For his birthday, NATO started an anti-terror operation drills near  the large city of Vinnytsa in the Western Ukraine.

Vinnytsiaka oblast is the center of the Maidan coup and the war against Donbass. It’s from here in February 2014 the tank divisions and artillery brigades of the foreign and domestic mercenaries went to attack Crimea and Donbass.

Kalynivka airfield is also a home to the 51st Separate Helicopter Brigade and the Yaguar special-operations forces a.k.a. the National Guards, who violated their constitutional oath to protect the constitutional order and their president.

September 19, the occupational NATO forces have been getting ready for the anti-terror operation “drills.”

On September 22, In Kharkov The US Ambassador to Ukraine Gave the Go-Ahead for Ethnic Cleansing.

Nazi Ukraine:  Poroshenko signed the law on education. All languages, including the language of the majority Russian population, are banned. School and university education will only be in Ukrainian.


The Pentagon’s $2.2 Billion Soviet Arms Pipeline Flooding Syria and much of those arms coming via Ukraine

On September 26, the anti-terror drills starts in Kalynivka Vinnytsiaka district with the fire and explosions on the last remaining in Ukraine large arms depot, 48th Arsenal (в/ч А1119), the last biggest arms depot with 10sq km, containing at capacity up to 188,000 tons of  explosives, including missiles for the tactical missile systems, and the short-term range ballistic complexes like Grad, Tochka, Smerch, Uragan… Reportedly,  up to 10,000 of wagons of ammunition.

It’s a common understanding that the Ukraine is an enormous hub for illegal arms trade from the West to the rest of the world. So, the regular explosions of the  country’s big and small arms depots are part of the trade.

Alex just reminded me that Poroshenko is getting rid of the evidence after a scandal around the Amnesty International report on participation of the Ukrainian state company in delivering arms to South Sudan that runs counter to the Arms Trade Agreement, signed by Ukraine.

Ukraine’s state-controlled weapons maker provided illegal armaments to South Sudan, says Amnesty International

Oct 30, 2015 – Explosions at arms depots in Svatovo broke out due to “raiders’ activities”

March 2017:  Balakleya munitions depot disaster Ukraine

Could the fire at the Europe’s largest munitions depot be Ben Hodges’s fault?

September 22:  A local military regiment arms depot burned down near Mariupol, town Novoyanisol


Yuri Butusov, a former journalist who famously declared that amidst the “Russian invasion Ukrainians should be prepared for all out war” back in 2014. He now works for Poroshenko and his job is to write hilarious and delirious statements like today:

I am going to try to preserve his unique style.

“The largest ammunition depot of the Armed forces of Ukraine in Kalinovka is 20 km from Vinnitsa has been attacked.”

“According to a source “Censor.Net” explosions are being heard in the city, well-marked expansion of ammunition over the area after the blasts. The warehouse in the village and located on a total area of over 1000 hectares and is packed with ammunition of various types. It’s an open-air storage, and the standards of the warehouse load have been exceeded several times.

It’s a repeat of tragedy in Balakleya and Svatovo. Just on September 22nd, a  warehouse was destroyed near Mariupol in Novosiolovca. Now, Kalinovka exploded.

The enemy continues to inflict strikes on military infrastructure of Ukraine.

This accident deprives us of the huge stockpiles of ammunition. We failed to disperse this ammunition despite repeated attacks of the enemy and the destruction of our strategic reserves.

The phone calls to the Arsenal is not answered.

It is a heavy blow to the defense of Ukraine, which requires extraordinary measures and solutions.

Unfortunately, we are not able to ensure the safety of our stocks of ammunition despite the allocation this year more than $300 million, numerous commissions, inspections, audits and reports.

For the explosion in Svatovo a bunch of innocent people were dismissed. For the  explosion in Balakleya, where there was obvious fault of the leadership of the General Staff, no one was punished. Today, with a detonation of a fourth warehouse in two years, we lost the strategic one.

Putin has also decided to offer congratulations today.

I hope to God no one died.”



The view from Vinnitsa



Video of Kalinivka in better days


Map of Kalynivka Vinnytsiaka oblast Ukraine 48th Arsenal (в/ч А1119)

From people reporting on SM and from the MSM news reports, an evacuation order was issued to the local towns and villages, but, there were no buses for people.  The local residents evacuate as they can, on their own.

Ukrainian military warehouse blaze & explosions force evacuations (VIDEOS)

The fire began to take on some action after over an hour after it started.

Now, all is left is to wait until it completely burns out, as it was the case with the Kiev arms depot, warehouses of ammunition in Svatovo and ammunition depot in Balaklaya.

The local villagers say that the explosions are being felt for many miles around.  In the village Zhigalovo (20 miles from Kalinovka) windows were knocked out and the doors burst opened. The guests of the tourist camp in Khmelnik reported that “From the explosion their bed started moving . They thought it was an earthquake.”

There are reports that the military in Kalinovka were saying that they were warned to evacuate to Zhytomyr region.”Ordered in case of strong explosions to move to Berdichev,” – one of the soldiers said.

On the outskirts of a village of Medvedivka, the forest caught on fire, and near Strizhavka the fields are burning. Locals complain of acrid smoke. They say that air is so toxic, they are having breathing problems.


The route over Ukrainian airspace is being reportedly closed for a radius of 50 km from the zone of fire, from the surface to unlimited altitude,” – said Deputy Minister of infrastructure, Yuriy Lavrenyuk.

It is reported that the railroad  traffic is closed in both directions  Sosenko – Kalinovka  all the way to  Zhmerynka.

“Separately, we set up operational headquarters of JSC “UZ” and, if necessary, we have ready the passenger trains for the evacuation of the population from places of emergency,” – said Lavrenyuk.

According to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, about 22:00 in the divisions of DSNS they received information about the explosions of ammunition in a military warehouses of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, located near the village of Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region.

Earlier it was reported that  the fire was taking place in the 48th  Arsenal of military unit А1119, there are exploding their artillery depots. The explosions started at about 21:00. Locals added that the city lost electric power.

The local military said that the smoke may be toxic.

Meanwhile, earlier it was reported about the start of the anti-terrorist drills in the region.



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