By Aram Mirzaei for the Saker blog

On April 8, the Trump administration made yet another move against Iran in what has become an almost weekly thing these days. This time the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces was labelled terrorist in what can only be seen as another gift to Israel from Trump and his colleagues. Overnight, about 11 million Iranians (one seventh of the country’s population) were labelled terrorists. Iran in response rightly designated US forces in West Asia (CENTCOM) as a terrorist organization.

Washington’s moves are correctly labelled as “gifts to Israel” because no one else, not even the US itself benefits from this move and the constant enmity with Iran. No one else would be happier to see a full-fledged war break out between the US and Iran. Remember that it was the signing of the JCPOA that gave the Zionist chieftain headaches and nightmares, not the fact that Tehran before the signings of the Nuclear deal allegedly had thousands of centrifuges and thousands of kilograms of enriched uranium.

After all, it wasn’t Iran’s alleged nuclear program that terrified Netanyahu, but rather the fact that Tehran was no longer chained by UN-backed sanctions. As the Obama administration went out, the Zionist chieftain Netanyahu began planning his moves to first destroy the JCPOA, but also to ensure that this “thaw” in relations between Washington and Tehran would never again happen. The pulling out of the nuclear deal, the reintroduction of the “unprecedented” sanctions against Iran, and now the designation of the IRGC as a terrorist group all add to a massive wall blocking the path to any future attempts at de-escalating the enmity between these two countries.

Future US presidents will have to acknowledge that the US is trapped in a permanent state of enmity with Iran even though continuous hostility with that country in no shape or form serves US national security. But since when has Washington actually worked to serve US national interests? The Zionist chieftain has achieved his greatest victory with this move, he even braggingly took to Twitter to take credit for this move, as it was upon his request that Washington granted his wish.

But despite all the darkness that Washington and Tel Aviv cast over this world, there is some light to see here as well. Washington’s facade is falling. It has become clear to anyone these days that Israel dominates the US and Washington altogether. The world has seen that Washington has no will of its own and serves only Israeli interests. The US has shown its true face as an unreliable, non-negotiable and lawless rogue state that doesn’t give a damn about international law or any kind of promise it offers. This was evident with the withdrawal from the JCPOA, the designation of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist state and the recognition of the occupied Golan heights as Israeli territory, despite massive criticism and condemnation even from its own allies in Europe and the Middle East.

The aggressive and hard-line Zionist Trump administration has managed to unite all the world’s opposition to Zionism and pushed them closer to each other than any US president has ever managed since the days of the Cold War. Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela now actively cooperate in their attempt to thwart Washington’s foul plans for regime change in Caracas. This is something we would never have seen a few years ago. And more is to come, Washington has managed to alienate both Ankara and Cairo these days, to the point where they are threatening with the ever so favoured sanctions card as Ankara and Cairo look eastwards for purchasing new military equipment instead of the F-35 warplanes.

New Israeli attack on Syria

Earlier last week, Israeli warplanes once more entered Syrian airspace and attacked Syria. This time the Israeli airstrikes targeted the Syrian military’s positions around the city of Masyaf in the western countryside of the Hama governorate. According to reports from Hama, the Israeli airstrikes hit a Syrian M-600 ballistic missile launcher although Syria managed to down a few missiles. The Israeli attack also destroyed a military storage facility that was located in the vicinity of the Masyaf National Hospital. The report also added that the S-300 system was not activated this time either as the units tasked with this system are still undergoing training. Three Syrian soldiers were injured according to Syrian state media, although as usual Israel claims that “a number of Iranians were killed”. How Israel can be so sure that every time they strike Syria they only kill “Iranians” is not known.

We should all be used to seeing news about Israeli attacks by now, but what baffled me this time was the new levels of audacity that the Zionist regime showed a couple of days ago. The Israeli ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon claimed that an Iranian missile was fired into the occupied Golan Heights and that this “violated International law”. According to Danon, the medium range surface to surface missile allegedly transferred from Iran to Syria was in “violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231”.

It enrages me and probably many others that no one in the UN seems to be questioning or confronting this Zionist representative and his audacious claims. The Zionist state is notorious when it comes to breaking international law and totally disregarding any kind of moral principles, even going as far as labelling the entire UN “anti-Semites” for criticizing Zionist crimes, yet it dares to invoke UN resolutions with regards to the occupied Golan.

It would be a day of sweet vengeance if Syria would finally manage to activate its S-300 systems and down the Israeli planes entering Syrian airspace, putting the insolent Zionists back in their place once and for all.

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