By Batiushka for The Saker Blog

And they had tails like scorpions and there were stings in their tails and their power was to hurt men for five months.

Apocalypse 9, 10

Introduction: ‘The End of History’

Just over thirty years ago the Communist USSR went bankrupt – it could not raise enough money to pay off its debts on capital markets. The West should have gone bankrupt at the same time because it too had colossal debts, however through the financial manipulations of its Capitalism it was able to raise the capital. So it went morally bankrupt instead.

Firstly, there was the fascism of political correctness. Like so many destructive movements the initial intentions were good, but as we know that the road to hell is paved with them. It was precisely after 1991 that the use of the phrase ‘political correctness’ as a pejorative phrase became widespread in the USA. Secondly, at the same time there began the Western attack on Islam, or rather the Western grab of Arab oil and gas, by telling Saddam Hussein that he could recover Kuwait, which had been illegitimately cut off from oil-rich Iraq by British imperialism, but then withdrawing that support once he had done it and so pretexting a reason to attack him. The first Gulf War followed, with a second one to follow after the invasion and failed occupation of Afghanistan, and then chaos in the ‘Arab Spring’. Thirdly, at the same time, in 1992 there began the attempt to depopulate, dismantle and destroy the Russian Lands, culminating 22 years later in the US coup d’etat in Kiev in 2014, which cost US taxpayers $5 billion and has cost them many times more since. Inbetween there have been all manner of Western manipulations, from 9/11 to covid.

Such is hubris. ‘We are the only Superpower’. ‘The end of history has come’. And so today the Western world finds itself isolated. The ‘international community’, ‘the free world’, has only 13% of the world population and depends on the rest of the world, on the 87%. Outmatched by the population of the rest of the world and its GDP, it produces only a smallish amount of oil, gas, food, fertiliser and manufactured goods. Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, indeed nearly all of Asia, Africa and Latin America, stand together against the neocolonial manipulations and neocon lies of the Western world, whose unity is now crumbling. Moreover, the Western world is bankrupt. The USA alone owes an unpayable £30 trillion. Thus, the bankruptcy of the West that should have happened over thirty years ago is happening now.

World War I (1914-2022) Must End

Instead of negotiating with Russia and pulling out of the Ukraine, there is military conflict. Instead of letting Russia win back the Ukraine, as it inevitably will, within a few weeks, the West decided to impose absurd and suicidal sanctions on itself and exhaust its stocks of arms in order to prolong the conflict so that it would last for many months. It means that Russia is in one way or another now being forced to take over the whole of the Ukraine. And as Western military equipment is being destroyed in the Ukraine, the rest of Europe will not have much left to resist any Russian advance beyond the Ukraine, should Russia wish to do so. And it may do so, for the last five months have clearly proved that it is not only the Ukraine which needs demilitarising and denazifying, but the whole of Western Europe.

History should teach the boomerang effect: You do something underhand – you will pay for it. For example, in 1917 Great Britain engineered the Russian Revolution, handing over power to Anglophile aristocrats and bourgeois. Typically, the Anglophiles proved themselves utterly incompetent and lost power to the Bolsheviks in only eight months. This had the result that Great Britain then had to intervene militarily in Russia in order to try, in vain, to defeat the Bolsheviks, far worse enemies for it than the Tsar’s Russia had ever been, whom Great Britain had effectively installed. Another example from the same period of time: Just as the Versailles Treaty that supposedly ended ‘World’ (= Western) War I guaranteed ‘World’ (= Western) War II, we should not forget that there was never any formal peace treaty between the USSR and Germany in 1945, merely a ceasefire.

Since German arms are today killing Russians in the Ukraine, it can be considered that Germany has broken that ceasefire. So now we need to end World War I. All the more so since the defeat of Germany in 1945 left crazy borders all over Europe, from Catalonia to Hungary, from Estonia to Ireland, from the Ukraine to Belgium. As a result, there are plenty of large minorities all over Europe who want to be liberated from oppressive elites, that is, who want to be liberated from the results of ‘World’ War I. That War never ended, but was only interrupted, twice, in 1919 and in 1945, but may now at last be ended. Let us look briefly at some oppressed minorities in the three countries which are considered to be the politically leading countries of the Western world, two in Western Europe, France and the UK, the other, the USA, three of the five members of the UN Security Council.

A Study in Suicide

There is France, with its oppression of its distant colonies and of its near colonies – Corsica, Alsace, Brittany and the French Basque Country. Thirty-five years ago and more, President Mitterrand, ‘the Pharoah of the Pyramids’, promised to decentralise Paris-centred France. Where is this decentralisation? Around Mitterrand several people died, not least his Prime Minister Pierre Beregovoy, who ‘drowned’ in a shallow stream of water, or the Head of his Secret Service, Francois de Grossouvre, who supposedly put a bullet through his brain in the room next to Mitterrand in his palace where, like any good French King, his wife lived in one wing and his mistress in the other. Is it worth speaking of his successors like Chirac, the fallen Gaullist, and Sarkozy, the NATO-loving Americaniser, both corrupt to the core, since when France has fallen even further, becoming a political dwarf?

After the money-worshipping (‘monetarist’) Thatcher, the UK had its own Mitterrand. This was Blair who was elected Prime Minister after the mysterious ‘death’ of the Labour leader John Smith, and whose time in office was marked by the ‘deaths’ of his anti-Iraq invasion Foreign Minister, Robin Cook, who died ‘while climbing’, and the weapons inspector David Kelly, who died ‘while out walking’ (or perhaps because he could find no ‘weapons of mass destruction’). For Blair also promised the Londoncentric UK decentralisation. Thus Blair, with his friend Bush, ensured that the only weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were those taken there and used there to massacre the Iraqis by the USA and the UK. So today the UK is still ‘ruled’ by the semi-alcoholic buffoon Johnson, whose place is coveted by that genius of geography Truss, the pathetic sartorial imitation of Thatcher, who gets the votes of the wealthy class who fly Ukrainian flags over their fancy houses. Still today the English beg liberation from the millennial oppression of the whole London-based British Establishment. As do the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish….

As for the USA, we recall Reagan the Bankrupter, Clinton the Lascivious, Bush the ‘Genius’ (is Truss his illegitimate daughter? That would explain everything), and Obama the Bloodthirsty, who assassinated by drone, created the Arab Spring and the bloodbath in the Ukraine. As for Trump the Narcissist, we recall his slogans, ‘Make America Great Again’ and then, after his failure by his own admission to do that within the allotted time, ‘Make America Great Again Again’. These slogans implicitly presumed that ‘Greatness’ (undefined) is highly desirable and that at some point in the past America was Great and that it is no longer. Both these presumptions appear to be highly doubtful. Was the USA Great when it massacred millions of Native Americans and enslaved millions of Africans? Was it Great during its Civil War, when as many as 1,000,000 Americans died from the greed of the elite in the North-East? Was it Great when the Wall Street Crash occurred and poor Americans starved to death? Was it Great when it carpet-bombed German civilians and dropped Atom Bombs on Japanese civilians? Was it Great when during over seventy years the CIA started wars worldwide, assassinated dozens of world leaders and organised wars and political violence in countless countries that were reduced to banana republics? The whole world has become the oppressed minority of the USA, except that that minority is the vast majority. Is it any surprise that the most friendless and hated race on earth are the Americans?

Conclusion: The End of Western History

But in case we should be accused of being anti-American, perhaps we could generalise more widely about the state of politics in the Western world. The fact is that successful and honest businessmen and industrialists only very rarely go into politics in the Western world and have rarely done so for many decades and perhaps even generations. Generally speaking, it is not the able and the competent, but the failures who go into politics in the Western world. Either these failures want money (they are corrupt), or else they have money and therefore want power (they want to abuse), or else they are sexual perverts. So a thousand years of deviant Europe ends in ignominy, infamy and depravity.

Europe needs liberation. Its pro-Nazi leaders are now grudgingly admitting that they have lost the war they started against Russia in the Nazi Ukraine. They know that Zelensky is finished, though still for the moment propped up by Biden’s neocon backers, and that not only the Crimea and the Donbass but also many other parts of the Ukraine will forever revert to Russia, which is where they were a century ago. And as for most of the rest, if not all of it, it will also be lost to the West. Now the best lie Western warmongers can invent is that the war in the Ukraine is ending ‘in a stalemate’, without any victors, and in a stand-off along the Polish-Ukrainian border. However, the truth is far worse for them than even that lie.

Just over three years ago I remember speaking to the retired ambassador to Switzerland of a certain Western European country. Before that he had spent many years in his country’s embassy in Moscow (he is a fluent Russian speaker). He asked me why the excellent relations of the West with Russia in the 1990s had degenerated and been destroyed. I answered him that it was because the West had treated Russia like a third world colony, which it wanted to exploit and dismember. It was the West which had allied Russia with China and created not only an enemy, but an enemy which would destroy the West. He looked at me in disbelief. On this year’s French national holiday, 14 July, President Macron of France stated that he was ready to declare war on Russia and China – with his pathetically tiny and laughably underequipped and underfunded French military. If so, then expect no fuel, no food and no manufactured goods in France. The same goes for warmongers all over the rest of the Western world.


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