Providing correct and timely information and analysis is important to me as a journalist, but as a professor, I want to teach you a few simple logical skills, so you will be able to grasp the meaning of events through the thick fog of propaganda. I don’t ask you to believe me, because the skills of seeing through don’t require faith, but rather, understanding.

Let’s talk about the temporary suspension of migrants from seven countries, or as the liberal corporate media calls it “the Muslim ban”; yet another virtue signaling statement.

First of all, if in doubt, find an original publication and a transcript of the speech. In this case it’s the text of the presidential order.

Executive Order: protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States

After you have read this text, let’s think about the subject matter of the anti-Trump protests, which is the refugees.

What do you think is needed for someone to receive a refugee status? They need to prove that they are being prosecuted by their governments. They need to prove that their governments are oppressive regimes and that they would be in jail, tortured, and killed if they remained in their home countries.

Syrian refugees are those who hate Assad, who claim that Assad is a “murderer” of his people. The Syrian refugees coming into the US are those big friends of Hillary and liberals.

To receive this status, they have to recite the entire list of the Western accusations against Assad, or against the government of Iran. Those who are being granted a refugee status by the Obama administration in the US embassies, and these are those who are trying now to get into the US.

Most likely they are people of means and have relatives here. Why are they running now to the US so urgently in such big numbers with the Obama-administration issued Visas? Is it possible that they were involved in something prosecutable, like an anti-government coup attempt in Turkey, or an assistance of terrorism in Iran. I am not saying that they were, but that it’s possible.

So, people who are able to receive a refugee status in the United State  are those whom we normally call 5th columnists.

Now, what would they do after arriving to the US? They receive a significant aid package that includes a government healthcare, monthly payments, free language classes, schools for children, and free tuition in colleges.

The help that the US government provides to the refugees is very significant. Since many of these people were already involved in political struggles in their home countries, they tend to join NGOs that work against the governments of their old countries. Again, these are not economic migrants or people “running from wars”; they are refugees and this means they have to prove that they were in opposition to their governments.

When you say, “how come this evil Trump didn’t ban the poor refugees from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, ” I couldn’t find any information on the refugees from those countries coming to the US.

Could it be that it’s easier for them to buy the citizenship, rather than going through uncertain process to be vetted as refugees, considering that they have to prove that they were in opposition to their governments. The Western darling Saudis is a tyrannical regime with no opposition. It’s not Syria with its Eastern type of democracy and tolerance to opposition.

Now, when the wars on the Middle East are winding down, when the societies are returning to normal function and when the money flow to the NGOs stopped, people who worked for the Western governments and the Deep State want to get out of the countries they helped to destabilize. Remember, that they wouldn’t get a refugee status, unless they proved that they worked against their own governments and likely that they were instrumental to the suffering of their fellow countrymen and women.

Do you remember all those videos of production crews staging the “rescues” in an alleged “Aleppo,” while being filmed elsewhere? The same production crews with hundred million dollars budgets whose nomination for the “peace prize” was quickly canceled due to the international public outrage?  As it turned out people paid attention and collected enough evidence to condemn the “White Helmets” as a hoax.

When the news came that this hoax ran by the Obama administration and the EU won’t be able to come to the Oscars ceremony, the logic behind Trump’s executive order has become clear.

Trump’s travel ban sees White Helmets figures barred from Oscars.

For more details please see an excellent analyses of Alexander Mercouris on the subject, thanks to our commentator “Blue” for pointing it out.


This is a very important moment to understand, that those refugees, poroshenkos and saakashvilis, who love to start wars on their own people and who work for the globalists like McCain and the Clintons.

For them, a green card and a refugee status is reassurance that no matter how much damage they bring to their own people, they can always jump the ship to the US and taunt everyone back home from across the ocean. Not any longer.

What is needed is the same extreme vetting for refugees applying from Russia and all the former soviet republics. The 5th column will disappear into thin air.


Flying mice, not to be confused with bats.

President Trump dismissed  Obama appointed attorney general Sally Yates

Trump Fires Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  Director Daniel Ragsdale

Now, we will watch how globalists yell and scream fighting for every chair for their servants.


Those of you who like cat Motja’s geopolitical analytics, know that he calls our common enemies “mice.”  Some people asked me who those “mice” actually were.

On January 30, Boris Johnson was summoned to UK Parliament over Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. Listen to this video while laying down with your eyes closed. Imagine that you are watching a theater production with life-size mice making humanlike noises, while wearing ballet tutus and pearl necklaces and ties.

Imagine them raising their triangular heads up, while they run about, pushing each other with their round bellies, and leaving behind oblong droppings on the floor of the House of Commons.

Imagine, how they stomp their tiny white and pink feet and clench their tiny white and pink fists in rage. They called Donald Trump the habitual mice names like “Hitler” and “Mussolini,” obfuscating how well those personages served the British mice pretending to bomb the island, while being paid by the British banks.

They also call Trump “a ratchet and bigoted man,” because mice have the monopoly on “everything good.”

Mice are the universal good, and anyone who disagrees with them is evil, as their liberal religion claims.

In panic they petition each other to ban Trump from coming to the  UK, which Boris rejected as emotional nonsense, reminding them that only after getting Trump on British soil they can “gently” guide him away from his wrong policies straight into the “right” British mice-approved policies.

Another thing while this video is worth listening to. It gives you a clear picture who are those “suffering” Syrians and Iranians the British parliament are stomping for: all of them live in EU countries and all of them are holders of the British passports. They also mention the Canadian passports holders. There also fake refugees who hold German and Australian passports.

Those people who hold the passports of the Western countries and work against their native countries are the main target of Trump’s traveling restrictions. Listen how the British and Canadian parliaments put a pressure on the US government to make the exception for those individuals.

Why do those people need to be in the US right now? What is so urgent that they are doing in the US that causes such mass hysteria?

It reminds me of the hysteria that was staged around the liberation of Aleppo. Remember how the British and Canadian media screamed about “poor people” being “slaughtered” by Russia’s and Assad’s military? As it turned out they were trying to get from Aleppo their special operations officers who coordinated the war against Syrian government of the ISIS and other armed militia groups.

After the Western staff of the ISIS command center was arrested, the Western interest to the suffering of Syrian people disappeared.

Not a gram of the European humanitarian aid is coming to Aleppo, but only the Russian and the Syrian governments’ aid.

Lo and Behold, ladies and gents, great mice theater….


I must admit, though, that the British Parliament ritual of getting up and down, up and down, is a very good exercise for ones knees.

European Council President Donald Tusk has called the US under President Donald Trump one of the external threats to the EU along with China, Russia and radical Islam.

Listen to this great and important mouse with eyes filled with perpetual mice fear of cats:  “The US is a new threat to the EU along with Russia and China.”

Two years ago these same people were screaming about the sanctions against Russia to “isolate Russia.” Now, they find themselves surrounded by enemies.

Let’s admit that everyday a small miracle takes place and a part of the mice-hoodhold on humanity loosens and every day a part of the mice fiefdom implodes.

In their fight against Trump, globalists use the same methods of operations as when they try to frame other leaders.

Per the Kulak comment, it could be that Ash Carter ordered this raid in Yemen on his way out the Secretary of Defense office. The super-secret Joint Special Operations Command raid during which everything went wrong.

We already know that that professionalism of the US special operation forces is a Hollywood myth. Yemenis were circulating a body count of combatants and civilians as high as 59, per NBC news. It was clearly, an intentional operation to inflict as many civilian deaths as possible, to smear the new president in the blood of innocent victims.

It could become a reasonable precursor to the US troops withdrawal from the Middle East.


Another example of the collapsing of globalist rule: 

In Russia, the Director of the FSB Center for Information Security Sergey Mihailov and one of his deputy directors Dmitry Dokuchaev are charged with cooperation with the CIA and with treason.

According to the FSB spokesperson, four people were arrested with connection to this crime and eight other people are under investigation.

In this case, the hackers attacks and the direct treason of the country got intertwined. Some of the participants were organizing, designing, and executing the schemes of the hackers attacks, while others leaked information to the CIA.

The head of the FSB center for Information Security was arrested on January 25 of this year.

The head of the Kaspersky Labs Cyber Crimes Investigation department Ruslan Stoyanov was arrested at the end of December 2016.

ZeroHedge published a comprehensive article on this arrests

An infamous head of the  Shaltai Boltai, or Humpty Dumpty hacker group was lured from Kiev to Moscow by a large payoff and arrested in October.

Russia’s parliament adopted a package of new laws addressing the cyber security of the country.  Now, a cyber attack against Russia’s strategic infrastructure will earn a perpetrator a ten-year prison sentence. According to the FSB report, there were more than 70 million cyber attacks against the Russia’s infrastructures in 2016.


The globalists, however, fight back in the country they occupy, Ukraine.

On January 30, the decision of the Moscow court about Maidan became a law. The court issued a decision that the Maidan in Ukraine in 2014 was an unconstitutional anti-government putsch.

It makes the Regime in Kiev illegal, and the president Yanukovich the only legal head of state. It gives to Yanukovich the legal power to declare every agreement signed by the Kiev junta as null and void.

Predictably, the Kiev regime responded to this with an increase shelling of Donbass on January 30th.

RT has started an online translation of the military escalation in Donbass

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that the hostilities were provoked by Ukrainian paramilitary units.

 31 January 2017, Russia’s Foreign Ministry statement on the rapidly deteriorating situation in Donbass

At first, Poroshenko claimed that Donbass was shelled by the Kremlin. He even produced this image as an evidence.

In an unexpected turn, Poroshenko was grilled by German lawmakers and admitted it was SBU (which is run by the CIA) and the Ukrainian military (which is run by NATO) special operations officers who, after penetrating the Donetsk republic border, have been shooting at Ukrainian troops from civilian buildings in Donetsk, giving the Kiev armed forces excuse to start shelling the heavily populated areas.

This is something that Donestk authorities have been saying for a long time, but it is important to hear this admission from the Junta leader himself. It unknown what exactly Poroshenko was drinking before saying the truth, tap water most likely, because he interrupted his visit on Monday January 30, and left Germany the same day with significant velocity.

Kiev continues to violate ceasefire agreement, opts for military solution – Moscow

Video of Donetsk shelling by the Ukraine’s military, when the Life cameraman was injured

Footage of the Federal News Agency journalist of the rescue mission to remove Pavel Chuprina, a wounded cameraman, from a bomb shelter.

Suddeutsche Zeitung: Germany considers  blaming Ukraine for the escalation of the conflict.

According to Berlin’s reading of Poroshenko, he wants to try pretty much anything possible to prevent the termination of the sanctions against Russia.

The newspaper says that every time Poroshenko visits Germany, the Kiev regime troops intensify the shelling of Donbass, and he demands more sanctions on Russia.

Using Ukraine as a lever, the globalists pressure Russia and Europe simultaneously. However, Russia, previously banned from protecting its own economy on the European markets, now is able to do so due to sanctions.

It’s fun for the Russians to watch how Germany is trying to wiggle from under Poroshenko’s dead weight.


In the statement of the Russia’s Foreign Ministry, by making provocations in Donbass, Kiev is trying to keep the Ukrainian crisis on the global agenda.

“A strange pattern cannot but attract attention,” the statement reads. “Whenever tensions in Donbass grow, the Ukrainian leaders happen to be making foreign visits. It seems, they try to keep the Kiev-initiated crisis on the global agenda.”

The president of the Donetsk republic Alexander Zakharchenko expressed similar sentiments saying that “Ukraine started hostilities only because Russia and the United States started to search for common ground. And, haveing understood that Kiev may get nothing, Poroshenko ordered to launch an offensive on the Donetsk People’s Republic.”

On January 31, in reinforcement of the Kiev military attacks on Donbass, Germany begins tank deployment to Lithuania. The German troops in Lithuania soon will be joined by soldiers from Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway. They all are joining the US heavy weapons and troops build up in Poland via Germany as part of the same mission, dubbed ‘Operation Atlantic Resolve’. Eighty-seven US battle tanks, 144 Bradley fighting vehicles, and 3,500 soldiers arrived in Europe earlier this month, to add to those who are already there, as part of NATO’s buildup near Russia’s borders, agreed at the NATO summit in Warsaw in July of 2016.

Is it interesting how we all can casually walk into a armed conflict in Europe, without even noticing of how we got there. With Soros moving his operations to Europe and setting up his shop in Hungary, the Western European countries are fattened up like Christmas geese and ready to have their heads cut off and gutted.

Poland is fine-tuning its new ‘Death to Ukraine!” and “Whose Lviv” memes


NOTE by my editor:

I’m not disagreeing with your logic but here are some things that you may want to note that could prove what you’re saying to be contradictory or problematic:

  1. “Trump’s seven countries” is not an original list penned by Trump or anyone in his camp; it is a list (which included Syria) leftover from the Obama administration. Trump is literally taking over what has already been in the works. The previous administration put forth active Visa restrictions to and from these seven countries (this was not seen as problematic because Obama is a fun, cool, liberal who can do no wrong.) Visa restrictions to and from countries like Yemen were (suspiciously) added very recently, while Obama was still the president.
  1. The “Muslim” ban actually does not disproportionately affect refugees, it affects American citizens. The refugee issue is blown up by anti-Trump protesters but it is not the primary defect of the mandate. It also affects Syrian Christian families. How do you explain that?
  1. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries which was spared from the ban; I am genuinely confused as to why Trump supporters tout Trump as the new anti-imperialist, while he staunchly continues business as usual with countries known for militaristic and imperialist ties with the United States. Will Trump continue allowing SA to bomb Yemen with American-provided weapons? Is this anti-status quo?

The following is also my editor’s note:

The MAIN issue I have with this ruling is this one:

Both anti-Trump protesters and Trump supporters agree on one thing: the “Muslim” ban is anti-status quo and anti-Obama administration. For Trump supporters, this is good (will keep us safe, new world order etc.) for anti-Trump protesters, this is bad (will increase hate crimes, demagoguery etc.) However, they are clearly both WRONG. This mandate isn’t anti-Obama admin: it’s literally FINISHING IT’S JOB. If Trump is supposedly the new, fresh American that will save the world from nuclear war, why is he using the literal models provided to him by his many predecessors? (a Muslim registry is something that goes back to the Bush-era btw, Trump invented literally none of this.)

To put it in terms you will understand: I am staunchly not pro-anyone in contemporary politics, ever, so no one will take me for a ride; it seems to me that the “cats” are taking a page out the “mice’s” book and just rebranding the same old shit that always been happening to make it look good for them.


Scott Humor

P.S. A featured image: there are three types of the heads of state:

  1. God given
  2. God help
  3. God forbid
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