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Gazprom does not like the paperwork accompanying the Canada-returned gas turbine. And another one is being taken offline. Deliveries via the Nord Stream from July 27 will be no more than 33 million cubic meters per day (against the current maximum of 67 million cubic meters).

is making incredible statements on his major Arab League and African Tour and he is being received with great honor everywhere.

FM Sergey Lavrov’s statement at a meeting with the permanent representatives of the member countries of the Arab League

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🔸 Ukraine was chosen to be anti-Russia, as we say. The organizers of the illegal coup d’etat in February, 2014 were not called to discipline by their Western sponsors.

🔸 The regime was going in a very aggressive and Neo-Nazi direction. We have been drawing the attention of our Western colleagues to these facts during all these long seven years as the Minsk Agreements were sabotaged and Russian culture and everything being Russian was eroded from Ukrainian life.

🔸 It is not about Ukraine, but about the future of the world order.

🔸 We are at the beginning of a new era, which would be a movement towards real multilateralism, not to the multilateralism, which the West tries to impose on the basis of the exceptional role of the Western civilization in the modern world. And I think the movement is unstoppable.

Kadryof is loveable:

Ramzan Kadyrov said that Europe is forcing Russia “to switch from a special operation to a full-scale war using all types of weapons.”
“NATO naively believe that such a war would weaken the Russian Federation. Russia throughout its history has always been ready for any war, so this scenario is not terrible for her,” wrote the head of Chechnya.
According to Kadyrov, in order to avoid a full-scale war, the Ukrainians should “take to the streets of Kyiv and kick the entire corrupt leadership out of the country with a kick in the ass.”

A note from the Sirius report on an issue not discussed:

The Sirius Report, [7/24/22 10:43 AM]
There is an irony lost on the west that ultimately the end of unipolarity will allow the US to become a great nation amongst equals. Unipolarity destroyed everything that once made US a great nation.

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