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– This article by Andrei Maryanov is almost required reading:

– And I do so like Maria Zakharova.  She just told Olaf Scholz that he is a plagiarist.

#Opinion by Maria Zakharova:

💬 Speaking at the Davos World Economic Forum, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: “And if we notice that our world is becoming multipolar, then that has to spur us on: to even more multilateralism! To even more international cooperation! In this multipolar world, very different countries and regions are demanding greater political participation in line with their growing economic and demographic influence”.

☝️ This is blatant plagiarism. Worse, it shows a failure to understand trivial truths.

Back in 1996 when Yevgeny Primakov was Foreign Minister, our foreign service proceeded from the assumption that the world was becoming multipolar in contrast to the bipolarity of the Cold War era. Mr Primakov’s view of our foreign policy goals was enshrined in the Foreign Policy Concept of 2000, and has been the foundation of how we have built international relations.

❗️ EACH YEAR, for over 15 years, Sergey Lavrov as Foreign Minister has spoken about a multipolar and polycentric world.


If it has taken Berlin up until now to realize this, we can only offer our condolences. Still, better late than never.

☝️ Perhaps, the situation in and around Ukraine will one day be as clear to Olaf Scholz as the issue of multipolarity.

(So, the eurocrats are beginning to preach polycentrism to hijack, pirate, and take ownership of the message.  It’s an old old tactic).


And how about the Saker Blog’s guest authors.  Are they not just excellent?!  Thank you so much guest authors!

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