by Ruslan Ostashko

translated by Sasha and captioned by Leo.


The head of Russia treaded on Poland’s favorite toe, when he called a Warsaw official “a bastard” and “an anti-Semitic pig.” We was talking about Poles during the time of the Third Reich, about a historical character, but the assessment was made within a framework which is painful for Warsaw even now.

“Pay and repent” – this notorious phrase is a favorite with the authorities of regimes that rule now the parts of the USSR.

The Balts, Eurocrats in Kiev, together with Poles and other “independent” Bantustans are engaged in a competition in portraying themselves as the most affected by the actions of the notorious “totalitarian regime.”

They all always turn their claims only in one direction – Russia. Warsaw, which received a huge chunk of German territory as a gift from Uncle Stalin at the end of the Second World War, and then also received a compensation from Germany, is still dissatisfied. We regularly hear howls from Poland that it wasn’t paid enough.

And while howling, they pretend that Polish authorities did not cooperate with Hitler and did not participate in the partition of Czechoslovakia. And did not oppress the Jews, either.

However, all interested parties perfectly remember how it was. And it is not for nothing that Donald Trump in 2018 signed a law on demanding compensation from Poland, which I told you about back then.

“Some actions in Poland in the near future will be related to Trump’s decision on signing the Law 447, where the talk is about Polish reparations to Jews. For a quite serious sum of money, based on what happened in World War 2. As agreed to by the document, which the media calls ‘Justice for Survivors’, Poland has to fork over $300 billion over the crimes of Polish Hitlerite accomplices.” 

The head of the White house continues in the same spirit. In early December, he approved another interesting document.

“The US President signed a decree on combating anti-Semitism. The decree refers to the intention of the American administration to combat anti-Semitism and incidents on its soil in America and around the world. In particular, the government’s executive branch is required to closely monitor compliance with the civil rights act in identifying discrimination based on race, color or nationality.”

This document the Americans will also be able to use, if the Poles resist the implementation of the decree about compensation to the Jews. And now that I have reminded you of the context of Jewish-Polish relations on the basis of compensation, evaluate the statement of the head of Russia about the actions of the Ambassador of Warsaw in Berlin, which took place in the last century.

Vladimir Putin: “What really hit me hard, I’m telling you honestly, was how Hitler and the official representatives of Poland discussed the so-called Jewish problem. Hitler told the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and later bluntly said to the Polish Ambassador to Germany that he had a plan to send the Jewish population to Africa, to the colonies. Imagine, in 1938, to expel Jews from Europe to Africa. Sending them to their extermination. To destruction. And here is what the Polish ambassador answered to that and wrote that in his report to the Polish Foreign Minister, Mr Beck: ‘When I heard this,’ he wrote, ‘I responded’ (to Hitler, he means), ‘that if he does that, we will build a beautiful monument to him (to Hitler) in Warsaw.’ Bastard! That anti-Semitic pig. There is no other way of saying it. He was in complete solidarity with Hitler in his anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic sentiment and, moreover, he proposed erecting a monument to Hitler in Warsaw for persecuting the Jewish people. And he wrote to his patron, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and he wrote to his patron, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, apparently hoping for understanding and approval. He would not have written this without a reason. Anyways, I won’t go into more details now, but in any case, I want to emphasize again: we have enough materials to prevent anyone from corrupting the memory of our fathers, our grandfathers, and all those who gave their lives for the victory over Nazism. I just want to note that it is these kind of people, people like the ones who were negotiating with Hitler back then, are now the same kind of people defacing monuments to the liberator soldiers, Red Army soldiers who liberated the countries of Europe and the European peoples from Nazism. These are their followers.”

Harsh statements are uncharacteristic of Vladimir Putin. And his tone showed that the Russian President really had enough of European Russophobes. After all, towards the end of his tirade, the head of state practically called the current Polish authorities Nazis. Jewish public figures quickly supported Putin.

“The President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FEOR), Rabbi Alexander Boroda, called the words of President Vladimir Putin ‘very accurate’ about the Polish diplomat Jozef Lipski who worked before about the Polish diplomat Jozef Lipski who worked before World War 2, whom the Russian leader called an ‘anti-Semitic pig.’

‘On behalf of the Jewish community in Russia, we can only express our deep gratitude for such an emotional and righteous response to the publication of new facts about Poland’s support for German policy in the 1930s and 40s,’ he said.

According to the FEOR president, Lipski not only supported the ideas of Adolf Hitler, but also ‘inspired him to murderous decisions.’ Boroda expressed hope that Poland ‘will draw the right conclusions from the black pages of history.’”

To draw the right conclusions is, of course, to “pay and repent.” And now imagine how hot this statement is among the Poles, who constantly keep mouthing the topic of how strongly they suffered from Stalin.

How can we not think about the conspiracy theory of the American Democratic party, that Trump and Putin are working together? The first guy signs decrees that traumatize Polish nationalists, and the second one – reminds the public who exactly was the ideological predecessor of modern Warsaw elites.

Treason, obvious treason. Yes, by the way, our President treaded not just on Polish toes, but our “European partners” as well.

“Putin called an idea ‘complete nonsense’ that the Soviet Union is also responsible for the outbreak of WWII, and said that some European countries colluded with the Nazi Germany.”

Putin: “Starting in 1938, when Hitler laid claim to part of Czechoslovakia, Great Britain and France surrendered their ally, whom they were obliged to protect through a pact, and allowed Hitler to annex parts of Czechoslovakia. But what did other states, Poland for example, do? They de-facto entered into a conspiracy with Hitler. You can see this directly from the documents.”

Let me remind you that during a large press conference on December 19, Putin promised to write an extensive article for the media about the Munich collusion of the Western European powers with Hitler.

Can you imagine how this will set various liberals like Venediktov ablaze, who are incessantly screaming about the “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact” right up to the fall from the stage?

“The Polish ambassador on September 16 gets papers… Ow, it’s alright. Sometimes things happen. Thank you.”

I look forward to the hysteria in the camp of libtards, when the mentioned material will be released under the signature of the head of Russia. I will make sure to comment on all this. We’ll have a laugh together.

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