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This writing is dedicated as a reply from someone from “opposite camp” to Ahmed and his article named as a “Response from a Bosnian Muslim” which can be found here: . Although I believe that Ahmed’s intention was giving point of view from someone in Bosnian Muslim perspective he failed to shed light to important facts. I was born in Belgrade in 1990, to be precise on 21st November, the day on which Daytona agreement was signed five years later. I must emphasize this, so that readers should realize that I have nothing to do with that civil war, yet it haunts me to this day in a manner like Ahmed’s response on which I am replying.

So where to start? It is incomplete to start in the eve of civil wars in Yugoslavia because of previous history in World War 2 where a majority of Muslims were fighting for Germans. So we should start from a period before World War 1 to get a grip on processes some of which are in place even today.


During the Ottoman rule of Bosnia (1463-1878) a large number of population was Islamized, some of them by force and a lot more by preferences and incentives given by Ottoman rule. The population there was of South Slavs origin and spoke the same language as it was spoken in that time Serbia. Even king of Bosnia considered himself as a king of Serbs[1]. Islamization was not confined in Bosnia only, but it also took place in Turkish province of Sanjak, which covers part of Raska in Serbia and northern parts of modern day Montenegro. So there was a situation where two brothers have different religions and keep their last names which can be found even today. A lot of older Muslims in Bosnia know their old saint patrons from Christian times, for which Serbs organize slava[2]. Those who didn’t join the “true religion” found their lives a lot harder and I am not going to list the things because this isn’t a forum for self pity, only for facts. For those who want to find I suggest a strong stomach before. Since those medieval times this was a process which took place and it lasted until Austro-Hungaria first occupied in 1878 and then annexed it in 1908 which started a crisis which led to WW1.

Austro-Hungaria organized a census in which it stated that a majority of population was orthodox Christian[3], which was confirmed in 1910 census (42% orthodox, 32% Muslims, 22% Catholics) and 1921 and 1932 in kingdom of Yugoslavia. That trend lasted until 1971[4] census where there was a huge shift of demographics in favor of Muslim population. Since then there was a steady relative balance between different religious populations. However I must emphasize that during Austrian rule a vast majority of population declared themselves as Serbs, that includes Muslim population. During communist times Muslims were subjected to another round of incentives to not declare as Serbs, but rather as Muslim with a large M. Some of them declared as Yugoslavs, however mass of Yugoslavs in census were in fact orthodox Serbs.

So there were no Bosniaks, no Bosnians only Muslims and muslims and Yugoslavs. Some of Muslims declared themselves as Serbs as did Alija Izetbegovic which is ironic because of his later achievements. I am NOT here trying to go hegemonic to all Muslims in Bosnia, just showing how nation-building is taking place. As for Alija Izetbegovic he wrote his famous “Islamic declaration”[5] for which he was incarcerated, yet a lot of prominent Serbs agitated for his release. That was the atmosphere in Belgrade and in minds of lot of Serbs. After all Serbs built Yugoslavia with humongous sacrifices in two world wars and considered it a home for all southern Slavs and themselves as well.

War in Bosnia

During the economic crisis in Yugoslavia a lot of differences showed and the worst was a cultural misery in people which was mostly emphasized in Bosnia. Orthodox Christians clung for their ancestral background as Serbs, but Muslims were an easy prey for “nation-builders” and “state-builders” because of their disorientation in cultural, religious and ancestral view. They felt as they didn’t belong there or that others were just about to start a hunt for them. This instigated mass fear perpetuated by rumors and clamor by new party leaders in new multiparty system. As Ahmed wrote Izetbegovic didn’t win the popular vote, but rather seized it in some under-the-table fashion. He had his followers, armed thugs and foreign support and the stage was set for destabilization.

There was a political crisis following the economic crisis which soon turned to security crisis. The situation in Bosnia and in Croatia was electrified. Political systems required consent of Serbs in both republics as they were constituent nation in both states within Yugoslavia. In Croatia Serbs were first declared as a minority without their consent and in such conditions held the referendum of secession. The similar pattern was used in Bosnia, just that Serbs were boycotting plebiscite thus making any result void. That didn’t stop anyone anything. So there we have “a known criminal” Radovan Karadzic pleading[6] Muslim and croat representatives in Parliament to reconsider their course of actions (there are English subtitles). In that speech we can see almost prophetical words considering the future of Muslims.(his words go beyond that moment)

The war started in Sarajevo where a criminal Ramiz Delalic Celo[7] shot and killed wedding guest on Serb wedding. He was a close associate of Izetbegovic so it would be reasonable to assume that this was not some incident, but rather a provocation similar to sniper shots in Kiev last year. It was used for galvanization and speeding up the events. There were FIVE (5) rounds of negotiations for a political solution of Bosnian crisis, each time the Serbs gave concessions for a compromise. Each time Alija Izetbegovic met with Zimmerman, US ambassador in Yugloslavia and then revoked his signature. So in essence, yes this war was started and planned all along by evil Serbs and they were relentless in achieving their sinister goals.(sic)

During that war disinformation campaign or propaganda was in full throttle going world wide through CNN and BBC. They failed to see mass exodus of Serbs from Croatia in 1995 (estimate of minimum 250.000 people) or brutal massacres of Serbs in demilitarized UN zone of Srebrenica which was going on from 1992 to 1995 where over 3.500 Serbs aged from 0 to 90, male and female, were tortured, raped and killed. No one speaks of mass rapes and tortures in Sarajevo where Muslim neighbors turned against their Serb neighbors without any reason other than that they were orthodox Serbs. (and I am not exaggerating, testimonies are available in Laza Lazarevic mental institute in Belgrade)

That propaganda went so far in declaring victims for criminals and vice versa that its culmination is in, by my opinion, this Times cover.


This was a Serb, Gvozden Konjovic if I recall, in humanitarian camp (contact Pecat magazine in Serbia for exact information), look what is written in bottom right corner or how that wire could possibly stop so many “prisoners”.

This was Fikret Alic, a man still alive and well. As it can be seen he didn’t sustain any injuries in that “concentration camp”, furthermore the reporters who shot that picture put themselves in the cage so it would make an impression of a prisoner camp. (contact pecat magazine in Serbia for exact information).

That kind of approach gave Bosnian Muslims victim status to which they cling on to this very day. This created their collective psychological state where they are the ultimate victims so they cannot be guilty of anything. Furthermore this dehumanizes Serbs so that everything is allowed against them, so we have statements of US senators and congressmen how Serbs should be put in concentration camps, that they are barbarians, savages etc, etc. All humanitarian words from humanitarian country.

The war was rampaging and criminals on both sides, which were nominally fighting against each other, traded food, ammo, weapons and medicine taking money from people for which they were nominally fighting for. Although it would be nice to say that criminals were present on both sides and even nicer that they were present in the same scale, that was not the case. Serbs had organized their army in what was known as Army of Republika Srpska with prominent and authoritative leader who has proven himself in bravery (mine dismantle) and expertise (first in class in military academy). His name is Ratko Mladic and he is mostly meritorious for low army casualties and disproportionately large wartime territory on Serb side. As for Muslim side, they were fighting between themselves and then against Serbs and Croats (until 1993).

Official (NATO) truth says that general Ratko Mladic is responsible or at least accountable for Srebrenica massacre. Furthermore that in that occasion more than 9000 Muslim males were executed within timeframe of 2 days by eight “trusted” perpetrators such as Drazen Erdemovic[8]. What Ahmed failed to say was that all and I mean ALL perpetrators are today located in NATO countries, some of them with new identities. Needless to say that such undertaking as killing 9000 men is impossible to do in such short period of time, but to say that everyone who testified in Hague tribunal as those who committed that “genocide” are free – speaks more words than millions of words and books such as Germinal Chivikov in his “Crown witness” or Edward Herman, Noam Chomsky or even Efraim Zuroff[9] a director of Simon Wiesenthal centre. As for Srebrenica “genocide” it will collapse under the burden of its own lies. As for Ratko Mladic he is hated because he disarmed Duch soldiers and tied them to poles in their underwear plus ordered the capture of some other French soldiers. That was because of no demilitarization of Muslims was ever made in Srebrenica where they made their continuous despicable campaign.

As for stating that there was an aggression from Serbia in place, that is complete and utter nonsense. If Serbs had any intention of exterminating Muslims they would have started in their own home, where over 200.000 Muslim lived and still live here today. That did not happen, Serbia was a safe haven for Muslims from Bosnia during the civil war. Sarajevo had a quarter of its population Serbs, today it doesen’t have any Serbs. Banjaluka, capital of Republika Srpska, still has Muslims living there over 10% as it was before the war. We cannot state exact data because of political obstruction from official Sarajevo about holding the census. It would crush entire propaganda about who made ethnic cleansing, in what scale and where.

There are testimonies about Srebrenica, Alija Izetbegovic and Bill Clinton connection regarding the fact that US needed some symbolic event so it could launch “peace” campaign in Bosnia. Testimonies made by those not alive today and the man who was governor of Srebrenica at that time (interested look for Camil Durakovic). Today’s undisputable fact is that “Srebrenica” is the word needed for “humanitarian” interventions across the globe, be it in Libya, Syria or Kosovo and Metohy – it is a prime excuse. It is also a fine instrument of moral blackmail of Serb representatives in Bosnia for some more concessions in achieving total exclusion of Serbs in Bosnia, the very reason why war started in the first place.

The future of Bosnia is no more lighter than the past. If the past holds mass killings in wars and poverty the future holds peaceful mass murder in economic wars and poverty. I know for a fact that Serbs in Bosnia will not go for a third round with their Muslim and catholic neighbors, rather they will seek to preserve their republic and secede in first occasion given. Is that achievable is another story, but nothing will ever again be the same in hearts and minds of people who survived. I am afraid that this continuation of war propaganda which some “bright” people are trying to put in school books is no more than a preparation for another round of wars when the West necessitates.

I believe that this, shorten to the max, writing is enough to shed light to sequence of events in Bosnia about the war. I wanted to write about post war Bosnia how war goals are still pursued in peace, but that is for some other occasion. And I apologize for using Wikipedia as source of citation, but that is for guidance only, so that anyone interested would know from where to look for what.

Generation 1990.


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