Dear friends,

Here is a quick update on the topic of moderation.  Having spoken with our head of moderation cum webmaster we are thinking along the following lines:

  • All in all, our moderation system works and it does not need radical changes.  We will therefore make no major changes.
  • We are probably going to ban anonymous comments.  Those concerned about privacy can post under any assumed handle.
  • We are thinking how I, Andrei, could quickly flag an unhelpful comment, probably with either a symbol or a short sentence.

In this last case, the message will be “I, the host, find that comment unhelpful/silly/etc.”  That will just be a warning for the readers and a quick way to remind everybody to stay on topic.

So no big changes, but hopefully an improvement on the margins :-)

Also, we will not use Captcha or Discus: I personally find them terrible, and rather ineffective.

We will keep you posted before making any changes.



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