Dear friends,

Pepe Escobar has just penned a new book, short and very original.   Here is it’s description from the publisher (same as mine – Nimble Books):

A nomadic political analyst realizes he will soon become a grandfather. So he decides to write a digital letter to his grandson-to-be; an intangible legacy, encompassing some lessons he learned from life. The letter can only be “opened” in 2030, when the grandson will be a teenager in a world in turmoil. Beginning with Bob Dylan and touching on techno, Keats, Maserati, Siddhartha, Shakespeare, Blake, Borges, Xuanzang and scores of other legacies, the author shares his experience and wisdom in a deeply cultured and tremendously moving ode to the beauty and richness of past and future worlds. A wonderful gift for any seeker.

Pepe Escobar 2030The book is short and an absolutely wonderful read and I highly recommend it to you all! Borges, Hesse and the Upanishads have always amongst my favorite reads.  Pepe only begins with those, then he goes into a wild survey of the “the art of reading”  which he says is “a branch of the art of living” (and I totally agree), but which is really the intellectual, moral and spiritual trail every one of us, seekers, follows in his/her life.  As will Ayan, still currently in his mother’s womb, and who will be 15 in 2030 and to whom the entire book is addressed.

Wonderful stuff, wonderfully written!

You can get it on Amazon here:

It comes as an ebook and a real paper book.  Best get both!

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