Dear friends,

Frankly, I am exhausted: I could not sleep last night at all, and one of my chronic pains in my leg has just flared up, so I need time to rest and get the meds to kick in.  So, here is what I suggest;

First, I can confirm that the operational cauldron in the Donbass has locked in the Ukie forces facing the LDNR.  I have seen at least two maps confirming this, but I will wait for something more precise before posting it.

Second, I am getting mighty fed up debunking western PSYOPs narrative.  I know I can’t really ignore it all, but I need a day away the toxic cloaca known as “western political discourse”.  Ditto for the two week of rabid hatred against all things Russian (Orwell, in his naivete, thought that 2 minutes of hate was a max, he would be amazed to see that such hated can be sustained for week, months and even years!).

Third, if there are important developments today, I will try to cover them.

If not, expect my next report by tomorrow, I expect a lot of changes which will be able to be shown on a map.

Right now I leave you with an OPEN TREAD primarily to exchange for INFORMATION (and not opinion, predictions and other stream or consciousness types of “lyrical” comments).

Thank you


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