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The new Military Doctrine of Ukraine officially states that the Russian Federation is a military adversary of Ukraine and sets a task to redeploy military units and formations and establish proper military infrastructure in eastern and southern regions,” Petro Poroshenko said opening the discussion of the new edition of the Military Doctrine of Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, all military threats and challenges are related to Russia. And all of them are of lasting nature. Conscious or subconscious rejection of Ukraine’s independence is so deeply rooted in the mentality of Russian political elite that it will not disappear in historical perspective,” the Head of State emphasized.

“False post-Soviet military doctrine based on the anticipation of an attack from the West hasn’t been reformatted in 24 years,” the President said adding that in times of Yanukovych the liquidation commission of Russian agents was working in the Ukrainian army and Ukrainian special forces to eliminate the last cells of combat capability.

The Head of State emphasized that the army has been recreated in a year: “We’ve created a new and modern army”.

The novelty of the Military Doctrine, according to the President, is to abandon the policy of non-alignment and restore strategic course towards the Euro-Atlantic integration, shift the emphasis in the conduct of military operations on the complex use of military and non-military instruments: economic, political, information-psychological etc. “This fundamentally changes the nature of armed struggle. This is actually what we call a hybrid war,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The program recognizes that “in the medium term, Ukraine will primarily use its own capacity”.

However, the common thread of the entire strategic document is the Euro-Atlantic integration, the necessity of bringing the entire military-defensive system in conformity with the NATO standards, achievement of membership criteria. It also sets a task to ensure full compatibility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with respective NATO forces by 2020.

According to the President, both Ukraine and NATO are not ready to discuss membership yet. Still, there is a decision of the Bucharest Summit of 2008, which clearly states that “the doors are open”.

“I insist that the final version must provide for the achievement of not only criteria, but also full NATO membership,” Petro Poroshenko said.

source: http://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/nova-voyenna-doktrina-vihodit-z-trivalosti-zagrozi-z-boku-ro-35907

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