’t pour water on you in the frost? I am listing the real tortures by the SS men which were documented in the memoirs of the Soviet POWs who went through the concentration camps. So what does make it a concentration camp then? Here’s what.

Aleksei Navalny’s Instagram: “The regime, the regulations, the order of day. The literal following of the endless rules. Curse and slang words are banned. And this ban is strictly adhered to. Can you imagine a prison where nobody curses? It’s a scary case.”

*3:59 – Chart on the right appears* Quotes of great oppositionists:

Mahatma Gandhi: “Overcome hatred with love, falsehood – truth, violence – patience.”

Nelson Mandela: “We must use time wisely and remember: the just cause can be started at any moment.”

Aleksei Navalny: “They brought this c**t from ‘Kirovles’ (state enterprise Navalny embezzled from), this Larisa Gennadivna and that lousy stupid old lady auditor. Dang.”

What a nightmare! You can’t curse… This is of course a torture for a man used to comparing his own supporters to domestic animals and to cursing at those whose actions hindered his efforts in defrauding others’ money. For a liberal idler who has never had a regular job, never adhered to a day regimen and lived for years indulging his every vice, discipline is unbearable. On top of that there is control, just like in the West that the liberals laud so strongly.

Aleksei Navalny’s Instagram: “Video surveillance is everywhere. Everyone is watched and smallest violations are reported. I feel that someone at the top read Orwell’s ‘1984’ and said: ‘Aha! Cool! Let’s do this – re-education via dehumanization. But if to look at all of this with a sense of humour, life is alright. So overall, everything is good for me.”

Orwell is obsolete. Why take a cue from him who wrote about Britain, by the way, not about the USSR, if there is much more recent experience. It is enough to read or watch documentaries about any American prison in order to realize: the Russian authorities have finally built a local ‘Feel Yourself In Guantanamo Resort’ attraction for people unwilling to live by the law, only with no torture. What are you, liberals, against implementing the best Western practices? After all, the unceasing surveillance of citizens is 100% American.

Navalny wanted it like in America? Here you go. It is in this format that he will spend the next few years. And let him rejoice the fact that tolerance hasn’t prevailed here. Because this gives him a good chance to avoid proctological procedures, even while doing time in Petushinsky District.

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