by Petri Krohn

By what name to call the antifascist resistance in the Ukraine? Kyiv calls them terrorists some call them separatists or rebels. I call them loyalists.


They are loyal to the Motherland, to the Rus’ nation, to the Orthodox church, to Mother Russia, to their fathers and grandfathers who defended the nation. They are loyal to the soldiers of the Red Army, to the partisans, to the Soviet People, to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and its successor, loyal to President Yanukovych, the Ukrainian constitution and to their oath to defend it, loyal to their cities, their towns their villages, their families, to themselves!

They do not fight Ukraine. They resist the illegal usurpers of power, an American occupation regime, the “terror junta!”

Who are the Euromaidan forces, the defenders of “European values”, the worshipers of Hitler and Bandera?

They are the traitors, the turncoats, the sell-outs. They are the separatist that want to divide the Russian spiritual world. The self-haters who want to make their land dominions of foreign empires. These traitors and their spiritual forefathers have kissed the boot of every invader who has ever set foot on sacred Rus’ soil. With open arms they welcomed their foreign masters, from Gediminas to Carolus Rex, from Casimir the Great to Napoleon, from Kaiser Wilhelm II to the Führer.

Glory to Ukraine – To the Heroes Glory!

Now they have sold their country for a EU visa, a work permit, a green card.

They started their Reign of Terror with mass murder on Maidan. At every step accusing their victims for their own crimes – from Odessa to Lugansk.

They began with cudgels and Molotov cocktails, then assault-rifles and machine guns, then heavy mortars and artillery, then attack aircraft and white phosphorus. Finally they switched to multiple rocket launchers, starting with the GRAD, then upgrading to the Uragan, and ultimately the BM-30 Smerch – the destroyer of cities. They only stopped because there was not yet a thermonuclear weapon in their arsenal that could kill 6 million people at one blow!

Their ultimate aim. Lustration, the cleansing of their country of the Russian subhumans, of Putin’s puppets, of its historical memory, of any artifact that reminds of its heroic past. A violent revolution to make “Ukraine” a servant of the American Empire. Ethnic cleansing and genocide.

For what? What do Ukraine’s leaders gain from all this? Enormous wealth? War booty? Death and destruction? Two plane tickets to Miami? Another noose for themselves at the Kiev gallows?

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