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I…believe that…our children (will) some day (be) citizens of the same worldwide country under a flag which shall be a quartering of the Union Jack with the Stars and Stripes’.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Noble Bachelor, 1887

Alexander Johnson, or to give him his full name, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, was born to wealthy British parents in New York in June 1964, fifty years after the Sarajevo assassination in June 1914. Since 2019 Johnson has been the Prime Minister of the UK. Giving the impression of an elitist and snobbish aristocrat and distantly related to Queen Elizabeth II, he used to work as a right-wing journalist but is above all a renowned political opportunist. A man of the people he is not. Like so many other politicians, does he actually believe in anything, apart from in himself?

Johnson is a biographer of his idol, the half-American Winston Churchill, whom he appears to imitate in his stoop and gait. His fawning book The Churchill Factor, clearly indicates who his model is. He has five or six or seven children (he himself does not seem to be too sure how many he has fathered by various mothers) and enjoys drunken parties in Downing Street during and outside lockdowns. A highly divisive and controversial figure inside the UK, loved by a few and hated by most, the following quip is made about him:

What is the difference between Zelensky and Johnson?

Zelensky is a buffoon who became a politician, whereas Johnson is a politician who became a buffoon.

More serious commentators ask the question: Is Johnson a natural buffoon, or does he just pretend to be a buffoon? Or, perhaps most likely of all, is he a natural buffoon who pretends to be an even greater buffoon?

Of course, most people will admit that as regards Zelensky, he never became a politician, but remained a buffoon. But that is another story.

Despite his middle name of Boris (1), Johnson is a Russophobe to the core, as prejudiced as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (given his title because he defended the indefensible Boer War – see above) or any other old Imperialist. Like other blinkered representatives of the Norman-British Establishment, Johnson regurgitates the old Victorian (2) anti-Russian myths of ‘The Great Game’ as well as the new ones.

These latter include the 2006 poisoning of the British spy and traitor, Alexander Litvinenko (clearly not an act of the Russian secret services, who would have acted so as not to be identified), and the 2018 Skripal poisonings in the British Establishment military centre in Salisbury (and the subsequent censorship of the case and the father’s and daughter’s abductions carried out by MI5). These poisonings were due to a nasty substance to be found, perhaps uniquely on earth, at the highly secretive and evil Porton Down chemical weapons plant, just six miles from Salisbury. That MI5 and its SIS assassination arm (100 murders per year on average) with its many South African hirelings, could have been responsible would never be admitted by Johnson’s tiny mind.

Does Johnson not know that MI5 and MI6 are notorious for their underpaid and none too bright assets (liabilities?), among them moonlighting BBC correspondents. They are quite capable of making a fiasco of any cover-up, whitewash or false flag operation, like the recent British-Ukrainian farce in Bucha (a location chosen only because it sounds very much like the English word ‘butcher’). There a corpse miraculously got up and walked off as soon as he thought that the camera had passed by. Only it hadn’t.

However, Johnson is probably best known for Brexit. Since Tory Party grandees, backed by greedy industrialists and media hirelings, undemocratically forced the UK into the EEC/EU straitjacket in 1973, presumably it was only right that they should have freed the UK from it in 2020. The EU is a failed organisation anyway. But where does the UK go after the EU? Everyone remembers the sinister Dean Acheson’s words in 1962 that ‘Great Britain has lost an empire and has not yet found a role’. Sixty years later, in 2022, Johnson’s very belated initial answer after the UK-EU misfit divorce was ‘Global Britain’. After his recent humiliation in tentative trade talks in not surprisingly anti-colonial and not surprisingly pro-Russia India, possibly even he has at last realised that ‘Global Britain’, better known to history as ‘the British Empire’, is over….and, by the way, it didn’t work either…

So, fresh back from his Indian fiasco, Johnson announced his latest fantasy, reported in Italy on 27 May, which is an alternative to the EU. (Has he never heard of the British alternative to the Common Market of sixty years ago – EFTA? It too was a failure). Anyway, his latest harebrained scheme is a military and trade alliance, led by the UK of course, with the Ukraine, Poland, the Baltics and ‘perhaps later Turkey’. Like most of Johnson’s concepts, the concept is laughable. (Could that well-known genius Liz Truss, who wants the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to be extended to the Pacific – one ocean is much like another, after all – have helped him think it up?).

Someone should tell Johnson that the Ukraine is bankrupt and no longer exists as such and that the combined population of the Baltics is only four million. This is because most of Latvia’s and Lithuania’s under 40s have been obliged to emigrate to paid slave labour in the EU in order to survive, after Germany had for peanuts bought up and then closed down their industries. (By the way, since the three Baltic States have no jet fighter planes, NATO stations there between four and eight fighters but, most frighteningly of all, Britain now has 1,700 troops and no fewer than 18 tanks to protect Estonia; clearly a huge threat to the one million strong Russian Army, its two million reserves and its 15,398 tanks). As for Poland, which always remembers how Britain first sold out Czechoslovakia in 1938, but then gallantly sent over its armed forces to protect it against the Nazi hordes in 1939, it has already made Polish into Britain’s second language anyway (3). What more is there for it to gain there? As for ‘perhaps later Turkey’, the Ottoman Sultan Erdogan has different ideas…..

Johnson is at best the blustering and stuttering buffoon in a comedy show starring a temporary Prime Minister of what can at best be called the DK, the Disunited Kingdom. Disunited because the thirty-year long anti-unity colonial war in Northern Ireland, with its 3,500 dead, ended nearly 25 years ago, because clearly there will at last be a long-delayed return to a United Ireland and justice. And Scotland will return to being an independent country, as it was before its ruling elite was bribed by the City of London to unite with England and Wales in 1707. Wales could then go the same way as Scotland.

From here on, home rule and so freedom for the much-tried 56 million people of England will see the long-awaited end to the 1066-imposed British Establishment, with its millennial Norman perfidy, and, at last, a democratic English National Parliament. Then a sovereign England could at last take its place as just another of the world’s quite ordinary 200 nations, and all quite superfluous Johnsonesque British Imperial pretensions put back where they belong, in the dustbin of history.

As Washington’s tousled, overweight blond poodle, the Manhattan-born Johnson barks around the USA, which duly keeps him busy by throwing him sticks to run after, which he is happy to do. But nothing new here, UK Prime Ministers have been eagerly running, panting, wagging their tails and bringing back saliva-covered sticks to their US masters. This has been so ever since the US occupation of the UK began seven weeks after Pearl Harbour (could that be a clue as to why it actually happened?) eighty years ago in January 1942, with the first of two million occupying US troops. Soon after that quite a lot of British people were manipulated into behaving like cowboys, watching US films, chewing gum, drinking coca-cola, eating junk food, wearing jeans, line-dancing and singing songs with American accents. It was clearly the beginning of the end, if we may contradict Churchill’s November 1942 remark.

But we have still not answered our question: Where are you going, Mr Johnson?

With the UK collapsing (not a question of if, but when), with the EU collapsing (not a question of if, but when), with the USA collapsing (not a question of if, but when), amid the birthpangs of the new multipolar world, brought about by the West through its tragic catspaw of the collapsing Ukraine, we ask: Quo vadis, the Western world?

Whatever your bluster, Mr Johnson, the fact is that we are all heading for a New World Order, and it is not the one that you and the top-dog elite have been dreaming of. It is the one that was in your nightmares, the one where you are no longer a poodle, but where your master is the poodle. And as for you, perhaps you have more in common with Zelensky than you thought – exile to a gilded cage for buffoons in Florida beckons. Yanks and CIA assets, go home. Yes, and take all the would-be Yanks, traitors and nuclear weapons together with you, we do not want them littering and polluting our shores.

Oh, and don’t bother to leave us your number. Newly-freed Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, will not be calling you. We are busy, off to a café in Vienna to plan our future common European home, trade and security in the new Confederation of Sovereign Europe, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Athens, Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid and Rome, the one we lost in 1914, remember? Goodbye forever, Mr Johnson. Enjoy the gangsters in Miami.


1. Johnson was given the middle name of Boris because of a Russian émigré family friend.

2. There is a curious Russian naming connection between Alexander Boris Johnson and Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria’s first name was actually Alexandrina, so called after her godfather, the victor over Napoleon, Tsar Alexander I of Russia. However, on account of her acute Russophobia, she preferred to use her middle name Victoria. Thus, the Victorian Age should have been called the Alexandrinan Age, after the Russian Tsar. Moreover, in a curious turn of destiny, Victoria’s favourite grand-daughter was also called Alexandra. She was Tsarina Alexandra, the last Tsarina of Russia, murdered after the British-orchestrated show of the February 1917 palace revolt in Saint Petersburg ‘went wrong’ and Zionist Marxists like Lenin and Trotsky were sent from the Western world and took over from bungling Anglophile Russian aristocrats. Thank you again, MI6, for your brilliant meddling, planning and foresight.

3. By the way, the Ukraine’s second language is Ukrainian.

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