Putin holds a meeting with permanent members of the Security Council in Moscow


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Putin: The purpose of today’s Security Council meeting is to determine steps on Donbass, bearing in mind the appeal of the DPR and the LPR to recognize their sovereignty

Putin: There is a threat that Kiev will begin retaking Crimea, since they do not recognize its entry into the Russian Federation and NATO will join these events

Donbass Negotiations Have Hit ‘Rock Bottom’ – Russian Security Council

The dep. head of Russia’s presidential admin told President Putin that Ukraine and its Western allies don’t need the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Dmitry Kozak added that the Normandy Format process and Minsk agreements have had “zero” results – despite last minute negotiations.

Kozak added they want changes to the 2015 format, that contradict the previous agreement. “They don’t want to bring Donbass back to Ukraine.”

US NATO/Ukraine position “has changed” – Macron to Putin

President Putin spoke to French counterpart Emmanuel Macron until 2am yesterday, who revealed there had been changes in the American position over Ukraine’s NATO admission – but apparently wouldn’t reveal what the changes were.

President Biden had told Putin that a moratorium was possible on Ukraine’s accession to NATO, even though Putin noted this was not a concession.

FM Sergey Lavrov added that Russia will seek an answer from the West to the main question about the non-expansion of NATO to the east at the Russian Security Council meeting.

Russian Defense Chief Shoigu: Almost 60K Ukrainian military personnel concentrated near the borders of the Republics of Lugansk & Donetsk

Medvedev: “Donbass a bargaining chip”

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council has said Kiev doesn’t need Donbass or the implementation of the Minsk agreements, it could prevent President Zelensky’s re-election.

Russian Security Council recommends recognizing separatist republics of DPR and LPR

Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev recommended Russia recognize the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk after their leaders appealed directly to President Putin earlier Monday.

The State Duma confirmed it backs this decision over security concerns – stating it believes Kiev is “freezing the process”

1.2 million residents of Donbass have applied for Russian citizenship – Speaker of State Duma

President Putin to make decision on recognition of Donbass Republics later on Monday

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