Dear friends,

It is my immense pleasure to present to you today a booklet entitled “Q&A with a Chinese Friend” – a full length discussion of Chinese-Russian relations authored by Mr Unknown and myself.  Considering the huge importance of the topic, we have decided to release this document in three languages – English, Russian and Chinese to make it possible for English, Russian and Chinese speakers to easily exchange the same document.  As a result, the 63 pages booklet we are presenting to you today contains my questions to Mr Unknown, his replies, his questions to me and my replies to him, in all three languages.

One of our main goals was to debunk the propaganda campaign currently waged by the Empire against the Chinese-Russian alliance by directly and frontally asking each other hostile and, sometimes, outright stupid questions.  While normally good manners and friendly intentions exclude that kind of ‘loaded’ questions, Mr Unknown and myself have decided to set aside our personal views and feelings for the sake of having the opportunity to debunk the lies spread by those who fear an alliance between our countries.

Needless to say, this took a lot of work.  After we completed our Q&A, the text was edited, revised and then translated into Russian and Chinese, then edited again and then brought together into one booklet.  And it was all done by dedicated, unpaid, volunteers on their so-called “free” time.

I am both grateful and proud that our community contributed this huge effort and did so within less than 2 months.  To everybody involved – a huge THANK YOU!!!!

To make sure that I give you enough options to download and read this document, I have made it available on six different download locations:

In addition to these, Mr Unknown will be making the Q&A available through the blog is contributes to, Hidden Harmonies:  That should give you enough options to download the booklet regardless of your preferences, computer operating system or location.

Since this Q&A covers a lot of the current state of affairs I have decided to post it as a “SITREP” and not as an interview.

In conclusion, I would like to make a request: our goal, the goal of everybody involved, was to do what was in our power to promote peace, cooperation and friendship between Russia and China and, therefore, peace, cooperation and friendship for our entire planet.  What you can do now to help us is to circulate this booklet as widely as you can, by email, on the social media, or even printed copies.  This is something that only you can do: if you believe that our effort is worthwhile and our cause just – then please distribute our work as widely as you can (only free of charge, of course!).

Thank you,

The Saker

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