Dear friends,

SouthFront is struggling again, and we cannot let them disappear, so I ask you to please pitch in and try to help them.  Not only does SouthFront produce unique and very high quality videos, they have been loyal friends to our community and I can attest that I have a very friendly and effective working relationship with them.

At a time when much of the Russia-oriented blogosphere has been infected with the virus of nastiness, click-baiting, personal attacks, vicious accusations, etc I think that it is crucial to single out those who have honor, dignity and kindness and who are truly our valued allies.

I might be old fashioned, but I cannot stand lies and dishonorable behavior.  South Front has *never* disappointed me.

Frankly, I think of SouthFront and The Stalker Zone as our very closest allies and I think we need to cherish them.

Check out this video which explains SouthFront’s situation:

Now, please do *NOT* send me any money for SouthFront.  There are many reasons for that request, but I ask you to trust me that this is not the way to go.

Instead, please click on this link go donate to them directly.

By helping SF, you help me (I use their videos on a daily basis!) and you help our community.  Finally, you help Russia.

So, please, pitch in, generously if you can.

Many, many thanks in advance!

The Saker

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