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I have been so busy lately that I can keep writing sarcastic essays… I do need all my sarcasm to survive in the “environment” I am working on, doing extra hours nonstop, same as in any of the other two, or three mini-jobs I have. I am working seven days a week, 16 hours a day, in order to get as much money as possible and avoid having to choose between dying of hunger or dying of freezing… I suppose I will die of exhaustion; the good thing is I will be so tired I will hardly notice anything(1).

Because I am a recognized Putin-lover, Russian propaganda apologist, Ukraine hater, anti-democrat, racist, chauvinist, misogynist, fascist right winger(2). I am suffering a constant bulling. On the last months especially about all related to the “Russian-Agression-War” in the Ukraine, as they like to name it. A constant bombardment of comments, defamation, blame, offenses, and not-so-veiled insults, against me, from which I cannot reply or defend myself, because if I try to do, you see, this is a clear proof (for them) that I am everything they named me.

They justify this harassment by pointing out that, they just try to help me, correct me, bring me to the good way, rescue me from my wrong ways of thinking. Off course, they are in possession of the One-and-Only-Truth. And they use the MSM as if it were the Foundation of all their assumptions(3). News, analysis and essays of “renowned” western military analysts and organizations, retired generals giving their master speeches on TV debates or interviews(4).

On the other side they try to show me (apparently in good faith) how bad the things are for the Putinist Ruskies with videos of russian destroyed vehicles, russian casualties, russian brutalities… they are so ignorant that (they have no idea really) what they are trying to show me, it is just fake, or edited, or old and unrelated to the facts, or simply the opposite of what they think it is happening. They are not able to differentiate the combatants, or the equipment. Nor are they able to research, compare or look for other sources (All this requires time and effort) to confirm the news or clear the apparent disparities. Sometimes I just saw the same pics or videos days before, with more context, unedited, and as I said, they tell a different story.

Oh man! They are quite good believers of their “religion” and are just trying to convert me to their mindset and beliefs(5) which I see with utter disgust and contempt. Convert or be bullied non stop.

I am afraid of what tomorrow might bring, the bulling is going to be off the scale. Because I have read today that the russian army is going to retreat to the left bank of the Dniepr, abandoning the right bank (including the city of Xerson) in order to consolidate defense lines and create reserves for future offensive operations(6)…  what a thread for the News, what a bonanza for Psyops, what a gold mine for Propaganda and Misinformation. I see rough days ahead.

I fear that tomorrow the crows are going to be awaiting to pick at my eyes, while saying “we told you so… bad, bad, bad boy”. But I will not falter. I will stand straight. I will keep using my gray muscle, observe and wait(7) because this SMO is a war in all but name, a small war inside a Big War. And I think they are all for a surprise sooner or later.

Do not ever forget the words of a wise man that lived long ago… “All warfare is based on deception

  1. I do have the great luck of living and working in Germany, where the burghers accept without a glimpse the 6 times increase in their bills of gas, 3 times increase in their bills of electricity and a rampant inflation of (officially) about 10%. I can only say that my cart at the supermarket with the usual things cost me now at least 50% more than last year… 10% inflation, yeah sure.
  2. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut given the occasion in the past, specially when trying to point the inconsistencies of what they say, the dissonance of their ideologies, or simply inform people that you considered nice, friends or family… No more nice people for me, no more friends and I am not sure anymore I do have some family. I am just a f*cking pro-russian-orc for them all. If I die tomorrow, I better die in my grave, because nobody will bury me.
  3. The degree of ignorance and intoxication is astounding. They believe everything they see or hear or read in the MSM. They swallow the narrative in full. Nobody questions anything no matter the discrepancies. The people in general are ideologically possessed, completely irrational, unable to have a normal discussion or simply accept that you have another opinion. Data and facts don’t matter anymore so long they contradict their learned (or imposed) narrative. A scientifical and rational approach to some questions is impossible under the circumstances, and considered witchery… trying to start one only produces at the minimum: hate and irate looks, at the maximum: violence and rage accompanied with foam in the mouth, to the point that sometimes I fear for my personal integrity. I am sure there should be rational people somewhere… but I haven’t been lucky so far.
  4. What can I say, MSM feeds that only can be compared with cow manure, Institutes and think tanks with experts that wouldn’t be able to win a not-so-serious debate with a retarded village idiot; retired generals that should be better being taken care off on a nursing home for elderly persons, or military analyst that never served in any army, nor studied anything serious (I wonder why are they called military or analysts, that is some kind of oxymoron) and whose only informational sources are open ones of dubious reputation, third hand invented or regurgitated propaganda from psyops specialists from the deepest deeps of the “Deep State”
  5. Yes, they are just zealots, fanatics of pseudo-religions be there Climatechangers, COVIDers, Greenpeacers, or believers in “Elf-Land-Ukraine” the paradise on Earth.

I have good news for you if you are interested in becoming a member, a believer. It is very easy, you have to start by switching off your brain, leaving it somewhere, and then forgetting where you left it. You wouldn’t need to think anymore, they will do it for you. Unfortunately, brain usage is a SIN in all those pseudo-religions, and severely punished if you are one of them.

  1. the “Telegramverse” is boiling with this. A lot of Telegram channels are posting it as official declarations of Surovikin and Shoigu. I don’t know if it is true or not (I take all these channels with a bit of caution) or it is just a psyops from you-know-who referred in point 4)
  2. I am not a religious man, but this is always appropriate: “The Truth will set us free” John 8:32


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