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The Putin Interviews – Part 1 (English Subtitles)



The Putin Interviews – Part 2 (English Subtitles)


News In brief

Russia will respond to NATO expansion to keep strategic balance – Putin

Kremlin: Oliver Stone’s documentary on Russia’s leader ‘revealed Putin genuinely’

Snowden’s arrival in Russia took Moscow by surprise, Putin says

No harassment of gays in Russia,

Putin says in interview with Oliver Stone

Putin stressed that Russia’s society is “rather liberal” and “there is no situation like in some Muslim countries where homosexuals face death penalty”

Putin assures Russian government cannot conduct NSA-style mass surveillance

Putin says Trump’s victory in US presidential election changed almost nothing

Putin notes Washington planned to use terrorists to destabilize Russia

Putin spells out why difficulties in Reagan’s US cannot be compared to Russia in the 90s

Oliver Stone: Russia and US could be ‘great partners’

Politicians like McCain fail to see real threats — Putin

US, Russia should think about anti-terrorism efforts, disarmament — Putin

US policies unchanged now matter who is in power — Putin

Putin and team looking forward to Oliver Stone’s documentary premiere

Missile shield will not protect entire US territory — Putin

“Nobody would survive” a war between nuclear superpowers, Putin added

Putin tells Oliver Stone he is pleased with work of his bodyguards

New film about Putin to open up new viewpoint for Americans, Oliver Stone says

The film will cover Vladimir Putin’s view of events since he first became Russia’s president in 2000
‘I challenged Putin the best I could’: Oliver Stone on upcoming documentary


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