Okay, his video is not about Russia vs the USA, it is about the destruction of what I call “sexual differentiation” in the West.  But while I was listening I thought, “yup, he is right” and “at least in Russia men are men and woman are woman” (and, just for any dumb macho retard would you misunderstand what I mean by that, what I mean is that the ideal Russian women is NOT a cheerleading bimbo with big boobs and no brains or some submissive silent slave – Russian women are not only allowed, they are *encouraged* to be BOTH feminine AND smart!  Just compare the very high-IQ and very feminine Maria Zakharova with the dumb cows à la Heather Nauert or Sarah Sanders used as “spokespersons” in the USA…).

When JPW describes a generation of soy-boys who will get whopped by normal, healthy, boys he is absolutely correct.  And I think that the very same thing will happen to the Empire: it will get whopped by countries in which man have retained their warrior and protector ethos and when parents can be sexually differentiated so as go give their children the sexually-balanced education which nature (and, really, God) intended for them.

True, western military commanders are not all like Conchita Wurst (yet!), but they already look like the typical kind of office-plankton which produces petty administrators like Philip Breedlove or yes-man like David Petraeus.  Compare these faces to Gerasimov or Shamanov and you will see which country has retained it’s martial ethos and which one has lost it completely.

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