Putin and Hollande give a joint press conference following their meeting – English Audio

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Francois Hollande held a joint press conference in Moscow, Thursday following a meeting to discuss joint action in combatting militant groups in Syria.

The Russian President spoke about an “industrial scale” of illegal oil sales from militant-held areas of Syria, stating that “day and night they go to Turkey. I can assume that the leadership of the country does not know about it.” Putin added that “it does not mean that Turkish authorities do not have to prevent illegal transactions. And there is also a UN resolution on this case which prohibits the direct buying of oil from terrorists.”

Putin noted that “in these barrels is not just oil. There is our people’s blood,” adding that “with this money terrorists buy ammunition and weapons and then they conduct bloody actions, with our plane in Sinai, in Paris and in other cities and countries.”


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