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The stark difference is imperialism vs multipolarity

Historically multipolarity undermines imperialism, maximalism, and a single point of control over the whole world for example, long arm of the law jurisdiction where US law seemingly is obeyed by lackey countries and groups.

Productive power and ability have spread sufficiently widely to displace the west from being the only central ruler of the world order.  Larger numbers of productive power centers around the world are now distinct, they have distinct traditions, distinct ways of managing their economy, distinct institutions, and distinct needs desires, and aspirations of the populace.  They are not any longer scared to express this, as they are becoming powerful.

Multipolarity is older than you think and started with decolonization, where distinct countries, groups, and centers wanted to manage their own trade according to their own choices and intelligence, and technology.

The world is already multipolar .. which is why the US fails time and time again now, to try and unite the world under capitalism and so-called democratic values.  The single hegemon is now constrained and cannot dominate the world any longer, for its own enrichment.

Multipolarity is all about development and productive cooperation.  Free market US hegemony and neoliberalism have never produced development:  They have only offered the rest of the world subordination and complete subjugation to their own imperialism.  Now the multipolar states are getting stronger .. and the only thing that really ensures development is if the states look after their people and citizens.

This is also the only power known to us now, epitomized by Russia’s military power, China’s economic power, and Iran’s ability to say NO and this is the only method currently that can constrain the US neoliberal hegemon from trying to rule the roost over the rest.  The other major power upcoming is a new financial system.

So, what is the hegemon going to do?  Gonzalo Lira did a dissection of the “Three Lighthouses” speech that Mike Pompeo just gave at the Hudson Institute.  Gonzalo is not wrong.  He states that this was a major speech and Pompeo is speaking for the entire American foreign policy establishment.  Pick it up here:

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