Dear friends,

God willing, I will post an analysis tomorrow of what apparently has happened (I will look at at least two main versions) and what is going on today.

At this point all I can do is to confirm that overnight the Russians have hit Ukrainian electricity nodes and that much of the Ukraine, especially in the East, is in the dark.  Even “Ze” confirmed this.  BTW – the Ukronazis were the first to massively strike at the LDNR electrical grid, so that escalation is not only not to be blamed on the Russian side, but I would argue that it was much overdue.

I am, again, creating an open thread, but please stick to the following request:

What I ask of you: please do NOT post various comments, opinions, analyses, etc.  This is still too early to call and all so called “opinions” and “views” are nothing but baseless speculations.

Please just report facts and please indicate the source each time.  That might also help me for my analysis tomorrow.

Thank you,


PS: I am under no illusions, trolls will creep in, just as they have overnight.  My suggestion?  Ignore them and we I will do my best to clean them up (time permitting).

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