My “favorite” freak in Kiev is the infamous Oleg Liashko who provides the world with a weekly scandal of some kind.  His latest is a fight with Sergei Melnichuk, the commander of the “Aidar” death-squad.  Considering that Liahsko got elected riding on his alleged endorsement by the members of Aidar there is a certain irony to see these two men accusing each other of betrayal.  See the video for yourself (and press ‘cc’ for English subtitles:

Sergei Melnichuk

Sergei Melnichuk

Of course, the real importance of this latest clash amongst the freaks is in the fact that it shows that the crisis in Kiev is real and that the Nazis are now turning on each other and accusing each other of being agents for Moscow.  That paranoia about “Russian” agents everywhere is also good news as it creates an atmosphere of panic, suspicion and chaos will will definitely contribute to the fall of the current regime.

The question is, alas, whether the next regime in power will be better or worse.  My personal feeling is that it will be even worse or, at least, more overt about its toxicity.  Still, the process is probably a historical inevitability and, as the expression goes, the Ukraine will have to hit the bottom to push itself back up again.

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