Dear friends,
This Sunday I will be leaving on holidays for a couple of weeks.  I will be camping in a mountainous area with a very slow and sporadic GSM coverage which means that I should be able to read emails and approve/reject comments made once a day or so, but that is about it.  I will not be able to make normal posts here or, even less so, write anything myself.
Frankly, I welcome this as I need this break pretty badly (I am burned out and I need to recharge my “wilderness batteries”)
As usual, I encourage you to post anything you find of interest here to share it with the rest of us.  Please remember the basic rule of this blog: no such thing as “off topic” – post whatever you like and if you guys can get a conversation going I would be really happy.
I should, God willing, resume the normal work on this blog after my return on August the 15th.
Kind regards and many thanks to all,
The Saker
I will be fishing and camping with my family along the Susquehanna river
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