by Pepe Escobar, in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, special for The Saker Blog

I’m up and down the Karakoram highway in Gilgit-Baltistan, juggling between the Great Game – the original, pitting imperial Britain and Russia – and the New Great Game pitting the Exceptionalists against Eurasia integration.

But then, trespassing the mighty peaks caressed by the sun, The Saker sends a thunderbolt in the form of a RT report on some lowly thugs in Brazil posing as Zionists, and suggests a comment.

A Saker wish for me is always an irrefutable command; so for a moment I’ll abstract from meditating under the sublime rarified air – my daily remix of Hiking with Nietzsche in the Karakoram – and briefly wallow in the tropical swamp.

Oh, that (political) river is dark and muddy, to quote recently deceased swamp master Tony Joe White. Especially when you look at the lowly thugs, who are actually Little Bolsonaro Thugs (LBTs) on vacation in Israel sporting Mossad and IDF shirts.

The pic went totally viral in Brazil. At first glance that might suggest yet another instance of inconsequent tourism. Context is essential. Vast sectors of the Brazilian middle class love to snap the proverbial T-shirt abroad as if they were trophies. Favorites are Harvard and Columbia tees when they visit their consumer dream Gotha, New York City. It goes without saying they don’t have the slightest clue of what is taught or what really happens at Harvard or Columbia.

Yet in this case the LBT’s Mossad and IDF tees go one step beyond. The “trophies” should be put in the context of the LBT comment that Israel is “a First World country”. That’s trademark white middle-class dog-whistle – with heavy comprador elite sub-imperialist overtones – implying nations in Latin America and Africa, in contrast, are nothing but rabble.

Politically, that already translates into incoming, already telegraphed Bolsonaro policy distancing Brazil from Mercosur and African integration and configuring the foreign policy of a banana US neo-colony full of bananas.

As for Asia, it does not even register because these people largely have no clue where “Asia” is – apart from the beef lobby that depends on crucial exports to China which Bolsonaro won’t be allowed to jeopardize.

What the LBT are aiming at is in fact a near future of total integration into the Christian-Zionist lobby; and that explains their frantic, enthusiastic welcome to the global arena by the usual Exceptionalistan suspects. Psycho killer John Bolton almost had an orgasm praising Bolsonaro. A Trump-aping transfer of the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was also announced just for Bolsonaro, facing massive Arab world boycott, to back off in undiluted Marx Brothers fashion.

The heart of the LBT embrace of Mossad/IDF points to something even more sinister; apartheid regime tactics to be employed in full force in Brazil, from drones raiding favelas to multiple variations of militarized urban environment operations already conceptualized in the past decade by the RAND corporation in Santa Monica.

Criminalizing tens of millions of Brazilians – the poor, the downtrodden, landless peasants, every single minority, the Left as a whole, teachers, independent media – is the way to go. Eventually, this would all point to vast areas of Brazil being converted into tropical Gaza-style Bantustans.

The resistance better get their act together. A lesson from urban ghetto hardcore America, back in the 90s, may serve as the starting point: “The Man control the day. We will…control the night.”

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