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Galicia – The Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, also known as Galicia or Austrian Poland. For a historical background see an excellent essay of Oleg Yakovenko How Rusyns disappeared and Ukrainian chauvinism was born, originally published by Regrum new agency.

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Instead of the epigraph:

“We (Poland-IA REGNUM) could find a place as the Reich’s allay almost the same as Italy and, for sure, better than Hungary or Romania.

In the end, we would be in Moscow, where Adolf Hitler with Rydz-Śmigły officiating the parade of the victorious Polish-German troops” Paweł Piotr Wieczorkiewicz

Second instead of the epigraph:

“The destiny of Poland was then in the hands of Napoleon, and it may be said with truth that on the destiny of Poland depended the security and peace of Europe.”

“In the earlier part of July 1812, when the victorious armies of Napoleon have occupied Wilna, and threatened to annihilate the throne of the Czars, the Polish nation cherished the hope of recovering its former grandeur.” pp 1

“Poland forms a strong outwork against the Russian Colossus.” History of the Late Polish Revolution: And the Events of the Campaign by Joseph Hordynski (Józef Hordynski)


In six-minute video that I translated and subtitled for titled: Warsaw changed her mind and let the US to bend her over, Ruslan Ostashko gives a biting comment on the ruling class of Poland attempts to milk Germany for the WWII occupation. Left out, of course, was the settlements brokered by Joseph Stalin in which Poland was paid for its wartime loses. Also left out was the fact that Poland had occupied Russia’s territories invaded in 1918 for twenty years, and that Poland and German divided and occupied Czechoslovakia.

World War II was started in October 1938 after the Munich agreement signed by Britain, France, Germany, and Italy on September 29-30, 1938.

More dates and links to sources here, Tell Trump the Soviet Union didn’t invade Poland in September 1939

In October 1938 Germany and Poland invaded Czechoslovakia and started its occupation. But neither Russia nor Czechoslovakia had never accused Poland of war crimes and never demanded any reparations. Instead, Stalin gave Poland parts of the Soviet Union and mineral rich provinces of Germany, which were promptly ethnically cleaned by the Poles, a process for which now they and some misinformed Germans blame Russia.

Under the non-aggression agreement between the USSR and Germany (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact), Bialystok was returned to Russia and became a city in Soviet Belarus. Belostok and the region that used to be a part of Russia, became a part of Prussia for some time, and became a part of the Russian Empire in 1807 as a result of the Treaties of Tilsit after Russia defeated the united European armies of Napoleon. In this war, Poland fought against Russia as Napoleon’s ally.

For more general information on The Treaties of Tilsit in English:

In the summer of 1944, during the Bialystok operation, Soviet troops liberated the city of Grodno, and Bialystok at the same time.

In September 1944, Stalin granted the entire Belostok (Bialystok) region to Poland with its population. Later, in 1945 Poland received from the Soviet Union even more gifts: large areas of Kholmshchyna (Polish: Chełmszczyzna, Russian: Холмщина) Lemkivshchyna, also known as Lemkovyna, Podlachia or Podlasie.

We gave the Poles a lot of real estate and property. The relevant agreement was drawn and signed for 20 years. In 1965 it was extended for another 20. And in 1985, it seems to be forgotten. I have never heard any claims from Russia’s side, even so countries with territorial problems shouldn’t be allowed to become a part of the European Union. Needless to say, we never experienced any gratitude or a “good” neighbor attitude from Poland.

Another agreement between the USSR and Poland of 06.07.45 was on mutual exchange of populations. About 500 thousand Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Rusyns (Lemkiv), and Jews returned to the USSR, and over 1 million Poles returned to Poland. The difference was again in favor of Poland; it received more than 500 thousand people. Interestingly, were these Poles also included into a 27 million loss figure by the Soviet Union? It could be because before the war they all lived in the Soviet Union and counted as a part of its population. As a result, the Poles did what some call genocide or ethnic cleansing and created a mono-ethnic state. By the way, before the war, Bialystok was absolutely a Jewish city, there were no Poles there…

If the Soviet Union was the “Evil Empire” and WWII ended with the partition of Poland as the official propaganda claims, why then did Poland received so much territory with their population after the war?

On one other hand, the territories that Poland received from the USSR and Germany made Poles look like victims that were compensated, while in fact they were the original aggressors along with Germany. But it was only Germany that was made by everyone else the scapegoat.  I am not even touching here the issue of Poles fighting against the Red Army after we defeated the German Army on the territory of Poland. The Ministry of Defense of Russia recently released plethora of original classified documents like combat reports, intelligence reports, certificates, forms and telegrams,  proving that the Red Army was very loyal to the people of Poland during the campaign for the liberation of the country from Nazi occupation.

For example, from the Report of the 7 Department of political administration of the 1st Belarusian front follows that Warsaw residents were very happy arrival of the Red Army and expressed gratitude for “liberation from Nazi slavery.”

The current authorities ruling Poland see our common history, present and future in a completely different way.

Ostashko’s brilliant comment makes you laugh and shake your head in disbelief about stupidity of the Psheks. However, there is something amiss in his view of the situation. Located in Russia, he might not be fully aware about all the intricacies of the US domestic and foreign policies that often remain unspoken. When Ostashko says that the president of Poland went to meet the mayor of Chicago, because Trump refused to see him, and that Illinois has a large Polish diaspora, Ostashko doesn’t connect the dots.

First, Illinois has the biggest and oldest Polish diaspora. Second, most immigrates in the US have double citizenships, and they vote in the presidential elections of the US presidents and the presidents of their “old” countries.

See, for example the following quotation:

” MOST OF THE WHITE MEN who dominated American politics until the 1970s came from neighborhoods whose features, such as ethnic composition or historical landmarks, meant something, both locally and to a national assembly. For young Dan Rostenkowski, a community of mostly first- and second-generation Polish immigrants shaped his background and values.”

“The Rostenkowskis served a local community that was more deeply conscious of its immigrant ancestry and religion than its political affiliation or influence. The Poles were “one of the most culturally bonded, in-group peoples to be found anywhere,” according to a study of Chicago’s diverse ethnic groups. But their “greater sense of wholeness than most ethnic groups” came at the price of “diminished influence in the wider non-Polish community.” Most of the first generations of Poles were poor, and their separate language made it difficult for them to blend into the larger urban population. Consequently, despite their status as the largest ethnic group in the Chicago polyglot, they failed to secure their share of power in the city at large.”

“Polonia, as the Polish-American community termed its new nation, was first settled in the 1850s. But it did not gain significant size until about 1890, when it counted 40,000 local residents among Chicago’s 250,000 total population. These Poles grew to 250,000 by 1903 and to more than 400,000 by the end of the 1920s, when U.S. restrictions slowed the gushing immigration to a trickle.”

From the book Rostenkowski: The Pursuit of Power and the End of the Old Politics written by Richard E. Cohen

The rest you can find here

Andrzej Duda came to the US to meet with HIS voters, who are also capable of influencing the US domestic and foreign policies.

But, this is not all.

I suspect that when Radosław Sikorski complained about giving the Americans guys a blow job for nothing, he meant an actual sexual act. He wasn’t expressing his outrage, as Ostashko thinks, of Washington having its way with the ruling class of Poland.

When it comes to the Poland authorities, their behavior in Brussels, there relations with Washington, and attitude towards Moscow, there is an elephant in the room here that no one is talking about. It’s an unusually high concentration of people with Polish and Galician roots in the US government and especially in the multiple intelligence and law enforcement agencies. I think it’s fair to estimate the percentage of Poles and former Galicians actively involved in staging and “investigation” of their psyop operation titled “Trump Russia collusion” is close to 85%.

Take as a non-scientific research a brief look at the list of ICE agents published by Wikileaks and containing of about 9243 profiles published here:

Just looking at the surnames with the use of the following resource:

we can find dozens of Polish surnames on just as many pages.

Jonathan Markowsky, Law Clerk as in Markowski (feminine: Markowska, plural: Markowscy) is a Polish surname.

Tonya Stuber. Last name Stuber is historically found in Austro-Hungarian empire and Poland.

Joseph M. Finck, MA, BS, Office of Professional Responsibility, Inspections and Compliance Specialist – GS 1801

The last name Finck has old Polish roots.

Rachael Zarlinski, a name associated with Catholic and Polish roots.

Melissa Shanahan, Shanahan is yet another last name associated with Poland.

Laura Bortnick: Bortnick- Galicia (Poland)

Matthew Wilchek, a Research Analyst. Wilchek

Peggy Gaethke, the surname originates in Eastern Prussian Provinces, Germany or Poland.

Benjamin Buchta, DHS / ICE Recruiter. 20 plus years in Federal Law Enforcement.

Kent Stejskal, Law Clerk for the Hon. Jeffrey L. Bushur. Stejskal

Lance Lueck, CFCI: Lueck origin from Prussia or Poland

Jovonia Goetz, Assistant Director of Human Resources

Antoni Jan Goetz (also Antoni Jan Goetz-Okocimski) (December 17, 1895 in Kraków – October 31, 1962 in Nairobi), was a Polish industrialist, politician and activist. In the 1930s he was the sole owner of the Okocim Brewery in Brzesko, Poland. He was a delegate to the Sejm (parliament) of the Second Polish Republic.

Brian Sherota, Acting Chief of Staff – Homeland Security Investigations, Office of the Executive Associate Director

Sherota is a Ukrainian Uniat cult member surname.

 A surname Sherota is also found on the board of trustees of Polish American Club Polonia Columbus.

Peter Fellenz, Deportation Officer.

A surname Fellenz also has German or Polish roots. SS Sturmbannfuehrer Martin Fellenz, Served in Police headquarters and the SS in Krakow, Poland.

Kat Danziger, Associate Legal Advisor

The Danziger Höhe was an administrative district in Germany founded in 1887 and dissolved in 1939. The region was given to Poland after the WWII and called Gdańsk.

Stephen Antkowiak, PMP, Nicholas Maravich and others.

More names here

I won’t bother you with a list of pro-Polish NGOs in the US. Take just the Polish American Congress. In its mission statement the organization states “On the international scene, we must exert a leadership role in helping Poland achieve its goals.”

In Canada the most prominent Galician is Chrystia Freeland, a Foreign Minister of Canada.

A groundbreaking investigation conducted by John Helmer of the Freeland’s family history is here

On Freeland’s latest adventures in diplomacy and attempts to influence Donald Trump read here:

Freeland is not allowed to set foot on the territory of Russia.

* * *

When two FBI agents, both of Polish descent, JOE PIENTKA and FBI Special Agent PETER STRZOK, interviewed General Flynn, a National Security Advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, on Jan. 24, 2017 about his conversation with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, they apparently altered his deposition to frame him. For more broad background of their involvement in framing General Flynn see here

and here

Were these two acting as the Hillary fans, as everyone assumes, or a part of the Deep State force, as some suspect, or as a part of the government of Poland ongoing campaign to influence the USA domestic and foreign policies? In my view, the latter is more likely.

In this case, the task of restoration of American sovereignty lays in the hands of Poles working in the US intelligence. What can go wrong?

In the “Russia collusion” psyop, everywhere we look we see the Poles and the Zombies of Galicia that are besieging Trump. Is Duda aware of this? Of course he is. That’s why he feels comfortable attacking two of the world’s biggest nations, Russia and Germany, located on both sides of Poland.

Using Ostashko’s colorful language, is not Poland that kisses American ass: it’s that Poland is pretending to do what Washington demands from them, while at the same time conducting a massive intelligence psyop against the US president across multiple intelligence and government agencies.

What looks from outside as Warsaw’s defeat resulting in cancelation a criminal liability for accusations of Poles in murders of Jews, also it is not what it seems. It was an attempt of the Polish authorities, the pro-Poland lobby in Washington, and Israel to force Germany to pay-up cash for something Germany had already paid.

In April 2015, John Helmer publishing a very interesting information that went absolutely unnoticed by Russian journalists.


“Sources in Warsaw say they suspect officials in the US and Israeli governments of threatening to revive a campaign claiming $65 billion in compensation from Poland and other European governments for losses of life and property caused to their Jewish nationals during the war. The project, launched in 2011, is called the Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce (HEART). It is based in Israel, headed by Rafi Eitan, the Mossad agent directing espionage against the US in the 1980s. In Milwaukee HEART has been managed by a Democratic Party consultant called Bruce Arbit and his A.B. Data company who have run several earlier Jewish restitution campaigns. HEART was suddenly suspended last July, without explanation.

In Warsaw, according to Polish sources, officials believe it would be a small price to pay to allow more US troops into the country and spend more on the war against Russia than to risk having to pay the bill for Operation HEART. The Siklebaums are among them, the sources say.”

“Siklebaums” or Sikorski and Applebaum husband and wife team, were booted out of Poland with disgrace. The new nationalistic government decided on a “great,” from their point of view, scheme to rip Germans off, by adopting a new criminal punishment for stating factual truth about Poland’s collaboration with the Nazis. Using this new “law” as a lever, Warsaw demanded from Germany to pay $300 billion. $65 billion of which would be paid to the global Israel shysters operating from Milwaukee, and the rest would stay in Poland.

The plan would work perfectly, if Hillary Clinton were the president of the US.  Shunning Duda and loudly demanding him to go back on the new “law,” another Trump classic move that was enthusiastically met by idiots Demonocrats, was actually directed against their pro-Poland anti-Trump base in the intelligence community and, simultaneously, protecting Germany. Merkel might be very pleased. We know that some Russians had a Schadenfreude moment to see Poland get stuck paying the blackmailers off.  Some of us might be happy to see General Flynn, an innocent man framed by the Psheks, vindicated.

It wouldn’t surprise me, if the US will end up paying this ransom to Poland, so Poland will pay it to Israel, in return for the Pentagon occupation.

We will see.

In this juncture, Washington giving up two FBI agents, both Polish in a disclosure of them to be devoted Hillary followers who framed an innocent American military officer could be a part of Washington negotiation strategy.

Scott Humor,

the Director of Research and Development

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