Patreon has started a system of charging sales tax according to jurisdiction. So, if you are a subscriber from say Germany, they will charge VAT according to the German tax model. For the US, it would be according to the tax model of your state. The reason for this is because so many have now started selling or giving away t-shirts, books and other merchandise on Patreon.

For normal donations to The Saker, we have set all the Patreon subscribers on a donation model where no sales tax or VAT is payable. For the next month I would much appreciate if you can check your Patreon subscription and make sure that you are not being charged any sales taxes as this generally does not apply for donations.

You also may receive an email from Patreon to advise you of the new tax model.

I trust we will have no problems because our system is very simple, but check anyway and if anything is not correct, please contact me. My email is on the bottom of the page, saker assistant.

Finally, thank you so much for the regular Patreon support of The Saker site.

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