Saker has decided that up/down voting will be removed. The ‘read more’ will be retained. Thank you all for your feed back.

Saker has asked me to place this in the ‘blog, announcements’ for enhanced visability. My apologizes if you have already reviewed this information. I also have added the current reactions to the changes. Please provide your reactions … if changes are not wanted they will be removed.

The comment software has been changed to allow up/down voting on comments and to present a ‘more’ button after a comment displays 150 words. Please send all feed back (both positive and negative) by one of these two methods:
1. to the mods via a comment
2. email [email protected]

Reactions to new features after 36 hours of running

1. Up/Down voting
Most of the negative reaction is against the up/down voting. This feature can easily be removed if the Saker community see no value in it. We will run with the up/down feature over the weekend and then review the comments and decide to retain or eliminate the feature.

2. Read/more
So far most commentators like the ‘more’ feature. It makes the the comment threads ‘cleaner’ (IMO) and there has been little negative response.

3. Javascript Security
Javascript is already in use in WordPress so this is not a new. (wordpress is the blogging application that is used by Saker). Javascript is a client side application that is use to improve the clients usability and presentation of data. Security exposure for javascript is normally found in filling out forms and logins. As the only interaction that the the commentator has with our server is the posting of comments security exposure is almost nil.

4. Turn off javascript
firefox has a addon called QuickJava. You can use this to toggle javascript on/off if you do not desire to have javascript running on you machine.

Thanks for your response
Herb (webmaster)


Herb (Webmaster)

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