Released Lula in for greatest fight of his life

By Pepe Escobar – Posted with permission

Better not mess with the former Brazilian president; Putin and Xi are his real top allies in the Global Left

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva greets his followers after his release from prison. Photo: Roberto Stuckert

He’s back. With a bang.

Only two days after his release from a federal prison in Curitiba, southern Brazil, following a narrow 6×5 decision by the Supreme Court, former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva delivered a fiery, 45-minute long speech in front of the Metal Workers Union in Sao Bernardo, outside of Sao Paulo, and drawing on his unparalleled political capital, called all Brazilians to stage nothing short of a social revolution.

When my colleagues Mauro Lopes, Paulo Leite and myself interviewed Lula at the federal prison, it was his Day 502 in a cell. By August, it was impossible to predict that release would happen on Day 580, in early November.

His first speech to the nation after the prison saga – which is far from over – could never be solemn; in fact he promised a detailed address for the near future. What he did, in his trademark conversationalist style, was to immediately go on the offensive taking down a long list of every possible enemy in the book: those who have mired Brazil into an “anti-people agenda.” In terms of a fully improvised, passionate political address, this is already anthology material.

Lula detailed the current “terrible conditions” for Brazilian workers. He ripped to pieces the economic program – basically a monster sell-out – of Finance Minister Paulo Guedes, a Chicago boy and Pinochetist who’s applying the same failed hardcore neoliberal prescriptions now being denounced and scorned every day in the streets of Chile.

He detailed how the Brazilian right wing openly bet on neo-fascism, which is the form that neoliberalism recently took in Brazil. He blasted mainstream media, in the form of the so far all-powerful, ultra-reactionary Globo empire. In a stance of semiotic genius, Lula pointed to Globo’s helicopter hovering over the masses gathered for the speech, implying the organization is too cowardly to get close to him on ground level.

And, significantly, he got right into the heart of the Bolsonaro question: the militias. It’s no secret to informed Brazilians that the Bolsonaro clan, with its origins in the Veneto, is behaving as a sort of cheap, crude, eschatological carbon copy of the Sopranos, running a system heavy on militias and supported by the Brazilian military. Lula described the president of one of the top nations in the Global South as no less than a militia leader. That will stick – all around the world.

So much for “Lula peace and love,” which used to be one of his cherished mottos. No more conciliation. Bolsonaro now has to face real, fierce, solid opposition, and cannot run away from public debate any more.

Lula’s prison journey has been an extraordinary liberating experience – turning a previously wounded statesman into a fearless warrior mixing the Tao with Steppenwolf (as sketched in Herman Hesse’s book). He’s free like he’s never been before – and he said so, explicitly. The question is how he will be able to muster the organizational work, the method – and have enough time to change the dire conditions for democratic opposition in Brazil. The whole Global South is watching.

At least now the die is cast – and crystal clear: It’s social democracy against neo-fascism. Socially inclusive programs, civil society involved in setting public policy, the fight for  equality versus autocracy, state institutions linked to militias, racism and hate against all minorities. Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, to their credit, have offered Lula their unconditional support. In contrast, Steve Bannon is losing sleep, qualifying Lula as “the poster boy of the globalist Left” across the world.

This all goes way beyond Left Populism – as Slavoj Zizek and Chantal Mouffe, among others, have been trying to conceptualize it. Lula, assuming he remains free, is now ready to be the supreme catalyst of an integrated, progressive, “pro-people” New Global Left.

‘Cocaine Evangelistan’

Now for the really nasty bits.

I saw Lula’s speech deep into the night in snow stormed Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan’s capital, in the heart of the steppes, a land trespassed against by the greatest nomad empires in history. The temptation was to picture Lula as a fearless snow leopard roaming the devastated steppes of urban wastelands.

Yet snow leopards, crucially, are a species threatened with extinction.

After the speech I had serious conversations with two top interlocutors, Bern-based analyst Romulus Maya and anthropologist Piero Leirner, a crack authority on the Brazilian military. The picture they painted was realistically gloomy. Here it is, in a nutshell.

When I visited Brasilia last August, several informed sources confirmed that the majority of the Brazilian Supreme Court is bought and paid for. After all, they de facto legitimized all the absurdities that have been taking place in Brazil since 2014. The absurdities were part of a hyper-complex, slow-motion, rolling hybrid war coup that, under the cloak of a corruption investigation, led to the dismantling of industrial national champions such as Petrobras; the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff on spurious charges; and the jailing of Lula, the work of judge, jury and executioner Sergio Moro, now Bolsonaro’s justice minister, who was completely unmasked by The Intercept’s revelations.

The Brazilian military are all over the Supreme Court. Remember, Lula’s liberation happened after a narrow 6 to 5 score. Legally, it was impossible to keep him in prison: the Supreme Court actually bothered to read the Brazilian Constitution.

But there are no structural changes whatsoever on the horizon. The project remains a Brazil sell-out – coupled with a thinly veiled military dictatorship. Brazil remains a lowly US colony. So Lula is out of jail essentially because this system allowed it.

The military abide by Bolsonaro’s abysmal incompetence because he cannot even go to the toilet without permission from General Heleno, the head of the GSI, the Brazilian version of the National Security Council. On Saturday, a scared Bolsonaro asked the top military brass for help after Lula’s release. And crucially, in a tweet, he defined Lula as a “scoundrel” who was “momentarily” free.

It’s this “momentarily” that gives away the game. Lula’s murky juridical situation is far from decided. In a harrowing but perfectly plausible short-term scenario, Lula could in fact be sent back to jail – but this time in isolation, in a maximum security federal prison, or even inside a military barracks; after all, he’s a former chief of the armed forces.

The full focus of Lula’s defense is now to have Moro disqualified. Anyone with a brain who’s been through The Intercept’s revelations can clearly identify Moro’s corruption. If that happens, and that’s a major “if,” Lula’s already existing convictions will be declared null and void. But there are others lawsuits, eight in total. This is total lawfare territory.

The military’s trump card is all about “terrorism” – associated with Lula and the Workers Party. If Lula, according to the harrowing scenario, is sent back to a federal prison, that could be in Brasilia, which not by accident holds the entire leadership of the PCC, or “First Command of the Capital”– the largest Brazilian criminal organization.

Maya and Leirner have shown how the PCC is allied with the military and the US Deep State, via their asset Moro, to establish not a Pax Brasilica but what they have described as a “Cocaine Evangelistan” – complete with terrorist false flags blamed on Lula’s command.

Leirner has exhaustively studied how the generals, for over a decade on their website, have been trying to associate the PCC with the Workers’ Party. And the association extends to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Hezbollah and the Bolivians. Yes, this all comes straight from His Masters’ Voice’s playbook.

Lula, Putin and Xi

With the military betting on a strategy of chaos, augmented by Lula’s immense social base all over Brazil fuming about his return to prison and the financial bubble finally burst, rendering the middle classes even poorer, the stage would be set for the ultimate toxic cocktail: social “commotion” allied with “terrorism” associated with “organized crime.”

That’s all the military needs to launch an extensive operation to restore “order” and finally force Congress to approve the Brazilian version of the Patriot Act (five separate bills are already making their way in Congress).

This is no conspiracy theory. This is a measure of how incendiary Brazil is at the moment, and Western mainstream media will make no effort whatsoever to explain the nasty, convoluted plot for a global audience.

Leirner goes to the heart of the matter when he says the current system has no reason to retreat because its side is winning. They are not afraid of Brazil turning into Chile. And even if that ends up happening, they already have a culprit: Lula. Brazilian mainstream media are already releasing trial balloons – blaming Lula for the spike of the US dollar and the rise of inflation.

Lula and the Brazilian Left should invest in a full spectrum offensive.

The 9th BRICS summit takes place in Brazil this week. A master counter-coup would be to organize an off-the-record, extremely discreet, heavily securitized meeting among Lula, Putin and Xi Jinping, for instance in an embassy in Brasilia. Putin and Xi are Lula’s real top allies on the global stage. They have been literally waiting for Lula, as diplomats have confirmed to me over and over again.

If Lula follows a restricted script of merely reorganizing the Left, in Brazil, Latin America and even the Global South, the military system currently in place will swallow him whole all over again. The Left is infiltrated – everywhere. Now it’s total war. Assuming Lula remains free, he most certainly won’t be allowed to run again for the presidency in 2022. But that’s no problem. He’s got to be extra-bold – and he will be. Better not mess with the Steppenwolf.




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  1. Breaking news: Bolivia has fallen thanks to the USA’s regime change/hybrid war campaign against that country!

    Let’s not deny reality any longer: America is a waging a Hybrid World War in everything but name–Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eurasia. No continent is to be spared.

    Brazil was a major front in America’s hybrid war in Latin America, where it utilized the contrived “Car Wash” scandal to regime change Brazil. This case exemplifies the “lawfare” component of American hybrid wars.

    Elsewhere in Latin America, the Land of the Free has been busily trying to regime change/destabilize governments in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and now Bolivia under the pretext of “defending democracy”–all the while propping up repressive pro-American regimes in Haiti, Ecuador, Columbia, and Chile.

    The Hybrid War On Bolivia: The Indirect Adaptive Approach To Regime Change

    Below is an important introduction to American hybrid war doctrine, which is “one of the most significant strategic developments that the US has ever spearheaded, and the transitioning of Color Revolutions to Unconventional Wars is expected to dominate the destabilizing trends of the coming decades.”

    Hybrid Wars 1. The Law Of Hybrid Warfare

  2. With Bolivia couped and Morales out, what Pepe gives us is the wide battlefield of Latin America, Brazil being the most important piece.

    His description of the imminent clash of military and the people in Brazil brings chills and memories of the sixties. Lula has a huge responsibility to ally and work with Putin and Xi. This matter is too large for him, mainly because he has no military. All the guns are on the other side. Even being morally correct is not enough.

    He needs the kind of power and leverage only superpowers can exert.

    The term Global South is not for just cartographers. It has resonance in the global resistance to the Hegemon.

    Lula has to work as part of the larger war. Social ideology won’t win against the fascists. This is about life, death, torture, death squads, and servitude. Brazil does not need another round of decades of hell.

    • The beginning of the end, or perhaps the end of the beginning, of the collapse of human civilization is in full spate. Not only do we have the capitalist Herrenvolk resorting, as usual, to fascism as their defence against the plebs, a fascism updated with ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ in every technique of psychological manipulation, micro-targeting, black propaganda and subversion, but also sanctions of unprecedented viciousness applied almost everywhere. The ideal of ‘liberal democracy’ remains as ever, a fashionable, crocodile skin, luxury boot applied to the jugular, forever. The scum must know their place and never forget it.
      Unfortunately, the economic conditions to bribe a certain stratum with rising living standards are gone, forever, thanks to debt and inequality, and the middle are being flung down into the sewer of the underclass, particularly in that vicious dystopia, the USA. Thus the recourse to fascism and racism, class hatred and foreign aggression and belligerence, personified by Trump and the poor, deluded, MAGAts. We’ll all get rich, just so long as we hate the Chinese enough. According to these imbeciles, China’s economic leap, the greatest in history, is all based on stealing from the USA!
      However, the really cruel and fatal complication is the ecological collapse. No amount of denialism, magical thinking, ‘market solutions’ or God-bothering humbuggery is going to keep that wolf pack (eg climate destabilisation, biodiversity loss, mass pollution of every type etc)from the door. The ruling parasites will, naturally, resort to massive depopulation to save their own bacon, and I expect it quite soon, before the untermenschen get organised.

    • A few weeks ago, LULU told us in an interview that BRIC’s was created by the CIA/NewWorldOrder/NaziZionism, in order to create the illusion of ‘opposition’ to the New World Order (BUSH Vision). I think that LULU may have been on his death-bed when uttered those words to the interviewer, that he was being 100% honest.

      Then a few weeks later he’s released, and now the CIA has controlled opposition. Well this is my take.

      Think about CHINA, Zionists brought Mao to power over the Hump fighting from Kunming, air-lifting supplies from India. In the mean time OSS(CIA) was supplying Kuomintang, who eventually escaped to Taiwan, which is still a USA colony.

      Yes, the CIA wants to control Brazil. But LULU represents Chinese ‘control’, but funny who really cares? Just like had Mao won or Shang-Kai-Shek? Does it really matter when all binary choices are owned by the Zionist over-lords?

      So the military gov, brought to power by CIA, has released LULU is the opposition who will bring Chinese investments to Brazil. Seems like a marriage made in heaven for the owners.

      Let’s see how this all plays out for the people. I mean even 30+ years ago it was impossible to walk in Sao Paulo without getting robbed or raped in the daytime, and its only gotten worse. My older sister’s son married a woman in Sao Paulo, and her apartment got broken in so many times where she they were robbed, and she gang-raped, they simply quit counting ( and eventually moved back to Italy ), and that was 25+ years ago.

      Brazil IMHO is a lot like India, so it’s so messed up that nobody can fix it, you got the exploitation of the Amazonians, and the Portugese elite ( Nazi’s ), and most of the people are a mix of black-slaves and hispanic-indian blood, they have been exploited forever all the way back to the arrival of the missionary’s and slave traders. It’s like India on steroids.

      • The paranoid delusion that all the world’s great social movements are created and controlled by the omnipresent, omniscient, ‘Zionists’ is ludicrous. Mao a Zionist puppet? Simply mad. Almost looks like Zionazi self-adoration taken to self-parodying heights.

          • I rather fear that certain Jewish human beings like to claim credit for everything. Find one Jewish human being somewhere near a great social movement, and this type will take credit for it all. It’s part and parcel of their group narcissism.

        • Communist China was created by Rothschilds and their agents

          October 1 1949, Mao Tse Tsung declared the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He was funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild agents: Solomon Adler, a former United States Treasury official who was a Soviet Spy; Israel Epstein, the son of a Jewish Bolshevik imprisoned by the Tsar in Russia for trying to ferment a revolution there; and Frank Coe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned IMF.

          Zionist Jews were behind the rise to power of Mao Tse Tung, the communist dictator of China, who tortured and murdered tens of millions of Chinese (mostly Christians) during his brutal reign. Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of China’s propaganda organ. Another Jew, Israel Epstein, was Mao’s Minister of Appropriations (Finance).

          ‘Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history’.– David Rockefeller.

          Soft Power
          The most under reported, however is the “Soft Power” tactic currently being implemented by the Peoples Republic of China in the United States.

          It was America that showed the world how to mass produce everything from automobiles to televisions to airplanes. It was the great American manufacturing base that crushed Germany and Japan in World War II. But now we are witnessing the deindustrialization of America. Thanks to Jewish control over government, thousands of factories have left the United States and move to China in the past decade alone. Millions upon millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost in the same time period. The United States has become a nation that consumes everything in sight and yet produces increasingly little.

          The United States has become bloated and spoiled and our economy is now just a shadow of what it once was. Once upon a time America could literally outproduce the rest of the world combined. Today that is no longer true, but Americans sure do consume more than anyone else in the world.

        • Mao was a Soviet agent. (Mao-The Untold Story, Chang & Halliday, p.49.)
          He was a product of the Yale in China “Missionary” i.e. OSS, Skull & Bones program.

          The CCP implemented policies that set the foundations for an Illuminati super state. They unified the country, attacked traditional Chinese culture, instigated industrialization programs and created a common language.

          Wang Hao, a historian at the China Institute of International Studies, has recorded that Mao’s deputy Zhou Enlai met David Rockefeller in June 1973:

          ‘When meeting David Rockefeller, Zhou said to him that it was necessary to find appropriate methods conducive to the development of the trade between two sides under different political systems.’

          The corporate-communist merger began when Deng Xiaoping came to power in the late 1970s and introduced his market reforms with the slogan “to get rich is glorious.”

          • It cerytainly is true that the Rockefellers took an inordinate interest in China, in particular in missionary work and setting up Christian schools.

            My grandfather was invited on a trip to China by one of the Rockefellers, for whom he worked and with whom he collaborated on a number of projects such as Rockefeller Center and Riverside Church. The trip, in the early or mid-thirties, was to observe Christian schools and see how they were doing.

            whether there was a Rockefeller-Mao connection I cannot say.

            Here is more:



      • As long as socialists´ primary aim is to redo their countries into their personal fiefdoms, turning themselves into ridiculous quasi deities without a shred of actual government expertise and making their peoples wholly dependent on handouts taken away from them before, while living lifes of luxury and enriching themselves as shamelessly as Castro, Kirchner, Chavez etc they will always end up as pathetic failures and removed by whatever means necessary. Pol Pot really isnt a distant reality anymore in Latin America.The sheer will to destroy and kill anyone not agreeing to their murderous ideology can be felt already in many parts. Applies in equal measure to the zionist regime change fanatics. We are heading for bloody times again as things are here. Mexico has desintegrated within a year of socialist incompetence and might well end up a failed state and next regime change candidate. Its astonishing to which absurd extremes of denial of reality wishful thinking and lack of historic understanding can lead peoples and intellectuals alike. The world is locked in a deadly and barren These – Antithese duality with no evolving Synthese in sight anywhere. Hegel must be rotating in his grave

      • You forget to mention that Vladimir Putin is also a Zionist…or is that Illuminati… controlled agent.

        Also, Russia is secretly in cahoots with Zionist Israel regarding its predatory design on both Syria and Iran.


        Seriously though, it must be stated that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and many other American Founding Fathers were actually Masons and/or Illuminati.

        American Masonic History, What Are America’s True Roots?

        United States Presidents and The Illuminati/Masonic Power

        Even the architectural layout of Washington DC is based on Masonic principles and many notable sites like the White House, the Capitol building, and the Washington Monument were all designed by Masons.

        Mystery Masonic “Three” Architecture Found In Washington DC

        A Freemason Tour of Washington, D.C.

        In fact, the infamous Illuminati “eye and pyramid” symbol are found on both the Great Seal of the United States and the US Dollar bill, where you can find the inscription Novus Ordo Seclorum … or a New Order of the Ages.

        And is it any coincidence that the USA has created a planetary surveillance system in the form of its National Security Agency’s Echelon “Five Eyes” spy network? It is part of USA’s totalitarian vision for American Full Spectrum Dominance of the world, as advocated by the Pentagon’s Joint Vision 2020 policy.

        Concealed behind its Orwellian national lies claiming to be a Beacon of Liberty and Freedom, the American Empire is in fact a Masonic entity that was spawned to usher in the “New World Order”—an idea that has been invoked by US Presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Franklin Delano Roosevelt to George H.W. Bush.

        Ultimately, the “International Rules-Based Order” that America is currently pushing is merely the latest mask of the “New World Order” or indeed the “New Order of the Ages” that the USA has embraced throughout its history.

        As for Zionism, Americanism and Zionism are virtually synonyms.

        Essentially, American national identity is a secularized Zionism in that it upholds the United States as God’s Chosen Nation–a supposed Promised Land, conceived by its “Puritan founders who saw themselves as the new children of Israel, creating a new Jerusalem in a new world.”

        Americanism: The Fourth Great Western Religion

      • @Mortimer
        who states: “I mean even 30+ years ago it was impossible to walk in Sao Paulo without getting robbed or raped in the daytime, and its only gotten worse. My older sister’s son married a woman in Sao Paulo, and her apartment got broken in so many times where she they were robbed, and she gang-raped, they simply quit counting ( and eventually moved back to Italy ), and that was 25+ years ago.”

        You should stop making things up, because the above has all the hallmarks of a made up story.
        I’m from Paraná state, which borders São Paulo, and I lived in São Paulo state and its capital for years. Your description of relatives getting robbed everyday in broad daylight and gang-raped is pure fantasy.

        There is a crime problem but your post is grotesque exaggeration.

        • @dvs, vox, mortimer
          Morando SP durante 10 anos. My wife were always raped in taxis, busses and even in the airport the Brazilians couldn’t just leave her in peace.
          When we received salary on the last day of a month, we were always robbed by a pcc gang of 20 who robbed everything, even our pants.
          But we never blamed or criticized anybody, we were happy for what we had and we enjoyed the sun, the beach and the samba dancing. Live and let live so to say. “deixar a vida me levar”

  3. I was surprised that Lula was released from prison, considering the current fascist rule totally subservant to the US wishes. Could it be that the fascists are up to something like for instance intent to kill Lula when he is out so to deny responsibility?

  4. If Lula is not disempowered by hate propaganda (the local presstitutes here in Austfailia certainly loathe him)he’ll ‘have a heart attack’ or something or other. The gloves are coming off, worldwide, and the Right treat killing as a religious obligation.

  5. Any intelligence that can indicate USA participation in Brazil and Bolivia for regime change or interference against their constitutions must be brought to UNSC and outside interference exposed and finally confronted….it is time for USA to be declared terrorists and ejected.

  6. And that great bastion of ‘democracy and freedom’, the USA, chalks up another victory for, er, democracy and freedom, with the coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia. Right wing thugs have been on the rampage.
    That wonderful humanitarian, Mike Pompeo, can barely contain his glee. Nor can the filth presstitutes in the Anglo Zionist media. You could not get more gutless, craven slime anywhere.
    The Monroe Doctrine is alive and well. As you also explain in your article Pepe.
    The threat of a good example must be extinguished by the Hegemon and its puppets.
    This is what they’ve done right thruot Central and South America. And Lula is one of those good examples.

      • Full blown fascist violence being committed against anyone involved with MAS in Bolivia. Houses ransacked and torched, cops firing live ammunition at people protesting the coup; in short, the Resistance to this coup will be crushed by any means necessary.
        And of course the presstitutes will completely ignore this and look the other way. Just like they fully ignore the Gilets Jaunes.
        It looks like Evo Morales has been granted asylum in Mexico.
        The Neoliberal zombie, Mesa waiting to formally take power. Oh, and watch the shares for Mining Companies shoot up. Especially those who will be owning Bolivia’s lithium deposits.
        At quite a few independent sites, the trolls are out in force. All cheering the coup, and sticking the boot into Morales. Thank goodness there are moderators here.

  7. The only way peoples governments can survive against the coups and color revolutions organized ,plotted,and funded by US elements is to strike the plotters first.When Allende gained power in Chile,Cuba warned him against trusting the pro-US stooges in Chile. They advised him to purge those elements out of the military and police commands in Chile.But Allende told them that Chileans believed in elections.Were proud of not having coups in their country.And he wasn’t worried he would be betrayed by those elements.The end result,he was killed,and a fascist military regime took power.Who ended killing thousands of Chileans and terrorizing the rest for many years.

    In Venezuela,they went half way,and purged a lot of the military.But still as we see today half way is not enough.And its too early to tell how that will end up.All the other countries in Latin America seem to have wanted to follow Allende’s thinking.And we see the results of that in Ecuador,Argentina (until the last election),Brazil,and now Bolivia.

    • You’re right. The main task for an elected popular leader is to eliminate all the military who have had courses at the fateful American school in the United States. That is the basis of all the torturers and murderers we have in the armies of Latin America.

      • The IDF trained the “Americas”, I think in Georgia (USA-School of the Americas), then they took the program to every country in South/Central America, even Homeland-Security is Israeli, & TSA.

        All the people North/Central/South America are Palestinians. How do you un-sow, what has been sowed, like the terrible gangs of Honduras and/or Guatamela that have taken over USA citys? All with a root back to the Torture&Murder of USA-ZIONAZI-Murder, Inc.

        Have an election?

        It’s almost like the Zio-Nazi advance teams have made MENA, America’s, most of the world inhospitable to humanity, soon the only place left safe for the ‘elite’ will be New Zealand. How many generations will they have to wait before they have destroyed New Zealand and South-America will be safe to reoccupy, given the zombies by then will have all exterminated one another by plan.

        When you get down really deep, you can go back to the time when the Zio-Nazi’s first dumped all the black-slaves on to Brazil in the first place, because they wanted to destroy the indignant population. Now they’re deforesting the place as quick as they can, because they know its going be be sealed off in the coming years, a no mans land of murder, pillage, and insanity ( thank you zio-nazism )

        It’s almost like the Zio-Nazi’s are locust, where they destroy continents and move around the globe every few generations and re-inhabit previously uninhabitable places.

        But in the short term? Say one generation, what’s a mother to do? Even if the zio-nazi menace was neutered&castrated,& impoverished? Just like Palestine, no election, can fix the scars on those poor people, it takes generations before people who live in hell can see the world as a beautiful place and have hope.

        If voting nullified zio-nazism they wouldn’t let you vote, doing the same thing over&over and expecting different results is insanity.

    • Indeed, … Turkey’s Erdogan must have read through that 1973 play script and decided to learn from history.
      Not sure he’s a match on Allende as people’s champion. Nonetheless, long-stay players like Putin, Xi and Erdogan are the ones guiding history between today’s Scylla and Charybdis towards a new emergent future.

  8. “Brazil’s Supreme Court has released Lula because he is tired of the orders of Bolsonaro and his children, all involved in several scandals, the most serious, in the murder of Marielle Franco, a Rio de Janeiro policy. Bolsonaro is losing allies every day, more and more the siege closes around him.
    Rede Globo de Televisao, which has been ruling the country for over 50 years, has been denigrating the image of the Workers’ Party and Lula for a few years, the filth was so great that the names the station wanted to be elected presidents also burned out. That left the vacancy for Bolsonaro, a big talkative bullshit who, after being elected, also hits Rede Globo daily. Therefore Brazil’s future is open at this time.”

    O Supremo Tribunal Federal do Brasil libertou Lula por está cansado dos mandos do Bolsonaro e seus filhos, todos envolvidos em diversos escândalos, o mais grave, no assassinado de Marielle Franco, uma politica do Rio de Janeiro. Bolsonaro está perdendo aliados todos os dias, cada vez mais o cerco se fecha em torno dele.
    A Rede Globo de Televisão, que manda no país há mais de 50 anos, vem denegrindo a imagem do Partido dos Trabalhadores e de Lula há alguns anos, a sujeira era tão grande, que os nomes que a emissora queria que fossem eleitos presidentes também se queimaram. Com isso sobrou a vaga para Bolsonaro, um grande falador de besteiras, que depois de eleito também bate diariamente na Rede Globo. Portanto o futuro do Brasil está em aberto nesse momento.

  9. I do know the culture well and speak Brazilian Portuguese. One should be highly skeptical of the corrupt Lula. And any other Brazilian politician because they are corrupt too.

    Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, to their credit, have offered Lula their unconditional support

    That is an endorsement according to Pepe. N please!

    ****This all goes way beyond Left Populism – as Slavoj Zizek and Chantal Mouffe, among others, have been trying to conceptualize it. Lula, assuming he remains free, is now ready to be the supreme catalyst of an integrated, progressive, “pro-people” New Global Left.

    Seriously N please! This phrase is a one way ticket to Fantasylandia.

    This sort of thing makes me wonder if Pepe is in the propaganda business and not journalism.
    Let me tell you something I have learned about Brazilian politicians: They ain’t hard to “entrap”. They are always up to shenanigans.

    I am no fan of the USA screwing up Central and South American societies.

    Likewise I am no fan of Brazilian politicians who do the same thing!!!

    • Não, você está errado sobre Lula. Lula é um líder natural apoiado em sua história nas lutas sociais do Brasil desde a década de 80. Lula não é corrupto mas teve sim que fazer política e negociar portanto com pessoas corruptas e nesse processo de negociação teve que ceder, teve que ganhar e perder. O processo jurídico que levou a sua prisão foi uma farsa para tira-lo das eleições na qual era favorito para vencer. Sou brasileiro e estou presenciando destruição do nosso país. Um saque rápido, extremamente veloz algo talvez comparado a Rússia dos anos 90. É uma difícil tarefa para nós brasileiros que sonhamos com justiça social.

      Google translation,MOD:
      No, you are wrong about Lula. Lula is a natural leader based on his history in the social struggles of Brazil since the 80’s. Lula is not corrupt but had to do politics and negotiate with corrupt people and in this negotiation process had to give in, had to win and lose . The legal process that led to his arrest was a scam to get him out of the election in which he was favorite to win. I am Brazilian and I am witnessing destruction of our country. A quick, extremely fast serve, perhaps compared to Russia in the 1990s. It’s a difficult task for us Brazilians who dream of social justice.

  10. A detail no one can change about Lula… he is now 74 years old!
    Dear Mr. Escobar… other convicted criminals with over 30 years indictments were also released like Jose Dirceu a sort of Rasputin like Antonio Carlos Magalhaes (ACM), Michel Temer and Jose Sarney. Dirceu was mainly convicted for the corruption scandal of buying votes in the Congress (Mensalao).
    Brazil is probably the only western country were people that went trough a second court hearing can wait reprieves on the due process outside prison.
    In my humble opinion – from someone that has lived in Brazil since 1996 – the people that elected Bolsonaro will fill the streets of Brazil demanding the impeachment of some Supreme Court judges (it is already happening), especially Gilmar Mendes (a very smart cynic Chameleon) and probably Dias Toffolli will be next. Congress and Senate do react to popular pressure in Brazil.